The Swallows First Dance Video

well i havent been on here for some time after our wedding on 23rd July, but have finally figured out how to rotate this video without making the sound out of time (and making our dancing looking out of timeimage )

Filmed by my lovely sister on her phone, i thinks its come out well! Cant wait for our actual wedding video!

Enjoy image


  • imfrylimfryl Posts: 248
    Oooh clever you! you really showed off your dress to its best as well!
  • pminxypminxy Posts: 320
    That's lovely!! How long did it take to learn to dance, or do you guys already know how??

  • thank you image

    We had an one hour lesson 2 weeks before the wedding with a lovely lady we found on the internet.

    She was fab, we cudnt dance at all, she gave us a quick routine and videoed us doing it with her speaking over the film so we could practise.. needless to say, with only 2 weeks until the wedding we didnt have a lot of spare time, but managed a few quick goes, and it came together quite nicely, although my husband was really quite nervous on the day and forgot a few steps, but i led him, bit like in our marriage image

  • I was thinking of having a first dance dance lesson with the H2B before the wedding, as he is a really bad dancer! Like evena slow dance, he is just terrible!

    Where abouts do you live if you don't mind me asking? Or what website did you find the lesson on? As I'm really thinking about getting a lesson to help us out.

    i think it looks really good. Much better than a standard smooch and shuffle!
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