My photos dissapear on this site ??? the solution is here

MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
Hi newly weds and brides to be ... this is for all you ladies that have trouble with your pictures showing on this site and also not staying on the threads either ....

First the image hosting site photobox dont hold your images here for very long the link breaks therefore people cant see your pictures even if they are public

So ... try photobucket

its a free image hosting web site and very easy to use

Once your pictures are uploaded onto the site its very easy then to transfer them here once you have set your self up you need an e mail addy and password .....

just click on the picture you want here

a box will come up with a blue line that says share edit delete move

under the picture there are four boxes

email &IM

Direct link

HTML code

img Code


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