Mr & Mrs Brightside - Our wedding report 27.08.2011

Well I can't believe it has been over a month since we tied the knot! It's gone past in such a flash, it was the most fabulous & unforgettable day, and I must say how bloody proud I am that it all came off after planning the whole thing myself image Anyway lets start at the beginning, it's gonna be a long one so grab yourself a cuppa image

How I met Mr J

It's september 2008. I am 18, have no job, still living with my mum after moving back in with her in April after quitting my cabin crew job in London. The credit crunch had just really taken hold when I left London and I found it impossible to get a job, even my old workplace who had told me they would have me back in a flash should I change my mind couldn't afford to have me back. Bored & fed up I went to stay with my best friend one evening while her parents were away. We watched a DVD and had a glass of wine to cheer me up, and took to facebook to see who we could nosy at (we're VERY nosy!)

After sitting there for a while we both get very bored as there is nothing interesting going on, cue stupid photo time. This photo is still on facebook of myself with the tagline "Kel...kel....who am I?" I was so very proud of my statue of liberty impression.

Any who, she was chatting to her brothers friend who had just got in from a night at the casino via facebook. She had changed her facebook status to something utterly unrepeatable that I had said earlier in the evening about my old airline demanding money from me for my training. Said brothers friend commented on her status claiming he thought she was a nice girl (sarcastically obviously) and I asked her to click on his profile. "Oooh he's very nice" I said checking him out on his profile picture. She filled me in on how her brother knew him. He was 24 and had just come out of a turbulent school first love relationship after 8 years. Her brother and him had gone to junior school together until his mum had remarried and moved to a town 15 mins away when they were 8, hadn't spoken to eachother in years and found one another via facebook a month earlier. Both then broke up with their partners so had been keeping eachother company down the pub drowning their sorrows.

So my best friend obviously went and told him I though he was hot...I very nearly died on the spot. They had organised a reunion night out for some of their school friends as they hadn't seen them in years a few weeks later. He asked if I needed my eyes testing and after her showing me him and showing him me, I was to be dragged along. Little did I know that he was to become my husband!


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    The reunion & first kiss!

    I felt a little of out of place seen as it wasn't my school reunion and I was just there. However I had promised to go so I went, I had just got a job in the local sainsburys and felt I should celebrate that too. After a fairly uneventful night I tried to keep my distance from this guy as I felt unbelievably stupid, we had been chatting through the good old medium of msn and facebook during the weeks, and despite having spent the week trying to decide what to wear I still felt stupid. He had hired a hotel room to stay in that night, He of course invited me to stay with him (I'm still not sure if he meant that or was just being polite) We had a fair bit of banter of that week and I had said I don't stay with strangers and he promised me he'd sleep in the bath so I could have a bed and that we could have ice fights with the ice machines in the corridors of the hotel. Anyway, I never gave him a straight answer & We eventually got to the last club where he came over for a dance. We started to dance like 2 rabbits caught in headlights knowing everyone was watching us. This was when our first photos together were taken, they are awful but hilarious.

    Kicking out time approached and as I headed outside for a cigarette he caught up with me and we waited for the others. They all came and making out way up to the bus stops he asked in all seriousness did I want to stay, but he would understand if not. I said I would have loved to but I couldn't, as I was being expected home and didn't think my mum would take lightly to me staying out. He agreed, looking like a forlorn lost puppy. Our bus came and we all got on, we gave eachother a goodbye hug and agreed we would meet up the following week for a drink, my friends brother worked in a pub local to where I had just got a job so he agreed to meet me afterwards where we would meet him and my friend who also got a job at the sainsburys when she finished. He gave me a little peck on the cheek and a little kiss on the lips too. I got on that bus to lots of wolf whistles from my friends and feeling silly, but really happy!
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    Monday came, the day we had agreed to go for a drink, and I was sat at my checkout being really bored on a busy evening, I had taken extra precautions and done hair and make up in the morning as I finished at 8.30pm and didnt want to keep him waiting. When my friend walks past my checkout and says "Ally someones here to see you...he's wearing a yellow lacoste polo shirt" The smile on her face told me it was Mr J...Sat on my checkout with no escape and no mirror to check my appearance in... I could have strangled her.

    He came up to the end of my checkout and put down a can of redbull and a pack of mach 3 razors & waited patiently in line. I could see him getting closer and made no eye contact at all. I was so embarrased...He owns his own landscaping company and I'm here repeating "Would you like any help with your packing sir?" I could have died. He eventually got to me and I said 'Hey you' that came out at a ridiculously high pitch. He said "Sorry I know I'm meeting you there but I'm on my way to my grandads and he asked for a can of redbull and I really needed some razors'

    I served him and he said i'll see you at 8.40pm and winked at Well, the rest of my shift went by in a flash and I met him there and we had a lovely evening,just talking about crap and feeling really embarrassed as my friends brother kept peaking over.

    We agreed to go on a date the following friday. We were to go bowling. It was a really fun date, we did 3 games and I kicked his ass (naturally) and he maintains he let me win. We then went for food and drinks and ended up in a really expensive bar called saltwater. He was meeting his friends in town that night and we went there for one last drink. He had been shopping before meeting me and had bought new boxers (that still makes me laugh, he was very optomistic - lol) I was wearing his coat as it was a freezing and he put me on the bus still wearing his coat and with his new boxers in the pocket. He said 'oh well, guess you'll have to see me again now' before kissing me and leaving.

    All of october we continued to see eachother, with friends and without, he'd take me home from work and we'd have a cheeky kiss in his van.

    He'd met my mum and she loved him, although we were just seeing eachother at the time, she said to me when he left, 'You'll have beautiful babies'. He'd come round to watch saturday night telly with us or we'd go and watch a dvd. I wont go into detail but he sent me a really nice text after being round one evening along the lines of 'I had a really great night ,because I really enjoy your company and you're so lovely & funny. Night night beautiful x' Oooft!

    Half term for the kids came and he went to centre parcs as he had booked it for him and his ex a year before and he couldn't get any money back so didn't waste it. He has 3 younger sisters who were 6,9 and 11 at the time so he went anyway and his mum took them up over the week to have some fun. He invited me to stay with him but I was working and it was ladies week but I was far too embarrassed to tell him that! his mum sussed he had someone else on the go as she said his whole mood had changed. She asked all about me and when he told her my name, realised she had gone to school with my uncle! Small world
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    An official couple

    Sunday 2nd Novemember 2008. Nottingham forest vs Derby county. It was to be shown on the telly, so my whole family being avid forest supporters went to the pub to watch. Mr J was to meet me there after the game had finished. He however came half way through, not realising my WHOLE immediate family were there, my brothers, sisters, mum, dad & step mum. I think he panicked a little when he saw how large my brother is. They found out that they had gone to school together too, and cue my brother giving it the big I am and the' hurt my little sister...' speech, despite both of us silently thinking we aren't actually a couple!

    We went outside for a cigarette and bumped into my other brother, who said 'oh so this is your new boyfriend then, pleased to meet you mate' and went inside. We just looked at eachother like, well...everyone thinks we're a couple! He looked at me said, 'are we?'

    I replied with, 'if you want to be' which looking back was a lame excuse for an answer, but we sealed it with a kiss and we got together officially on that day image

    The proposal.

    Fast forward to 4th April 2009, we had been together a little over 5 months and everything was going really well. He had practically moved in with me and my mum, spending odd nights at his and his parents seemed to like me. We'd had a little mini break to Dublin which we both loved and we were inseperable!

    At the Guinness brewery in Dublin

    We going shopping that day as I had been paid and wanted some new clothes. We'd been to Alton towers the day before and had a lovely day. There was a ferris wheel thing in the market square of the town and Mr J suggested we go on it. His business had really suffered in the credit crunch and he was SO poor he said I would have to pay if I wanted to. I was in a pretty bad mood that day anyway & i was adamant we werent going on as it was windy and I'm not the biggest fan of heights. He eventually got me on and promised that if I didn't enjoy it he would give me double the money back later on that week. He was really quiet in the queue and I was quiet in the little booth as It was windy and I was petrified! He pointed out all sorts of things before going quiet again. He was sat opposite me and looked at me really funnily. He said ' I love you you know' I said 'of course I know, I love you too' He replied with 'are you sure?'

    I was a bit taken aback thinking he was questioning me, but replied 'of course I'm sure you muppet' and pecked him on the cheek. He looked at me for ages and said 'well then...will you marry me?' I was gobsmacked. My sister had got engaged a year before and despite only being with her now hubby 3 months, said to me, if they ask and you don't even have to think about the answer you know he's the one. Thats always stuck with me and I didn't even realise I'd said yes without even thinking! We had a lovely kiss and a cuddle and seen as he was skint, moved the ring he had bought me for christmas over to my left hand until he could buy one. We spread the good news and no matter how quick, all of our families were over the moon for us.
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    Lets get going with the wedding!

    I jumped on the wedding bandwagon pretty much straight away, we knew it would be a 'longer engagement' as he was looking for other work and my pay wasn't exactly great so we agreed we would save, that didn't stop me looking at every magazine or website going. The following month we got a crazy idea that we should move in together. We really ran with the idea and before we knew it had signed on the dotted line of our first rented place together. We moved into our little apartment on May 19th 2009. Things were tight but we were together and thats all that mattered. We enjoyed our Summer, Mr J got a full time permanant job in a garden centre and we went to Majorca courtesy of a tax rebate in the Summer of '09


    Back to the wedding...maybe

    Come October I was getting really bored of my old job. My friend had said he could get me a ob in the call centre he works in and the pay was much better too. I took the chance to move and started my new job. Mr J's pay had increased too so at the end of October we went to look at a place to get married. Off we trotted and it was perfect, a lovely conference and banquetting place with stunning views over a lake and everything you could need to have a civil ceremony and reception there. We left with a price quote and totally in love with the place. We decided we'd get our first anniversary as a couple out of the way and look into booking it.
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    24th November 2009

    My new job was going really really well and although the hours were longer, and I was ridiculously tired, It was going good. I was there one afternoon and my team leader had said I could leave 2 hours early. I took the chance and sat out the last hour of my shift practically asleep. In the last 10 minutes of my shift you were supposed to have taken all your breaks and have snack/toilet breaks. I was about to burst and had to beg my team leader to let me go to the toilet. All of a sudden it clicked...the tiredness, the frequent loo trips & the tingling boobs at my nephews football match the saturday before. I had just thought it was cold!

    I raced home (via asda) and sat there with the pregnancy test infront of me. I was panicking...I was only 19 and we were meant to be planning our wedding for 2011. I did the test before Mr J came home...I don't know why I bothered...I knew I was pregnant. Sure enough the test confirmed it... we were having a baby!- the fear turned into excitement and I clammered for my mobile to ring Mr J. I decided I'd wait for him to get home instead, & deposited the tests on the side for him to see. He looked from the tests to me and his words were again, unrepeatable, but he was smiling and it started to sink in. image

    My 20th birthday and Xmas came and went with us making various excuses for me not drinking, January 7th 2010 we had our first scan and we fell in love with our 'little bean' & spread the good news, everyone was well and truely thrilled for us image


    We found out that we were having a little boy at 16 week gender scan and that just added to the excitement, especially for Mr J. We moved to a house in the Feb as the steps to our apartment would have been impossible with a pram.

    Our little man came along after an awkward 30 hour labour, 4 days late on July 27th 2010 at 12.18pm weighing 9lbs 8 oz. Now we were a family! image

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    Loving this! We're the same age and me & h2b got together 2nd Nov 2007 after lots of "seeing each other" and everyone assuming we were a couple when we weren't!! Can't wait to read more!!!!
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    Back to the wedding...finally

    In the months after Archie was born we didn't have anytime to think about our wedding. It got to our birthdays and we sat down together and as I use babyexpert I was just browsing YAYW. I asked him when he thought we would get married.

    He said I dunno, whenever you want.

    With our baba there was no way we could afford our beautiful venue we had chosen for the foreseable we thought it would be put in it's box for a few more years.

    Just before Christmas I was chatting with my sister and she said oh you should just go to the registry office and get it done, in a jokey way. I took this back home to Mr J and said look, I admit I wanted the all singing all dancing but now I don't care, I want the same surname as my son and to be married to you! He looked delighted.

    We set about getting some dates from the registrar the next day for the beautiful little registry office that my sister had got married for only £40+ notice fees.

    When we rang they said that they were no longer using that building, we were gutted. She then said we're now using the city council house in the market square. We'd hit the jackpot, the council house was stunningly beautiful inside and out. In the city centre but hey ho! We set on a date on 3rd Sept 2011 but had to move it eventually due to Mr Js work commitment, we set the 27th August as out wedding day!!

    The beautiful council house

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    That council house is STUNNING!
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    We can do this in 8 months...can't we?

    Once the ball was rolling we ran with it! We secured the date between Christmas and New Year, and whilst taking hubbys little sisters to meadowhall sale shopping, we stopped by beaverbrooks where my engagement ring eventually came from.

    We looked in the window and I'd just had a tax rebate...we decided we'd go for it and kill 2 birds with one stone.

    We left an hour and a half later with our wedding all seemed very real now!

    Here's a sneaky peaky of our rings on the day, our photographer was brill and despite the insinuation I LOVE the photo, it sits on his facebook page with the tagline

    'To ALL the exes that ever were'

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    Choosing the reception venue, invites and getting things booked!

    We spent hours browsing the web looking for somewhere that was 'us' enough to hold our reception. We only wanted family and very close friends there and that took us to 50 people all together. Because we were getting married in the city centre, we didn't want to be too far out, but the facilities in the centre were limited.

    On a random google search the Park Plaza Nottingh popped up. I knew the place as one of my school friends worked there as a chef, I thought it would be really expensive being a 4* hotel and the hotel of choice for any stars/celebs that come to Nottingham (more to come on that point later...)

    We downloaded the wedding pack and were shocked to find that it was £45 per head for daytime and £15 per head for evening...and that was it. That was all you paid. That included room fee, flower arrangements for tables, DJ for evening, bar hire, overnight stay for us, cake stand and knife, toastmaster you name it, it was included. We even get a stay on our first anniversary and a meal in their award winning restaurant free!!

    It was almost a done deal, but we went to view it and fell in love, the room was so light and airy and didn't look like a traditional 'hotel facility'

    Reception room

    Reception drinks area - the bar changed colour, hubby was very impressed!

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    Me & my friend (whos fault it was that me & Mr J had even met image) offered to help with our invites once we'd got the venue. We made a mock up and it eventually stuck. This is th eonly photo I can find, it was bigger than that and in the bottom right corner said wedding invitation image

    We booked our photographer too after finding him on eBay of all places. We booked because we liked his photos but more because we only had 7 months to go by now and were pushing it. In the end I was SO glad we did, he was bloody brilliant, made our day and the photos we have so far are fabulous! (After leaving our wedding he went home, digitally tweaked a few, and stuck 30 on facebook by 10pm for us to see - amazing service or what?!) Anybody want to know of a good photographer in the nottingham area pm me and I'll send you the link to his website...he's just fab and so so cheap!!
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    Cant wait to read more! xx
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    Am lovingthis report! I love the ring pic too

    ditto image
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    Finding 'The one'

    It was now only 6 months and 4 days before our wedding and I hadn't picked a dress yet. I had picked my 2 best friends as maids of honour,Mr J's 3 younger sisters as bridesmaids and Mr J had picked his best men (His mate and his Dad - aw)

    Whilst in town one day me and my friend had just popped in and I'd tried 3 dresses on, not really what I was after but made an appointment to go back and see one with my mum to get her opinion on it. It was £1345 though and that also put me off!

    I was seriously pushing it to get a dress made for my measurements, I'm a fairly normal size but have a HUGE chest.

    Round the corner from my IL's is a small bridal shop that I'd seen but not really thought about going to. I decided to just have a peak to check it out and had a wee look, but made an appointment for the following day as they were really busy.

    I walked in the door, excited and nervous the next day with my friend and her mum as mine was working, with no idea really of what I wanted. The assistant was lovely and listened to what I thought I wanted and when we fathomed I didn't really know she said, look, let me pick a few I think you'll like and we'll get a feel for what style you're after, they all look different on anyway!

    She picked 3 dresses, all strapless which I thought was stupid as with my huge chest I was sure I needed straps or a halter atleast. When I put the first Jasmine dress on I thought wow, my boobs do stay up on there own, it was fairly simple with a little red design going down the front of the bodice, nice I thought but not really me.

    The next one was an Ellis dress and had a beaded bodice with a big poofy skirt and again, was quite simple. I really liked this one, but thought the poofy skirt made me look huge with my chest too, but decided I quite liked simple.

    The shop assistant looked at me and said, I think you'll like this one. It was another Ellis dress and as I stepped into it and looked in the mirror as she was lacing me up, I wanted to cry - it was perfect! Out I came and my friend started crying & I welled up too. I waltzed up and down in it and couldn't take my eyues off the mirror. A simple gathering on one side with crystal beading running down

    'I have to have it!' Deposit paid and appointment made to have my mum come and see it.

    The owner of the shop said they need 6 months to make and fit etc and I'd just made it - Excitement!!

    My wonderful Ellis Dress

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    Picking the colour scheme & those retched bridesmaids dresses!

    We'd decided with a summer wedding and not being an overly extrovert couple, we wanted a simple champagney gold colour scheme. We decided to take Mr J's sisters bridesmaids dress shopping together, & I'd go with my MOH's. First shop we went into was BHS and we walked out having ordered all 3. The colour was perfect and all 3 girls fell in love with their dresses. Especially the youngest who couldn't stop whizzing round and round in the floaty petal dress.

    Older 2's dresses

    Youngests dress image

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    I went shopping a few weeks later with my MOH'S and I'd found a dress I thought would be perfect for them in BHS too.

    We tried them on them and the sizing was awful, they didn't look right and niether was comfortable in them. Scrap that idea.

    We went searching around the whole of meadowhall and had all about given up. We were panicking now, wondering if I would have to change my colour scheme as there was just nothing in my colour. We went into H&M as a last resort fully expecting not to find a thing.

    We had given up and were on our way out when I spotted something. Could it be...?

    A beautiful chiffon one shoulder maxi, pleated all the way to the floor, a lovely cross between a dusky gold and cream dress...£30! We tried it and it fit beautifully, the girls were really happy with them so we thought yes we've done it!

    But there was only 1....The shop was shutting and had no more, the next morning I rang H&M customer services and got them to ring around the WHOLE country to locate another of this dress in the size I needed. They had just Birmingham and I'd have to get it that day. I hastily booked train tickets and off me & my son toddled and picked up the dress.

    They both tried them on and they looked and said they felt lovely. Job DONE!

    Another sneaky peaky & their beautiful bargain dresses

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    AAw I'm loving this report! More please! Can't wait to see pics of the big day image
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    The suits, the flowers & the cake!

    We went to choose Mr J's suit together although he still says he doesn't know why as I picked it all and he just nodded along - haha!

    He just said he didn't want black or white & would prefer grey. We (I) went for suit hire by greenwoods and decided to have a slate grey tailcoat, with a swirly ivory waistcoat and a golden ruche & a more ivory ruche for Mr J. They did mess it up as the best man also ended up wearing a different coloured ruche which I stressed about but on the day no one even noticed or cared!

    Before the wedding - my brother taking the photo on his phone

    My handsome husband - excuse the photo it just shows off the suit really well (teehee our photographer was brill!)

    Having just properly studied this photo my tattoo on my wrist has gone...proper digital trickery...saying that it does only say his name so could have been apt really!
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    We decided on artificial flowers for me, the bridesmaids and the button holes as everyone said they would like to keep them afterwards. I trawled website after website and magazine after magazine and I eventually found budding sensations. For my flowers, 2 MOH's, 3 BM's, Mr J's Buttonhole & 2 corsages for mine and his mum = £125 with delivery! Most other places wanted close to this for just mine...I ordered them and they came within about 3 weeks despite stating twice as long on the website. Rachel was really helpful and they were (are still) just beautiful. I did however forget the male wedding party all needed a buttonhole, and did a mad dash to hobbycraft to buy some for them 2 days before the wedding, but at £1.25 they looked great and it was nice for hubby to have something a bit different to them.

    My flowers

    Bm's flowers and hubbys buttonhole

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    We decided we wanted cala lillies for the table centrepieces as they were in keeping with our colour scheme and any variation of lillies are my fav. As they came with the package we just left the florist that the hotel used to it, she had a good idea of the contemporary vs shabby chic day I was after and I let her have free reign. This is one thing we didn't see until the day, but they surpassed our expectations and were beautifully gorgeous.

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    My wonderfully fabulous cake... I was asked on the day if it cost a bomb and people commented on how stunningly simple it was. They were so taken aback when I said my fabulous sister had made it. Every petal of every flower she had lovingly hand crafted just for us. Another surprise that we didn't see until the day and although we were all aware that she was good at making cakes we didn't know just how much until then.

    Following on from our wedding cake, she now has another 3 orders for wedding cakes in - yummy image

    Here is the masterpiece she created for us image

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    Thank you for all your lovely comments so far, I'll keep it coming as fast as I can image x
  • Amazing so far x
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    Table & room decs

    As previously mentioned, we decided we wanted a contemporary theme to fit in with the hotel but as shabby chic as that could be. I'd seen a wedding report on here and I loved the style so we had the 2 colliding throughout our day. The surroundings provided the contemporary and my decs threw in the shabby chic. Unfortunately I don't have all my prof pics back yet & the ones people took themselves don't show it well enough, but as soon as I do I'll update this with the pics of my room all set to go.
  • cake, BM's dresses, flowers.... all looks amazing
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    My sweetie table & wish tree

    One major thing I do have to thank this website for! I got the ideas for both from here and my day wouldn't have been complete without them! Everyone commented on both all day and they came off just fab.

    I spent a little more on my sweetie table than I wanted, but although Glassware only came in at around £40 & scoops & tongs for £25, I spent £20 on sweetie bags that said Mr & Mrs and £85 on sweets! I wouldn't have done it differently thought because it worked amazingly. We had flying saucers, teeth and lips, sherbets, jelly beans, fizzy cola bottles etc - the old school favs!

    Our wish tree was something I knew i wanted as soon as I saw one too, I just couldn't find one cheap enough after the extravagance of the sweetie table, but then a bride on here sold one on the swap and sale to me for £27, which I think is fab and it was brilliant! Just how I pictured it.We had little luggage labels as wish tree tags stamped with 'Wedding Wishes' and attached onto the tree with ivory ribbon that said our name and wedding date.

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    The Hen Do

    After planning all of this, my hen do I was really looking forward to, by the time it had come around I was well & truely ready for it. It was 8th-10th July and on the friday we had an Ann Summers party at one of my MOH's houses which was a brill laugh. They decorated everywhere with banners and balloons, willy confetti, a willy balloon and a blow up man image it was a fab ice breaker for my family & friends who hadn't met,for the following night when we went to Birmingham together for the night!

    We had a good laugh getting there in our Hen mini bus and stayed in some brilliant apartments.

    My lovely step father in law also paid for us to have a limo for an hour to pick us up from the apartments and take us wherever we desired - we ended up getting dropped off in a weatherspoons! Hah!

    My sister had sorted some party bags for us all, with name badges, a fake ring which we had to get a proposal with by the end of the weekend, a peg which we all had to steal off eachother and a condom which we had to put on a cucumber with our mouths!

    Theres so many photos and I don't want to spam with them or to try and pick the best 2, but I made a video of our weekend last week thats on youtube if anyone wants to see.

    It was the best weekend ever!

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