Queensbury Albums - how much?


Has anyone bought one of these and can they let me know how much they paid? We are having a heart attack overthe cost of them. I think the quote is right but I want to see what other people have paid.

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  • They are ridiculously priced,but supposed be very good quality. we booked our photographer in Jan and the album cost £500 but since then the price has increased.
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    ours is more like £2,500 for the 18" Queensbury Duo with the flips and wings and a leather front. My research tells me that is about right but its so much image
  • We're getting a 15 inch Queensbury Duo album for £1995!! It's cause nobody else makes them like that and they are made in New Zealand!
  • Hiya

    As a photographer I also offer Queensbury albums but they are on my top price list. They are brilliant quality but very expensive there are other companies that do this type of albums. You can also try Loxley colour who are also very good.

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  • To anyone looking for an album, I would thoroughly recommend the London Photobook company. We didn't get an 'album' package with our photographer as it was sooo expensive, and the queensberry albums, although they look amazing, are ridiculously expensive! You can buy a car for that sort of price lol!

    With the London Photobook company you can arrange the photos on the pages using software that you download from their website. It took me a long time to decide which photos to icnlude and arrange them all (hence why we only sorted our album recently depsite getting married last year!), but I am so pleased with it. Its lovely quality and comes in its own keepsake box. Cost about £275 as we added some extra pages.

    To be honest I don't look at it as much as I thought I would, so I'm glad we didn't spend a fortune on an album, but its really nice to have it to be able to look at from time to time image
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