Budget Spreadsheet

Hi ladies

firstly congrats on your weddings, hope you are all enjoying married life image

im just wondering if any of you have a good spreadsheet for to keep track of money being spent?

i have searched online but can only seem to find american ones

many thanks


  • I've got one that Im using - just let me know your email and I'll pop it through.xxx
  • I've made up my own in excel
  • JeB87JeB87 Posts: 46
    I wasn't sure if you meant buffet spreadsheet, or buffet spread. And was about to run out of the office realising I was spending FAR too much time on a puter.

    But yeah, just go for excel! Simple and free. You can make graphs out of it, so you can see how little of your savings you have left image
  • thanks ladies i havent sent you messages with my email address

    much appreciated x
  • meant sent lol image
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    I made my own in excel. I'd always suggest tweaking it to suit you.
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