How long did your album proof take?

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Doh, hit post early image

But the title does pretty much sum it up.

Our tog has had our choice of pictures for six weeks now and nothing. Just wondering if this is normal compared to your experience?

I can't help but feel his attitude changed substantially after getting his hands on our deposit. He mucked me about and wasted an entire day three days before the wedding, by not turning up for our meeting until essentially being five and a half hours late! He was extremely rude on the day, so much so I was close to asking him to leave, because he upset me and most of our guests.

We agreed stage payments and still have a final balance to pay, which was due four months after, or when the album was ready to go to print, whichever comes first. He hasn't offered any info as to when the album will be ready, but has of course managed to send his final bill. It's not even due for three weeks, no please, no thank you, no it's just in advance, just an invoice attachment to an email.

Well my feeling is that he has delayed the process - it wouldn't surprise me if he hasn't even touched it, so he can swing for his money until it's ready. Grrr image
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