anyone chosen the photographers "disc only" package

im waiting for my photos from my wedding day to be ready, and we have chosen the "disc only" package with no album. anyone else who has done this, have you made an album yourself or a photobook? and where is best to get them done? image


  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046
    I did thise option. I've invested in lots of beautiful photo frames to use around the house instead ;P

    I did want some sort of album though so I bought some from a company called blurb for family members

  • Hi, i only went for a disc option and decided to make my own photobook.

    I looked at lots of different sites and i ended up using tesco, you have to down load the programme to your pc/laptop but once this is done it is really easy to use and you can store your projects and go back to them until your ready to order them.

    I got a large album and it cost around £40, i think it has around 50 pages in it. I have had loads of comments about it, and people cant believe that it is from tesco.


    They also have quite alot of deals and just recently buy one get one free.
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    We are doing disc only - we couldnt believe the prices some photographers charge for albums!

    OH friend works in design and he knows a few people who can make some albums which are (in my opinion) much nicer than what our photographer was offering us and a fraction of the price. They are similar to what Hannikins has posted above.

    Ive also seen others online which look cheaper too. Even high street stores have started doing some nice looking photobooks too.
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    I've used Blurb before as well. The albums are a lovely quality and really good. Be warned though, it took my fiance and I a whole year to get round to finishing our album of Australia! It's very hard selecting which photos to put in.
  • I've gone for this option too - as couldn't believe the amount it cost for an album from photographers.

    Obviously I haven't done one for my wedding photos (dont get married till Dec!) But I did one for mums wedding in February this year using photobox and I was really pleased with it, as were they.

    It does take a while though, to upload and edit all the photos you want and generally fiddle with design etc, but is well worth effort.
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    We're having a disk only package! I want an album, but I don't want to pay hundreds and hundreds extra for one that I'm not 100% keen on!
  • We had a disc only and used CEWE (although the photographer sent us 2 free prints of our choice afterwards!) I'd used CEWE before for our travelling albums and loved the books. Like tesco you download the programme and add your photos where you want. I reckon it took me about 20 hours to put ours together and tweak bits but it was definitely worth it. It also means you can have pretty much every photo and whatever size you want. Some photos I blew up big on the page and others I made quite small, depending what they were. Ours was £80 inc delivery but that was 74 pages. Our parents were thrilled with theirs too!
  • My photographer was fantastic, originally paid for just cd of pics but then she said she would do an album for us but if we didn't want it she would keep it as an example. She did it on blurb and I really believe it would have taken me forever to make the album!!! She charged us cost price not for her time. We love it, received it on Sat and u can't stop lookin at it, she was totally objective when putting the pics in whereas I would have spent hours deciding which photo to put in etc. Everyone who's seen it has said its the best album they've seen. I intend to make some smaller parents albums myself and will def be using blurb, I also intend to set aside a whole weekend to do them as I think making them is far more time consuming than you expect. I think cd/dvd only is a fab way to get your pics as you can do exactly as you want with them x
  • We went for disc only option. We also used to make our photo book (recommended by our photographer). We are really impressed with the quality of the photo book and the communication from Blurb. It took us a few hours to make, but that was mainly because we couldn't decide which of the hundreds of photos to put in!!

    The bonus was that we were able to add some photos that friends and family took that the photographer didn't (more informal shots, outside of church when photographer was doing formal ones etc) that we couldn't have put in album if we had gone with album package.
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    I have been thinking about doing this too. Does anyone know of a program where you can use photoes as the background like the pro albums do? E.g details of the dress used as a pale background for another pic.
  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046
    you can do that with blurb if you wanted too
  • beesbees Posts: 835
    ohh thanks Hannikins.
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