MY WEDDING DAY 10.06.2011!! Now I know how to upload!

I will not be writing a report! BUT! I will be trying to upload a story board of piccies image ENJOY!!


  • gem112gem112 Posts: 207
    Ahh - you look gorgeous! Amazing pics! image

  • My mum & dad
  • My D.I.Ys :/

    Had these cookie pops made & personalised for all the kids image

  • My best bits; I was so happy that I couldn't begin to feel nervous! BONUS!!

    I was happy the my father in law managed to stay up till the party as he is very ill!

    My regrets; ONLY ONE! Not having my Nan put me in my dress. I felt like the 2 maids who stayed behind to help me into my dress had rushed me because they had messed about and the cars had returned, and neither one had their dresses on :/

    My TOP tip; Sprinkle irridescent glitter on your tables to give a magical sparkle to any room! Simple or extravagant image
  • kelmistykelmisty Posts: 860
    Fab photos, looks like a brillant day all round! image image
  • Beautiful photos! You look gorgeous, and I LOVE the wedding cakes! Congratulations image

    (and like you i have just today learnt how to upload my photos, but I think im not going to do a report or show any pics maybe till our anniversary - as its been nearly 6 months since we got married!)
  • pminxypminxy Posts: 320
    I just love having a nose at wedding photos!!! You happy and beautiful xxxx
  • Love it - especially the blue tights
  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046
    great pics, thanks for sharing image
  • 111111 Posts: 45
    I cant see the pics? image x
  • MrsGenn2BMrsGenn2B Posts: 240
    Wonderful - congratulations x
  • MrsA-2-bMrsA-2-b Posts: 154
    Congrats!!! you look lovely xx
  • MrsCMrsC Posts: 71
    absolutely beautiful, you look gorgeous - love the bridesmaid dresses
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