3 weddings and a baby! Our wedding story!



  • Both my earings and bracelet were from Glitzy Secrets. The earings were heirloom. I dont recall the name of the bracelt. Loved Glitzy secrets... great service and beautiful jewelery xxx
  • Wow!! Such a lovely report. Your pictures are stunning! you can tell you both had an amazing day. Just beautiful! x
  • MrsFaulkyMrsFaulky Posts: 6,671
    A fantastic report and some gorgeous photos! It looked like an amazing day. Congrats to you both.
  • Wow what stunning photos, love your dress, congratulations x
  • Wow what a stunning wedding! It all looked beautiful!

    Your little boy is lovely, and I share my birthday with him image

    Many congratulations xxx
  • Thank you for all the lovely feedback... blush!! x
  • NicNacNicNac Posts: 41

    Your wedding looked amazing!! I realised I'm....a few months late to the party here but we're looking into torri to get married, the lemon groves just like you (not until 2015, I'm a freakishly scary planner haha) but I'm struggling with places for our guests to have champagne after the wedding and then a hotel for the reception. I wanted Garda ideally but stressing already over transport etc. Could I pick your brains for info please?? xx

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    Hi nicnac, 


    randomly looking ing back over my report with happy memories! 


    We had our prosecco and nibbles following the services on the lakeside at hotel gardenesa (spelling) 


    our te toasts following the boat trip was in the piano bar in hotel feel Porto! 


    hotel del porto has has the most beautiful views and jetty if you want outdoor drinksxxx 


    where are you having your meal? 


    Very jealous would love love to have my day all over again xxx 

  • Im glad this got bumped up, I really enjoyed reading it image

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