3 weddings and a baby! Our wedding story!



  • we were given a choice of things to say as our wedding vows by our planner. We had the choice to just say 'I do' However we opter for:

    Yes, I Emma Jayne Williams ttake the here present Robert Loveland to be my husband. To love and to cherish till death us do part.

    when exchanging rings we said (insert name) take this ring as a symbol of my love, trust and faithfulness.

    Or words to that effect anyway...
  • I think ive sorted the pictures now... can you see them?

  • Some black and white shots...

  • double post

  • At the end of the ceremony the officiant gave us a little plaque with the casttle on in saying we are now part of its history. He also popped open a bottle of fizz and toasted our marriage!

    It was such a lovely toast although he didfnt speak a word of English he was really sweet to us and spoke our vows with conviction and passion.

  • If you get married abroad my best advice is to buy fans for your guests! They got so much use and were appreciated in the italian heat!

  • After the ceremony we had the confetti throwing and Rob and myself had some pictures taken in and around the castle whilst my guests drank prosecco in a local bar

  • getting to tthe top of the castle was hard work in the heat but i was determind to make it as i knew the pictures would be beautiful up there!

  • After the ceremony we had the confetti throwing and Rob and myself had some pictures taken in and around the castle whilst my guests drank prosecco in a local bar

    As a surprise for my guests we took them on an hour-long boat trip around the lake. The view was spectacular and it also helped cool us all down. We felt so special drinking Prosecco and seeing the most beautiful villas and scenery imaginable. It was a last minute addition to the wedding and I was so pleased we decided to treat our guests. It was great fun and an amazing experience for all of us.

  • After the boat trip we headed to the hotel for the speeches. My Dad, Rob's best man (his brother) and Rob spoke. They were very heartfelt and beatiful speeches. They felt very personal and brought a tear to my eye on more than one occasion.

  • After the boat ride and speeches we then headed to a beautiful 4 star hotel where we had a table on the lakeside jetty.

  • the kids were having a ball and loved being photographed!

  • The meal was amazing and I enjoyed every course. The guests seemed to really enjoy it to. The meal was so relaxed and took most of the evening as we had breaks between courses to give us chance to make room for the next. It was a true Italian feast and one of the best meals I have ever eaten:

    This was our menu:


    Gamberi scottati con spinaci e salsa Bernese

    Seared shrimps with spinach and Bernese sauce


    Lasagne con Rag bianco di Vitello e fonduta di Parmiggiano

    Lasagne with a white veal rago????t and parmesan cheese fondue


    Tagliata d'Angus in salsa d'Amarone

    Sliced Angus beef fillet in an Amarone sauce


    Creme caramel del Porto

    Espresso coffee
  • We were very lucky in that our wedding was on the Italian bank holiday. There was entertainment in the square next to the hotel (a jazz/ blues singer) that helped create a fantastic atmosphere. The photographer was taking some pictures of me and the flower girls and usher in front of the most beautiful sunset when we just started to dance, it was such fun. We were the only people dancing but it didn't matter. The other guests joined in and we were happily dancing in the street.

  • Lots of Italians approached us to congratulate us on our wedding, we had the best fun, it really was a carnival atmosphere and I will never forget dancing on the street with my new husband with the sun setting behind us! What a magical moment, we couldn't believe how lucky we were!

    We all got quite hot from all the dancing and spent some time dipping our feet in the lake to cool down

  • We then had the most beautiful tasting wedding cake. A traditional Italian Mil filloige in a rather cheesy heart shape image

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    Wow it all looks so amazing! I'm having hydrangeas (not sure if that's spelt right...) too, I LOVE them!!

    You look so beautiful, your dress is gorgeous!
  • Due to the Italian holidays 25 of the towns around lake Garda had decided to take part in a world record attempt. At 12 midnight they all simultaneously set off fireworks around the lake. It was incredible and the most amazing ending to our day

    The pictures of this were taken by my sister in law, so not overly impressive. The photograher stayed most of the night but not until midnight!!

  • Congratulations - I sometimes read these reports as they appear but don't check back to look at the updates but your report has me transfixed - it was beautiful and I can only hope that my Cyprus wedding looks as beautiful and fun and relaxed as yours. I love your colours too. Sorry for gushing haha

  • Thank you Leane_June13.

    Good luck with your wedding plans, my best friend got married in Cyprus and it looked stunning!

    I'm sure you'll have a magical day. Being abroad on holiday made my day so much more relaxed. I didn't have chance to obsess about the finer details, they just seemed to fall into place. When do you get married and where? xx

  • We decided to incorporate some of our original plans for our wedding into party when we got home. We decided to call it a garden party rather than a wedding as we wanted a laid-back family party rather than a formal occasion.

    We had some marques in my Mums garden decorated with tissue paper pompoms and 250 meters of bunting. We had a bouncy castle, sweetie table and cakes galore. We wanted to invite all our friends and family but couldn't really afford it as Rob is from a really big extended family as am I, so we made the decision instead of asking for gifts we would ask people to bring a contribution to the buffet or BBQ. This worked out so well. Everyone made a great effort and we got a real selection of beautiful food. Everyone was so kind and generous and people really pulled out all the stops, we were so touched and grateful! People said that they loved the concept of the day and as they were bringing their own food and drink they felt really invested in our day. The atmosphere was just what we wanted, relaxed, informal and lots of fun!

    Although we were asking guests to bring contributions we also wanted to make sure our guests felt looked after and slightly spoilt. We invested in getting posh loos and put pamper baskets in them, this went down a storm, my guests kept saying we had thought of everything (my friend insisted in going into the mens loos to see what the had in their basket) We also made sure the children would be well entertained with a giant connect 4, Jenga a bouncy castle and other games (we also bought board games for inside the marquee in case it was wet) We had a lot of young children (under1's) at the party too so made sure there were toys to keep them entertained too!

    We wanted the marquees to look pretty so I had lavender and other pretty potted plants on the tables and candles scattered around. We also made some photograph washing lines for the tables to display pictures of our guests weddings and of our day in Italy.

  • We put our heart and soul into the party and literally lived at my Mum for a week before building and painting the dance floor, erecting marquees, hanging pompoms and bunting and arranging tables and chairs and baking cakes

    The party was fabulous and so much fun. It was great to celebrate with our friends and extended family and to get a chance to wear the wedding dress again.

    The wedding day and party were both one of the funniest and happiest days of our lives (second only to the birth of our beautiful boy) They truly reflected us and our personalities and felt completely unlike any other wedding I have been to before.

    We woudn't change a thing!

  • wow just stunning congratulations xx
  • Thanks image Sorry if I'm taking over your post! we are hopefully getting married at Vasilias Niloklis Inn near Paphos but not until June 2013. We are going out in 3 weeks to view the venue and to see a planner etc. We wanted something more rustic and traditional Cypriot as I have spent time in Cyprus in the past visiting family of friends in the mountains and love the real side of Cyprus image so excited to go out there so I hope Vasilias lives up to it's photos and reviews.

    Your garden party sounds fab, your whole chilled out approach is really good image

    congratulations and best wishes to you and your family x
  • Lovely report, you looked gorgeous! I loved your earrings and bracelet too. Where were they from? xx
  • Aww perfect and beautiful. Congrats

    We are marrying in Mauritius & hope it's as beautiful, romantic & relaxed as yours looked!! Xx
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    Congratulations to you both. You look beautiful, and your baby boy is adorable. Love your wedding and your garden party. Your puppy is very cute. Your dress is gorgeous. x image
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