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Hi everyone

I am getting married In Italy in Juen 2012 and we have chosen a vintage romance theme, and we have chosen sage coloured green for are colour with a hint on dusky pink although not sure we were are adding this bit yet.

I thought to add a bit of colour to the place settings we could do a green apple with the name of the guest tied to the stalk on each place however am not sure if this really goes with the theme what do u ladies think a bit to much of mix match and i should stick with my Original Idea

Original idea was to have peices of card with ribbon hanging off with Beads on the end to weigh it down a bit which drape over the wine glasses

Love to hear your thoughts


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    Lol that was my colour scheme. I think an apple might be the wrong green :/ what about a Rose with a vintage label attached?
  • I love the apple idea!

    I don't think everything has to be 100% matchy matchy when it comes to colours and the apple idea is really different - if you wanted to get a bit of pink in you could go for a different type of apple that was green and pink?
  • Hi,

    I LOVE the apple idea, I think it would be different and look really nice. I have seen a picture where the names are on card tied to the stem as you mentioned, but they are in the shape of a leaf image

    Only negative I see is that it is un-likely that many people will eat them before their dinner, which would be a waste image

    Bit of a random idea I have had, but it could be something that people enjoy doing and something to talk could have a table set up with one of those apple corer/slicer on (Asda sell them otherwise google it) and an apple juicer (don't forget hand wipes as it could get sticky). That way each person can take their own apple to make it into a drink. For the grown ups you could have cocktail bits and pieces on there too and the recipe for an apple cocktail that you and your h2b have created and named...what about "Appley Ever After" image

    If you have the budegt for it there are cocktail companies that help you come up with the recipe (you could even include the recipe in your favours with the name you decided on and the date) and then provide you with a flair artist to serve the cocktails and keep everyone entertained.

    P.S there are some nice pics on google images under "sage green wedding theme" of centrepieces with apple in the bottom of the vases.
  • I love the idea!

    If you are still having doubts, check out:

    I think the whole fruit thing works really well as place names. And also, Italy is all about fresh food!
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