Our Big Day

Hello Ladies,

It's been a while since I have been on here but enjoyed reading all your wedding reports so much in the run up to our big day thought I would write a little one of my own!

M & I got married in back in June when I was 12 weeks pregnant and it suddenly dawned on me this afternoon, that was 18 weeks ago now!

The Beginning

M & I met in September 2004, I was just 18 and he was 19. I had just returned from a girls holiday in Kavos and was out in town with my friends. M was out celebrate his mates birthday when some strange guy tried his luck with me, as I was so drunk, I told him M was my boyfriend (having never met him ever before) and as they say the rest is history! Well, them first few weeks were mainly me trying to put him off, ignoring texts etc, I couldnt even remember what he looked liked image

Anyway we went on a few dates and then on 5th November it was offical he was my boyfriend! What a story to tell the baby when s/he arrives.

The Middle

M & I were inseperable, we spent as much time as possible together. Then in 2006, our relationship hit its first test. M's brother was diagnosed with a serious life threatening illness, naturally our relationship wasnt really a priority but we got through it and thankfully his brother pulled through too and life carried on.

In 2007, at the young age of 21, we decided to buy our first house. We had never lived together before, the most amount of time we had spent together was when we were on holiday for 2 weeks during the summer! My parents and his mother were both very supportive, however didnt think we could afford it. Anyway after viewing what felt like a million house, we finally settled on a little 2 bed semi, in an area we could afford. In April 2008, we moved into our little house and happily started our life together...as you all know, living with your OH isnt enough and I started the 'wouldn't it be nice if we got married' line. I went on about it for months, he said he didnt want to get married...which really upset me, the in April 2009, he finally had a change of heart! image

I would love to tell you the proposal was a romantic fairytale, like something out of the hollywood movies, but sadly not. It consisted of something like 'I think we should get engaged - what do you reacon!'.....My husband ever the romantic....NOT! image


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