Trash the dress with horse!

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Hey girls, just thought i'd share my pics from the trash the dress shoot I did with the other man in my life, my horse Indie. Some of the photo's arn't perfect as our photographer has never taken pictures of a horse before but I love the majority of them and as the photographer did it for free i'm over the moon.

Enjoy, enter site, client area and the password is horse. My wedding pics are also on this site, the pass word is freeman xxx


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    I love 023 and 025b. My fave.

    Just stunning pics!.......I need to borrow a horse now....!! imageimage
  • Gorgeous pics, I love your dress you look stunnng!
  • They are beautiful photos, you look fab in both, is your dress actually trashed or ruined? image
  • Wow, great photos & location!
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    Thanks everyone,you girls are so kind.

    bride 111111 thanks for putting in which numbers you like because i'm having such a hard time choosing which one's I like best and its great getting someone else's opinion.

    VintageWelshBride it looked pretty bad when I took it off, i'd say at least 7 inches of the bottom was just filthy and that was just at the front. He's a bit cheeky and kept grabbing hold of bits without me realising but I think the most damage was done when he kept treding on it, the train was so long I couldn't keep it out of his way. Saying all that the only damage i really noticed other than the dirt was a small click in the material. Its at the cleaners at the moment so i'll find out shortly just how bad it is!

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    Wow, lovely pictures. image
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    Thanks JoeyClare x
  • Amazing and so unusual compared to the other rock the frock stuff.

    Im a horse riding fan but dont have my own, if I did I would love to do this and have hubby in on it too(even though he is petrified of horses ha)it looks fun to do.

    I can imagine though trying to mount in a wedding dress image
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    23 26 and 19 my favs ... wow what a way tp trash the dress , im still waiting to do mine .. im waiting for snow !!
  • Beautiful pictures and beautiful you! What a great idea, very diff from all the other trash yor dress photo shoots i've seen!

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    Love this idea! Very unusual and Indie is a very handsome chap image
  • Absolutely amazing - well done to you and your horse, and of course the photographer!
  • You look absolutely beautiful. I LOVE your dress and your hair was just gorgeous on your wedding day.
  • Amazing image

    I've got 2 horses and was thinking of doing the same thing after the main day
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    Stunning pics. x
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    thanks for all the lovely comments girls. still cant decide which pics i want but im so pleased with the outcome!

    got my dress back from the cleaners & its still got a few wee dull marks along the bottom & there are 2 tiny holes but without looking really closely it looks perfect which is crazy considering the state it was in

  • Image 24 is sweet, it looks like he's smiling at you. I love the ones of you riding him and the ones with his tongue sticking out. Great idea and some are definately worth framing. image
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    You look like a fairytale princess on Indie in your dress! He is a very handsome boy, am very jealous! xxx
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    I love these they are gorgeous xx
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