Has anyone had different bridesmaid dresses?

my 4 bridesmaids all wore different blue dresses that they chose themselves from the high street rather than from wedding shops. if you click on my other topics you can have a look at my pics


  • Mine had different dresses. They were the same colour, but different styles.

    It worked well, and they felt good in them.
  • Hi!

    I am BM for my mum next year, there are four of us. We are all having different "sea-shades" if you get what I mean - a teal, a sea-green, a sky blue etc and they are all slightly different styles as we are very different body shapes.

    They are all floor-length and all chiffon, and all of them have a flower brooch on in a place to suit the shape of the dress, so I think those things pull them all together. Like you mentioned, we are all very different and feel comfortable in different things so we decided to make a conscious effort to go different but coordinated.

    Also, it means we can all wear them again without being afraid someone is going to turn up in the same dress! Hehe

    Hope that helps xx
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    My BM's had different dresses, but the same colour and material image
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    Mine are having the same dress in different colours but the same material image
  • All my b.maids are wearing different style dresses in thesame colour in knee length chiffon (Dessy) When i took the girls shopping they were happy not to all have to have the same dress, as dresses never suit everybody!

    Maybe show your sister a nasty looking dress that you'll tell her will suit everyone. Then she'll be happy to wear something different!

    Seriously though - just tell her it's your choice, this is what you want, and it will work out well for her as she'll get input into her dress which she wouldn't otherwise image
  • I was BM for my friend who got married a couple of weeks ago. There were 6 adult BMs and we all had totally different dresses, including length and fabric. Some of us wore dark purple, one had all lilac and the others wore a mixture of the two. I wasn't sure what it would look like altogether but it wored really well and we all got something that we love and that flattered our various body shapes.

    I'm putting all my BMs in the same dress and kind of wish I had different ones for them now.
  • My step mum had 6 bridesmaids, we all wore some kind of deep/hot pink, but all were fairly different and different styles as we all suited different styles. It looked amazing!

    I got a gorgeous dress from coast, although another bridesmaid ended up with the same dress as me, and she wasn't happy as she said I was thinner!! Thought she looked great though as we had the opposite colored hair to each other image
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    I didn't but I think it looks really good. I remember seeing Beck42uk's photos and thinking how nice it looked. Really fun and relaxed.

    Its your wedding, your choice. Simples image
  • we are having 6 bridesmaids and 2 flowergirls and only the flower girls are wearing the same (tutu style skirts with plain top and converse!)

    all of our bridesmaids are different shapes with different colouring and so it would look strange having them matching - instead (as they are buying their own dresses) they have been given a moodboard and asked to get a dress they love that matches the colours (blush pink, grey, pink and black) image

    so far the ones they are looking at are amazing!

  • Different dresses for bridesmaids aren't unusual and it's a popular choice these days. Your bridesmaids are individuals afterall.

    Do what makes you happy and them comfortable. image
  • I think it's a great idea and I was inspired to do the same having seen this wedding- http://www.youandyourwedding.co.uk/cm/youandyourweddinguk/images/1W/r-rlws.jpg

    I found it hard to source dresses though and have gone down the 'one dress, different styles' route and have ordered long length convertible dresses from Coraliebeatrix on Etsy.com.
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    my sister wore a different dress in a different shade as she was CBM and everyone thought it looked lovely.

  • Yes indeed! mt bridesmaids were all different shapes and heights so finding a matching dress for them would have been impossible. Because we had a 1920's insipered wedding, I managed to buy vintage dresses that were completely different but totally worked on the day. they all wore gloves and a fur shrug so this bought them all together. You could try matching accessories or something if you are worried about them being a mismatch.
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    Yep, unless they both fall in love with the same dress, then I'd rather they were in different too - either navy blue, or white/nude. Haven't decided which colour yet, they can decide between them lol.

    image x
  • I am shopping with mine on Saturday, I want them to have the same make dresses so the colour is the same and I want the length to be the same but they can have whatever style they want. I just want them to be confortable.
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