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What are you doing with your wedding dress?


I simply dont know what to do about my wedding dress. I could give it to charity in which case I will get it cleaned but this will cost about £160.

If I keep it then I will want it cleaned and boxed professionally about £180 - £200.

If I sell it then it will be sold "dirty" as seen.

At the moment having only been married a few weeks, the decision is far too hard for me to make and I simply cannot bear to get rid of prominent pieces from my wedding.

However if I leave the decision too long then it will be harder to get the stains out such as the grass stain on the hem, the dust stains and the strawberry jus' stain so I need to make a decision ASAP.

What are you all doing with your beautiful dresses???

Also your shoes - again are you going to get them dyed, or just have them cleaned etc,... Will you keep them, sell them or give them to charity?????

Help please????



  • I would get it cleaned now and then make the descision when you are ready. It doesn't make sense to me to get it cleaned to give it away to charity but not get it cleaned if you are going to sell it. I am sure it would be more sellable if it was in the best condition it could be.
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    I'm having a photo shoot to trash the dress cos I got it really dirty so a shoot in the sea a waterfall or in the sand won't matter then after that I'm going to have it shortened into a tea dress for our first anniversary ... I got married this April just gone and at the moment my dress is still hanging in the spare bed room ..
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    Obviously ill have it cleaned as well ... image I'm really lookin forward to wearing my shoes again as well and ill ask to have a tie made for my husband to wear ... I can't wait .. we will probably go back to our windmill venue to celebrate too
  • I love the idea of having the dress shorted into a Tea-dress, but, its very decorated on the bodice and Im not sure if it will look nice as a Tea-dress.

    I was thinking if I gave it to charity I would want them to make as much money on it as possible and by not providing it cleaned they wont make the money on the dress which they could.

    Having it cleaned myself to re-sale wouldnt be worth it as it would cost £180 to clean and I would only get about £300 for it so I would only make £100 out of it and, it would be hard I think for me to sell as I am only 4ft 11.5inch and so not many brides my height around as it was shortened quite a bit.

    Having thought about all your advice and speaking with my friend I think Ill get it dry cleaned and boxed for myself, for my own memories.

    Thanks for your ideas and thoughts, you all really did help.

  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    also girlies ask your local dry cleaners about the alterations many dry cleaners have a professional needle person and they charge half the price of a dress maker ..
  • Not that I'm married yet.

    But mine will be cleaned and professionally boxed!

    I would NEVER be able to get rid of it EVER!

    My dress is a full tulle ballgown, so it will be a BIG box, and I couldn't even imagine giving it away or selling it.

    Why don't you get it cleaned, then wait a while until your ready to decide.
  • MrsGenn2BMrsGenn2B Posts: 240
    I always joke with OH that Im going to do the ironing in mine!

  • I am currently job hunting and as I sit on my laptop it lies behind the sofa behind me, if it wasn't lace up at the back I would sit in it all day just to be able to wear it again! image
  • Mine's been cleaned and is currently hanging in the spare room... I like the idea of it being shortened or dyed so I can wear it again (it's quite plain so could work). My shoes I am keeping definitely - I love them (almost more than my dress!) and have the date of the wedding on the bottom so no good to anyone else! Now, wearing them to do the ironing is an idea... image
  • I'm organising a charity Bridal Ball to wear mine again!

    It is still hanging up in the spare room, not even cleaned (since May). I'm not going to get it cleaned either as it's not that dirty.

    Not sure what I'm going to do with it after the Ball as I'm not really sentimental about the dress and we don't really have the space to keep it x
  • You are potentially going to think I am mad so first of all let me tell you I only paid £45 for my dress....

    We got married in New York and I managed to spill black coffee all over my dress at the end of the evening. I had to wear it again at our UK reception and I've read many times about people putting their dresses in the bath with a bit of Daz. Well I tried it crossed my fingers and it came up perfectly. I have now done this twice as it needed a clean after our reception as well.

    My Bridesmaid had a mark on her dress from the wedding day, so took it to the dry cleaners and it came back worse. She gave it to her Nan who used the Daz trick and it came out perfectly.

    Personally I don't want to spend the money to have my dress boxed up and never to be seen again. It costs the same to have it shortened (if not less) and I will get to wear it again and again.
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