13th August 2011 - Plus Sized Purple Themed Wedding Report!!

Firstly I would like to thank Mrs Ashley for her inspirational report. If it wasn't for her report I probably wouldn't be writing this report today!

Ok so lets get on with the report....

How we met....

In 2004 after finishing Uni and moving into a shared house with two of my best friends we decided to head into town for a girls night out. They were both in relationships and therefore decided it was time they set me up with someone. They told me to pick someone in the club. Out of all the men in the club I picked my hubby out. He was on the dance floor with his mates. It was not long before he headed to the bar and my friends took it upon themselves to move in...

The conversation between them went something along the lines of ???????My mate fancies you will you buy her a drink??????? to which he replied ???????No!!??????? it was at this point that we were both shoved together and eventually got chatting (and no he never did buy me a drink lol).

After texting each other all week we arranged our first proper date for Friday 13th August 2004.


  • Ooh I love the ones that start with a random bloke becoming the husband image MORE!
  • The Proposal....

    After a year of housing sharing with my friends they both decided to buy houses with their other halves. This left us in a tricky situation as hubby had just been told he was about to be made redundant. This meant we couldn't afford to move in together yet. We decided it was best for me to rent my own little flat and hubby would stay living with his parents until he gets another job. It was a few months before hubby was actually made redundant and we started to talk about the possibility of engagement. We decided we would like to get engaged but would wait until he found another job. In May 2006 after hubby had started a new job we decided the time was right and headed to H Samuals to buy me a ring! We had already chosen the ring together online so was just a case of going into buy it. To our disappointment in store they only carry one size of every ring and it wasn't my size. So we had to order it in which was going to take 2-3days. He also decided he would like an engagement ring so he picked out a ring he liked and I bought it for him. Luckily they did have his size in store.

    During my lunch hour on the Wednesday after receiving a call to tell us the ring had arrived I dashed into town to collect the ring and took it home. That evening with a bottle of wine and a Chinese he proposed. Not overly romantic and he definitely did not get down on one knee but it was just perfect and that was it we were engaged!!!!

    Here's a pic of my engagement ring....

    Here's a pic of hubbys engagement ring....

  • The Engagement Party.....

    After getting engaged we then had to tell our friends and family. We also decided we wanted to have an engagement party but thought it best to wait for a couple of months and let the holiday season finish before we had our engagement party. So it was planned for Saturday 9th September 2006.

    For the amount of planning that went into the engagement party it may as well have been our actual wedding! lol

    After spending hours and hours making enough food to feed an army, decorating the hall with balloon table decorations and several hours at the hairdressers we were ready for the engagement party.

    Here's a few pics from the party.

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    Oh I LOVE that you both had engagement rings! And your engagement cake and buffet are making me very, very hungry with still about four hours left until dinner... Grr. image
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    Oops, double post. Do carry on image
  • Love reports hun image carry on......
  • Time to set a date.....

    We decided that we wouldn't set a date straight after getting engaged as we had always planned to buy a house and do it up before we set a date. After 3 years of being engaged and the house pretty much done and quite a few of our friends tying the knot we decided that it was time for us to set a date! As easy as this sounds it wasn't! We struggled to find a venue which was suitable. We wanted a venue where we could have the ceremony in along with the reception but we also wanted an evening hog roast which limited our choices. After looking at several different venues we finally booked our venue in May 2010.

    We decided we would like to have the wedding in May 2011, however when we found the venue we wanted they didn't have any Saturday's in May available. The venue gave us a selection of available Saturday's and we decided on Saturday 13th August which was also the anniversary of our first date.

    Here are a couple photos of the venue.

  • Lovely venue image
  • Oh Lady fate was shining on you hun with those date vacancys......MORE PLEASE!
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    Ooooh more. Love it so far!
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    Great report so far, but I can't see your pictures image
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    They've disappeared for me too image Are you using Photobucket?
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    Hi newly weds and brides to be ... this is for all you ladies that have trouble with your pictures showing on this site and also not staying on the threads either ....

    First the image hosting site photobox dont hold your images here for very long the link breaks therefore people cant see your pictures even if they are public

    So ... try photobucket


    its a free image hosting web site and very easy to use

    Once your pictures are uploaded onto the site its very easy then to transfer them here once you have set your self up you need an e mail addy and password .....

    just click on the picture you want here

    a box will come up with a blue line that says share edit delete move

    under the picture there are four boxes

    email &IM

    Direct link

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    Thanks, Mrs R. image I want to see the pictures!
  • Thanks ladies, photos are back now!! image

  • The colour scheme....

    Bearing in mind hubby's favourite colour is black I knew when i asked him what the answer was going to be. Although black seems to be fashionable at the moment I really liked photos which are black and white and just the flowers or the cravats are in colour so for this black wouldn't work. After various discussions about colours we settled on Aubergine.
  • The Dress..........

    I had an idea of the kind of dress I wanted although both my dad and hubby said I should go for a dress which covers my chunky arms. This was not so easy!!

    I searched online for local shops which stock plus size dresses. Firstly I visited Brides of Southampton. When I arrived they gave me a catalogue and told me to pick out some dresses id like to try on. I picked out approx 6 dresses. When it was my turn to try on dresses I gave them the list. The lady who very politely said ???????unfortunately none of those dresses will fit you but I could hold them up to you to get an idea of what they would look like or I could select some dresses for you to try on which will fit you???????.

    I agreed to try on the other dresses as although none of them I would have actually picked out myself.

    This visit actually turned out to be very useful. From this visit I did not find my dream dress by any means however I did managed to decide I didn't want a dress which had coloured sections or had straps!

    I searched online again and came across Elderberry Brides in Basingstoke. A little further to travel but they specialise in plus size dresses. So I called to make an appointment! The only Saturday appointment available was in 2 months time!!! Luckily, I was looking for dresses well in advance of the wedding so time wasn't an issue! Finally the time came to go and try on dresses. I took my chief bridesmaid and a friend with me to help me choose.

    I had seen some dresses on their website I wanted to try on so when we arrived I asked if I could try on my favourite dress from their website first.

    I tried on approximately 10 dresses at Elderberry brides and shortlisted them down to 3.

    I decided that before buying I would get my mums opinion on the dresses so I made another appointment to go back to show them to her!

    I took my mum to Elderberry brides to show her the dresses. She agreed that the champagne dress wasn't right for me which left a choice between the the other two. I had always really liked the Sincerity dress and hadn't seen anything else I preferred so I decided to go for it!! so I ordered it!!

    Heres some pics of me in the dresses.

    My dress - Sincerity 4516

  • Oh I really like that and you chose the best one in my opinion.

    Carry on......love reports image
  • Accessories......

    Shoes & Veil

    I decided quite early into the planning that I wasnt going to wear a veil, It seemed very old fashioned and we weren't having a church ceremony so I didn't really feel that it was right for me. When i ordered my dress Elderberry brides gave me a voucher for £100 towards accessories. I had already bought my tiara and wasn't having a veil so i decided to use it towards my shoes. Originally i was planning on having purple shoes but to save money I used the voucher and had traditional style wedding shoes.

    Heres a pic the photographer took of my shoes...

    Side Tiara

    After looking at photos on this website i fell in love with side tiaras. It also introduced me to the Glitzy Secrets website. I selected and bought the Heirloom of Beauty side tiara.


    I had always thought I would wear pearls (if only fakes) to my wedding and they seemed to be fasionable. I'd seen necklaces which incorporated a brooch online and decided that would be what I wear.

    This is the kind of thing i thought i would wear.

    It was some time before I actually bought a necklace and after various discussions with friends I decided that if I spent the money on a pearl and brooch necklace it is unlikely that I would wear it again so the search began for something that I could wear to the wedding but also wear again.

    I had already bought my side tiara from Glitzy secrets so thought I would check out their website to see if they had anything suitable. They had just brought out some new pieces and that was when I discovered the Forties Beauty Necklace. I decided that it would be ideal and also slightly cheaper than the pearl necklace that I had seen so I bought it. When it arrived I loved it! The picture online really doesn't do it justice. It was sooo sparkly.

    This is the Glitzy secrets necklace I eventually bought & loved.


    So now I had decided not to wear a pearl necklace I had to decide on some earrings. I had already selected a pair I liked which I would have bought if I had bought a pearl necklace so now I had to find something different. As my necklace was quite large I didn't want earrings which were too big as it might look ott. I found these earrings and had pretty much decided that would be what I would get. The only thing that was stopping me from ordering them was the price at £36 they were more expensive than my necklace.

    After some time umming and arring I decided once more that I would check out the Glitzy Secrets website to see if they had a matching pair to the necklace I had not long bought. They didn't have a matching pair but they did have these in their new range. They were only £20 so I ordered them. Once again the online picture really do not do them justice.

  • The Flowers.......

    After agreeing the colour scheme I then set about looking for Aubergine flowers. I then came across this image and immediately decided I wanted Schwartzwalder calla lilies and amnesia roses.


    I decided quite early on that I wanted a vintage style bouquet, tightly packed with ribbon and a brooch on the stem.

    After getting prices from several local florists I decided that I wanted to use the florist who has done all of the flowers for my family including my brother and parents weddings. So I thought it would be nice and kind of a tradition for her to do our wedding too.

    After visiting the florist we agreed on Aubergine calla lilies, lilac roses and avalanche roses, rose leaves and ivy.

    Heres a pic of my bouquet.

    The bridesmaids I chose to have exactly the same as my bouquet but without the Aubergine calla lilies.

    Here's a pic of us with our bouquets.

    Table arrangements.......

    After trawling the internet we decided that we would like large, tall table arrangements and came across these photos which became our inspiration for our table arrangements.

    We bought these vases from The Range for £7.99 each and some gel beads on ebay to fill the vases.

    We also discovered this picture which gave us the idea of using flora lights in purple to light our vases.

    For the table arrangements we decided with the florist to have aubergine calla lilies, avalanche roses, lilac roses, oriental lilies, contorted willow twigs and bear grass. Because they were so tall my mum arranged them the morning of the wedding at the venue.

    Top Table Arrangement...

    I gave these pictures to the florist of the style of top table arrangements that I liked.

    Our top table arrangement had the same flowers as the other table arrangements with the addition of some extra foliage but without the willow. We also used our top table arrangement for the ceremony table.

    Here's a pic of us signing the register behind the arrangement.


    We decided that we wanted the mums to have pin on corsages, our brothers other halves to have cream wrist corsages, the bridal party to have cream avalanche rose buttonholes and hubby to have an aubergine calla lilly.

    This is the picture I gave to the florist of the button hole I liked for hubby.

    His actual button hole was a little large but pretty much identical.

    Although we didnt incorporate them into any of the other arrangements my mum's favourite flowers are orchids and she requested that her corsage be orchids luckily we ordered cream orchids as she changed the colour of her outfit at the last minute. Both mums had matching cream orchid corsages.

    Both mums as our witnesses wearing their corsages & us hiding behind our top table arrangement.

  • Hair & Makeup Trail.....

    I wasn't planning on paying someone to do my hair and make up as a friend offered to do it for me. After talking about it with hubby we decided that it was a big ask and therefore I should probably get a professional to do it. I began to search online for Hair & Makeup artists. Some were either really expensive or only just did hair or makeup but then I came across Gemma Armstrong's website. She does both hair and makeup up.

    I booked a trail for the May before the wedding which gave me enough time to find someone else if I wasnt 100% happy with the trial.

    I searched online for the some ideas for hair styles and also for some makeup ideas. I took these pictures with me to the trail.

    hair ideas

    make up ideas

    Here are some pics from the trial.

    Gemma also did my mum's and chief bridesmaid's hair on the day.

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    Gorgeous! I love your flowers and your dress and love love love your BM's dress - it complements yours so perfectly image

    Edited for spelling.
  • I like the hair pics so much I have pinched them image hope you dont mind?

    You look radiant and everything co-ordinates so lovely x
  • Bridesmaids

    As we were on a limited budget we decided to just have one adult bridesmaid and one flower girl.

    We selected an adult bridesmaids dress at Elderberry brides whilst we were shopping for my dress but decided we would wait and order it at the same time as my dress.

    This was the dress we chose but in aubergine.

    Before we ordered it hubby found this dress in the sale at Debenhams. It was perfect so I dashed into town to buy it.

    I'd origionally picked a white dress with purple flowers on in debenhams but when it came to actually buying it they had discontinued it. I then found a purple dress in John Lewis which was actually a really good match to the adult bridesmaids dress.

    Acesssories for the bridesmaids was easy. My chief bridesmaid had decided she would wear a necklace I bought her for her birthday and I had bought her a bracelet and earrings as a thank you gift. My flower girl I bought a necklace as a thank you gift.

    I bought shoes for the chief bridesmaid in debenhams and found some lovely champagne colour pumps in primark for my flower girl.

  • Our Weird Wonderful Wonky Cake...

    We decided we didnt want a traditional wedding cake but hubby wasnt keen on cupcakes. After trawling the internet for cake ideas we came across Wonky Wedding Cakes and fell in love with a purple one which we took a picture of to our local cake shop and had it made. We had 2 tiers in Victoria sponge and the bottom tier in Chocolate sponge.

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    Loving the report, you looked stunning image
  • Venue Decorations...

    I wanted a vintage theme but it had to be on a budget.

    We decided to have chair covers with Aubergine sashes along with Aubergine table runners.

    Here are a few pics of the Venue decs.

    Guest book & Present Table

    Table Plan

    I dried rose petals and made confetti cones to go in a decorated wicker basket.

    Favour Jars

    Guest Book Sign

    Birdcage Post Box

    Heart Photo frame which I put in pictures of us when we were kids along with photos of our parents and grandparents on their wedding days.

    Tables were decorated with Aubergine Tables runners & Diamantes

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    Love all the little details and the cake is amazing. Really enjoying reading your report. x
  • Loving the colour! image More pics pleas? Congratualtions to you both
  • Beautiful!!!!

    I too was a Sincerity Bride image and we had the same hair band!!!!
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