Wedding Gifts

Hi ladies,

My SIL2B is getting married soon and I want some ideas of those of you who are newly wed of what gifts to get them.

She's mentioned that they might set up a honeymoon fund, but I want to get them something to open too.

Can't be too expensive as their wedding is not long before ours!

Any suggestions?!?


  • A beautiful photo frame to frame their fave wedding photo when its developed?
  • DSWEDSWE Posts: 80
    One of my fav gifts was a personalised shabby chic wooden sign (think you can get them on ebay for about £15). It read "And they lived happily ever after" and had 3 hearts hanging from the bottom, one with my name, one with hubbys name and the one in the centre had our wedding date. The people who gave it to us also wrote a message on the back. Very thoughtful lovely gift.
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