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flip flops for guests -Help

Hi ladies im hoping someone can help i saw on a wedding report some time ago a great idea to have flip flops for the ladis in the evenng. i am trying to find it now but cant seem to. does anyone know a report which has this or did you have this at your wedding?


  • I am going to do this too, hoping to buy the pound ones from primark tie them together with ribbon and put them in wicker basket with a sign saying treat your feet

  • Girls, dont take this the wrong way, but i really wouldnt bother with this idea. Put the money towards something else!
  • I am doing this too. It has only cost me a few pound so don't see it as a waste (got them in the Tesco sale in black and white - our colour scheme). I don't really care if nobody even looks at them, never mind touches them, I just think the little things are often a really nice touch!
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    I'm considering doing this on a small scale. Thinking of getting some nice flip flops for my BM's. I've bought their shoes for the ceremony and pics etc, so I would kind of feel responsible if they got sore feet! image As for my other guests, they've chosen their own shoes, so tough!

    I have heard that they do go down really well if you chose to do it though and if you got some cheap pairs, then it wouldn't really be a lot of money.
  • Im also doing this image

    Like mentioned, Primark sell them very cheap and its a lovely thing to do to think of others. If they dont get used a local charity shop will take them off your hands.

    Im also tying them in purple ribbon and having a sign saying "a little treat for worn out dancing feet" please feel free to take them. I have been to a wedding and they got used and made a fab picture at the evenings end of rows of flip flop feet image

    Its also worth your band/DJ announcing it if they get over looked image
  • lizzydeelizzydee Posts: 275
    If you can find them for only a £1 then it's a fab idea. We saw this at a wedding in the summer and my fiance really wants to have this little gift at our wedding! We'll probably do this instead of favours. I think it's thoughtful and will be appreciated by several guests.
  • I really think it is alovely touch!! I went to a werdding last week and so mnay girls took their shoes off to dance and some even sat down as their feet were so sore from heels. Mentioned to a few ppl and they thought it was a fab idea!! Will only do it though if I can get really sheap ones from Primark- wouldn't spend alod of money on it!! Asking DJ to announce it is a great idea!! How mnay pairs are people gonna buy?
  • PfiggyPfiggy Posts: 199
    Hi ladies - I did this for my wedding last month. I bought them from Primark, popped them into a wicker basket and at the end of the night, all the flip flops were all used! All the ladies loved it as everyone got comfortable and danced all night (well, til 1 am image )

  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    I did this and its in my report.

    I got 3 prs of medium and 3 prs of large from Primark...about £1 a pair. I put them in a basket in the ladies loo and the guests loved them. They could abandon the instruments of torture on their feet and feel comfy. 5 Pairs went. Go for it... its not much to spend.
  • Im getting 2 pairs of each size from 3 upto 7 but if I get them very cheap I will get 3 pairs of each size.

    I still have mine in my wardobe from when I used them at a wedding I went to.

    There white and simple and tied up with purple ribbon will look great. I think if you google them now because its almost winter you should grab a bargain somewhere.
  • MrsDMDaviesMrsDMDavies Posts: 1,794 New bride
    Gosh I really wouldn't bother, you could spend this money elsewhere. Our guests were on the dancefloor all night, barefoot or comfy shoes! I personally hate flip flops anyway and would much rather go barefoot. I often worried about silly detail while planning but afterwards you realise that none of this matters, your guests will all have been to weddings before and will come prepared to dance the night away, no need to worry!

  • lizzydeelizzydee Posts: 275
    I often worried about silly detail

    Not really silly when several people have already commented that they'd appreciate it as a guest or that their guests did appreciate it!!
  • I don't think it is a sillt detail, I think it is a nice touch! Suppose depends what your guests are like but know alot of my friends would appreciate taking their shoes off to dance!! (maybe not till 10 ish)
  • I don't think it is a sillt detail, I think it is a nice touch! Suppose depends what your guests are like but know alot of my friends would appreciate taking their shoes off to dance!! (maybe not till 10 ish)
  • I think I have about 8, so only cost me £8 in total! If you want to do it go for it, not worth worrying about people saying it's a silly idea when it's so cheap! I haven't noticed the £8 myself. Or the £20 I have spent on inflatable guitars, saxaphones, microphones and glow sticks! x
  • I have bought slippers for everyone who is staying in our wedding villa, they cost around £1.20 a pair and I've written little messages on them like 'best mans right foot' 'best mans left foot' etc, I got them from amazon, they're only the flimsy little towelling things you get in hotels but I think its a nice touch,

    also, i'd love it if i went to an evening do with them on offer, especially if i had to walk home later
  • I did this!!!! I bought 4 pairs from Primark and put them in a toiletries basket in the toilet. It went down VERY well and loads of guests commented on what a nice touch it was!
  • I'm doing this, think it's a lovely idea and whats £10 for a really nice touch!! x x x
  • n_e_rosen_e_rose Posts: 1,562
    I'm doing this and my Bridesmaids have already decided to pick which ones they want, and when i mentioned it to my mil2b, my second and third mil2b (very long story, but basically very close friends brought up all children together etc...) they all loved it and even had some buy some for the basket for me, so i've saved on what i originally thought it would cost.

    I'm putting ribbon and hand made tags on them, and putting them in a basket out in the evening.

    So i've not even had my wedding yet, but i know 10 women who will appreciate it already.

    Also i hate going bare feet anywhere thats not a beach, you never know what infections people have on their feet so i'm getting myself a nice pair of flats for the evening.
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