Yay our wedding has been featured!


  • HannikinsHannikins Posts: 1,046
    congrats! as a digi geek myself I LOVE the ipad idea ;P
  • I had a peek at this last night. It's a lovely report and everything looked beautiful. I sent some of ours to whimsical wonderland weddings which is another blog I love and Lou wanted to feature it but my photographer needs a rocket up his bum. I asked him to send the pics to her but 2 months later he still hasn't image
  • Congratulations, your pictures are stunning! Love the marquee! image
  • It's oh so pretty! and YAY! a canine wedding guest! Love it. image
  • Wow you look like you had the most amazing day! You look fab, congrats x
  • looks absolutely stunning and as a Northampton girl I always love to see the beauty of the place. Congratulations.
  • Your wedding looks like my perfect wedding image
  • Congrats! How exciting!! image
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