Timing help please? Morning wedding, afternoon reception.

Hi Newlyweds,

I'm yet to get married but love reading your reports, I was wondering if you'd be kind enough to let me know whether I have planned in enough time for everything because we need to finalise the hours we're booking the reception venue for.

I thought:

11:00-11:45 Wedding Ceremony

11:45-12:15 Photos at the church

12:15-13:30 Drive to reception and greet guests as they arrive, (receiving line type thing) and get them seated. We have 100 guests, the reception is 20 mins away on a good day, 30 on a bad day but we thought we'd allow for some getting lost, and for about 30 seconds chat with each guest.

13:30-14:30 Buffet lunch

14:30-15:00 Speeches, (guests can still be eating, we thought we'd maybe announce that the speeches were going to start and invite guests who were still peckish to refill their plates and eat during the speeches)

15:00-15:15 Ceremonial cake cutting

15:15-16:00 Tell guests that Ceilidh dancing starts at 16:00, ask them to follow us for group photos and when photos are done let them roam the gallery (our venue) until 16:00 whilst we have couples photos

16:00-17:00 First set of Ceilidh Dancing

17:00-18:00 Cake has been cut up and is now served with Tea

18:00-19:00 Second set of Ceilidh Dancing

19:00-19:30 Guests leaving

What do you think? Will that work? I am most worried that I haven't left enough time for food and I haven't left enough time for photos, it's kind of tricky for us because we cant afford to provide an evening meal, which is why we're packing everything in like this...


  • It does seem a little rushed for 100 guests. That many people take a long time to round up and even longer to get through a buffet line. Things have a habit of running over and your timings don't leave much room for error.

    If you can only afford to feed them once then, personally, I would have the wedding a bit later in the day and feed them about 6pm.

    As for photos, the best thing to do is tell your photographer the timings so s/he doesn't keep you for ages or take too long setting up shots.

    Ummm, this probably didn't help much.
  • Thanks for the honest opinion anyway, it sort of does help we can have a look into having it later on, the only problem being that hire costs are often a bit more for the evening but we'll have a chat about it and there's no harm in asking the venue I guess.
  • There's nothing wrong with a morning wedding, I think we're just programmed to think a wedding should have an evening party until the early hours (mine's not, but it finishes at 11-11:30pm).

    Is it a problem though if your guests are late leaving incase things do over run though?
  • We'd incur an extra charge would be all, I think £50 if we overran by 0-30 minutes. Actually, since I first replied my Fianc???? and I have done nothing but chat about all the possibilities. We've decided that it's a bit late in the game to change the whole day around but thanks to your comment we are now thinking we should add an extra 30 mins on for the buffet then follow the plan as above but with cheese and crackers also provided with the cake at 17:30 so that guests hopefully wont be too hungry when they finally filter out at 19:30-20:00 and can head back for a late light Evening meal. That should hopefully allow a bit more time for the buffet line and we'll just have to do our best with the rest. So thanks for your help!
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