Our Vintage Dream...28.08.11 Lots of DIY & Pro Photos


Hey ladies,

I did a mini report after our wedding in August and I now have the pro photos back. Enjoy...!

We met at the Gym, about 5 years ago. Nick runs a personal studio in Bromley and I was looking for one 2 one training. I not a fan of the gym so I really needed someone to give me the push. My best friend was getting married and I really wanted to shape up and look nice in my bridesmaid dress. I am on the end left.

We both were seeing other people and eventually we broke up with our partners - nothing had happened between us. We were really good friends and would see each other weekly. This went on for about a year. I knew I really liked him as I would go to the pub to 'watch' football so I could see him (I don't like football very much!)

Cut a long story short we got together.

We moved in together pretty quick, we knew each other really well so it felt natural.

Fast-forward a couple of years and Mr Worsey asked me to marry him. I had just come back from holiday and remember thinking he is acting really odd. He got home from shopping and was going on about a CD he had just brought at HMV. I will be honest here, he is a bit addicted to HMV so I wasn't really paying that much attention. He popped the CD on and it was 'Baby, I love you' by The Ramones. Months before bored at work he had sent me the lyrics and joked he was so bored at work he just wrote this song for me.... I obviously said yes image

That is not how he had planned to propose. I went and spoiled it ha! He planned a day out in Canterbury, I had wanted to go as its where Nick went to Uni. He had made the mistake of telling me that you can't park in the city centre. It was raining and I had just had my hair done so I didn't want to go... oops! I am pleased tho as although I am not quiet or shy I have always hated the idea of being proposed to in public.

We were engaged in the May but didn't have our engagement party till the July.

We then started the wedding planning.... We I did from the second that ring was on my finger.

We looked at lots of venues, we were being fussy. I wanted somewhere close to home as my Nan does not travel well and I didn't want people to have to pay out £100+ for a hotel room. We had to have sole use. Not near a main road. It had to have pretty gardens/green area. We looked around a a few places and nothing really ticked all of our boxes or cost a LOT of money.

Then tucked away 5mins from my parents house 15mins from our house is Sundridge Park Manor. It was perfect!

Once we had the venue and date I started on everything else.....


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    Oh quick quick quick, you are stunning xx
  • So after all my meetings with suppliers and research I pretty much decided to try and DIY everything I could.

    I will put photos on and tell you who my supplier was and what was DIY. Any questions just ask image

    Planning my hen do was a nightmare. I asked my MOH to organise it and tell me nothing. I am the planning queen and wanted it to be a surprise.

    That did not work out to plan. We started off at 23 girls and we lost 10 along the way. I very nearly cancelled my hen do. It was more stress than the wedding.

    I wanted to go to Ibiza for a long weekend but it does cost. I wont do the trashy side so it would have been big bucks. So After a little chat with the girls half wanted to go Ibiza and other half could not really afford it. I decided early on that if I wanted people to come I would be going somewhere in the UK.

    Soooooo I gave people the choice between Manchester or Brighton. Most people wanted Brighton but this is where Nick had decided to go Boooooooo!!!

    Anyway never mind... My MOH was preggers at the time and started to look in to things. Her baby came early and had complications. So quite rightly so she had no time to sort my hen weekend out. Problem is no one picked up the job and it got left for ages.... about 2 months before I asked my Bridesmaids what going on and well nothing. My MOH got all upset as my other BM had started to take over the planning. Nightmare.

    So I did what any Filofax Queen would do. Looked in to somewhere else and picked my own hotel. got the girls to sort money and boom! It was booked. I had no idea what was booked or planned. All I knew was there was a very short fancy dress outfit getting worn.

    Woo hoo we are coming to Leeds!!
  • The girls planned an amazing weekend for me.

    Starting off with a lush dinner in The Living Room

    Then we hit the clubs

    After a very heavy night of drinking we got up and did a bit of shopping then we went for a lovely lunch.

    Then to the pub! the girls had come up with a Mr & Mrs Game. They asked Nick about 20 questions and I had to answer them or do the shot.

    Well Nick well and truly stitched me up! I think I had about 13 of them! Trying to get myself ready after that was errm shall we say eventful.

    Then we get to the fancy dress hahaha!!!
  • The girls dresses me up, they all got dressed up and looked fantastic! We all had a few glasses of champers and then headed out!

    I had no idea where we were going, when we arrived at TigerTiger my lovely friend Hayley had organised and sorted posters, shots and cupcakes everything. It was fantastic and such a surprise!

    Hayley had put photos up of me all around our area!! Very funny and the most embarrassing photos of me EVER!!

  • great report. Really enjoying it....looking forward to reading more image

  • loving your report xxxx more more more!!!
  • Holy Cow, you are stunning! Mr Worsey is a very lucky man!
  • Quoted:
    Holy Cow, you are stunning! Mr Worsey is a very lucky man!

    Very much agree!
  • So lets get on to the Wedding.

    Being the Planner that I am, I made a timetable for the Wedding morning. It was great, everyone was ready on time and knew where they needed to be. I may have gone a little OTT. My parents don't have a massive house and I am sure that they would have found make up being done in the kitchen ha!

    I did one for the boys house too, Just so they didn't forget things. Names down one side, times at the top. Just things like Rings etc. I did one for the Venue, suppliers lists all sorts. Defo OTT but I felt so calm knowing that everyone knew what was going on when.

    If anyone else likes to plan like me I am happy to send you a copy you can adapt.

    Hair and make up!

    My hair was done by a lady who works for Strictly Come Dancing. I love big hair!

    I trained a few years ago to do bridal make up but there was no way I was doing my own. I did the make up for my friends wedding in the first photo. Lucky for me one of my good friends works for MAC. She did mine and the BMs make up. It lasted all day. Another friend of mine does hair too so she did all of the BMs.

    Anyone like the hair make up let me know and I will give you details.

    The outfits

    My dress was a bargain! £350! One of a kind sample that was never made. I saw it in a magazine and wanted it. I hunted till I found out that Ellis Bridal made it. I managed to get them to send me the sample. It was a size 8!! I am not the smallest lady - defo not a size 8 anyway with big boobs!!

    At the time I was a 16 but I wanted that dress. The weight loss mission started! I managed to get in it in the end. They did had to take out the bust for me.

    I had a pair of Christian Louboutins for my wedding but my MOH surprised me with a stunning GINA pair!!

    My head dress was handmade by Gillian Million. Its beautiful, I plan to wear it again whenever I can (is cost more than my dress ooops!!) I looked everywhere for the perfect tiara. I just could not find one that was 'me' so I had it designed and made.

    The girls

    My Bridesmaids wore JLM Couture dresses. Lovely buttery yellow dresses. I could not find the colour I wanted. I didn't want pink or purple, as everyone has that. I got the girls New look shoes and stuck crystals on the bows. I can't find a photo at the moment.

    My flower girl had such a cute little dress on. I can't remember the name of the designer now.

    The girls hair. After meeting Gillian Million I saw amazing BMs hair pins and sides. They were so much money I would be looking at over £1000... humm not gonna happen. So I made them myself along with matching bracelets...

    I made two small on grips and a hair slide for each girl.

    The brooches on the girls dresses were the same as what I sent out on the invites, they were on the cake and anywhere else I could put them.

    My mums outfit was from a shop in Chislehurst, Kent. I added black diamonds to the polka dots and roses. Subtle but in the evening they caught the light. I also made my mums jewellery & evening hair comb.

  • Oh that very kind of you ladies. I just know my way around a make up box image
  • On to the boys...

    The wore navy tails hired from Debenhams. My Grandma made the cravats to match the girls dresses in colour. They are for sale.

    Nick got the boys Cuff links from M&S and they all had the same shoes from ASOS. Nothing to do with me, Nick had a bit of a Groomzilla moment!
  • Double Post
  • My Wedding car

    My Father restored my Great Grandad's A35 for me. I didn't see the Amber 1 number plate until I had got out. I dived in the car outside my parents as it started to rain just as we left!

    The girls were taken in a Land Rover.

  • Aw wow you look absolutely stunning x.
  • Continue with the uploading. Looked like a stunning wedding.

  • We had a Civil Ceremony, I asked everyone to wear a hat/fascinator. I got a few extra hats off ebay so if people turned up without one they could borrow one (if they wanted) Not enough people wear hats to weddings anymore. I am trying to bring it back!

    I made this MR & MRS sign.

    I made our Order of Service cards. I added details of the day in there and a few times. Plus a few 'not to be missed' items - sweetie cart etc.

  • We had a really light hearted ceremony. We smiled all the way through. The Registrar got my dads name wrong a few times so we had to giggle.

    My sister, little cousins and Nick's Aunty all read poems at the service. It was lovely really personal.

  • Flowers

    I really shopped arround for flowers. I wanted them everywhere. Vintage yellows and pinks with pearls.

    My florist was AMAZING!!! I had a lot of flowers and extra bits and bobs. Everything you see cost me £1600. I know some of you will think thats a lot but it really made it beautiful.

    There were on every table in the venue.

  • My BMs flowers

    If you are in the London or South East area and like our flowers PM me and I will send you details of my florist.

    I must have seen over 10 florist and no one is like her. She hunted everywhere for the little birds in the right colours. She puts the time in and really cares about the result.

  • The post box was an archive box coved in paperchase wrapping paper. I then added a ribbon and the brooch. It was really really cheap. Less than £5. It done the job and I think it looks really nice image

    The confetti was from Shropshire Petals, I ordered organza bags of Ebay for about £2 and the basket was from BHS in a pack of 3.
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    Absolutely gorgeous,you are a stunning bride! Love the flowers everywhere so pretty. Congrats! x
  • Gosh I go on don't I! image
  • A few Bride and Groom photos outside the Venue. Lucky for me it did not rain again.

  • for any of you thinking of having Yellow and Navy this is what it looks like

  • The Sweetie Cart

    I wanted a sweetie table with a twist. (see my other post for details)

    Me and Dad made this. I made the cupcakes the day before the wedding.

    We are now hiring it out. (I am also going in to the wedding business)

    The Ice Cream cart

    This is before it was set up all lovely.

  • Lovely!!! I looked here but was a little to far for some guests.

    Loving the carts. How much are you charging to hire them?

  • I made the bridesmaid hairclips with beads and wires. I am setting up a website as I am going to start making little bits and bobs. If you would like something similar made PM me image
  • Have a look on FB. Search Amber's sweetie carts.

    Depends on where your venue is. Prices start at £200. PM me if you want more details image

    People loved it!!
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    All looks wonderful

    I LOVE your sweetie carts - if OH would let me have a sweetie table Id definitely be asking for more info

  • Emailed you Amber xxx
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