Does anyone regret selling their dress???

Just after some advice really. My dress was beautiful, I absolutely loved it from the moment I saw it-its Jenny Packham Papillon. I'm really undecided whether to sell it. I could do with the cash to be honest,as her dresses fetch almost as much secondhand as new (could prob get around ??????1300) But I have a daughter and wonder whether I would regret selling it when she's older-on the otherhand I would never have considered wearing my mothers very dated 70s frock!!! But then in a few years,if I keep it, will I regret not selling it as it gathers dust somewhere!!!! Just wondered if anyone has sold and regretted it or vice versa? X


  • Hi, I haven't sold my dress, bit in my opinion, you could regret it. I know money can be useful, but in the end, it's just money, whereas your dress is a piece of wonderful history.

    Having said that, I am a terrible hoarder and never get rid of anything. Some people have no emotional attachment to their dress, but it sounds like you do.

    Best of luck if you do decide to let it go.
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