Mr & Mrs DMDavies wedding report (it's about time!) - with lots of pics & tips! xx

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Hello ladies!

I hope some of you still remember me! I got married 6 months ago tomorrow (can't believe it!) but I never got round to doing my wedding report. I always planned to do one but life kept getting in the way. I loved YAYW forums while I was planning our wedding and got so much help and advice (even now 6 months on I can't help but check the site every now and then...) So I plan to detail our wedding planning and wedding day with as many pics and tips as I can to help you all out. It might be a bit slow going but I'll do my best! xx

Edited to say - I never finished my report as I deleted all my pics from the thread by mistake image I've now put them back on and have pretty much finished the report, still a few bits I could add though!


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    So a bit of background first. Marc and I met when we were 20 in September 2005 during a work placement year in our penultimate year at university. I went to university in my home city of Glasgow so lived at home, so moving to the South of England for my placement year was a big step for me! I remember my mum said to me 'go to England and find yourself a nice doctor', and as it turns out I did as hubby got a PhD in 2010, yeeeee!

    We both did placements in pharma companies (we're science geeks!). Most of the students at my company were from Durham uni and there was lots of partying that year! At my friend's 21st birthday party I was introduced to Marc. He was her friend from uni but was doing his placement 3 hours away with another company. It was near the start of the placement year so I had been in two minds about whether to go to the party as I didn't really know anyone, I'm now so glad I went!! It was quite a drunk night and Marc and I spent most of the time mixing every drink we could find and decorating Marc with paper umbrellas, I can honestly say I did not know that this would eventually be my husband!!
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    Here is the first ever pic we had taken together on the night we met. I'm so glad we have a photo of this (even though it's a pretty terrible one of both of us!)

    And one of the umbrellas!!

  • Ooh!! I was starting to think I'd missed yours! I'm glad I haven't! More please!!!!
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    We are so grateful to our lovely friend Emily who introduced us (she's the blonde one behind me in the last pic). We're still close friends and she did a lovely reading for us on our wedding day.

    So we had a great night and as everyone was heading home I realised Marc was to sleep on the floor at Emily's house since he lived so far away. I felt bad and offered him to come and stay at ours since we had a sofa he could have. I panicked slightly that he would get the wrong end of the stick so once we got to mine I put him in the living room, wrote a note to my housemates (who weren't at the party) about why there was a strange man in the living room, then I went up to my room and locked my door!! Of course this story made it's way into the best man's speech (something about giving a tramp a sofa for the night)!

    The next day I travelled into London with him which was on his route home. He took me for a meal and a trip to the theatre the following weekend and after that we were 'officially' a couple. We could only see each other at weekends due to the distance so that is how we spent the rest of the year - lots and lots of train journeys!!
  • Can't wait for details of the actual day, married name twin image
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    More parties during the first year:

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    After as little as a few weeks I started to realise that this might be it. We felt like we had known each other for years. My sister was due to marry in the January (4 months after we met) and she having a very small ceremony (about 15 people). She asked if I would want a plus one at the ceremony or just at the reception which was much larger. I thought about having a random boyfriend in her intimate ceremony pics but made the decision to have him there as I was so sure we would last. I'm so glad that he was there as it would be odd to look back now at his sister-in-laws wedding pics without him being there!

    Us at sister's wedding - not a great pic but only one I have on this computer:

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    He met my parents for the first time at my sister's wedding and they loved him so it was all looking good!

    He surprised me with a trip to Paris for Valentine's day 2006 only 5 months after we had met and a trip to Venice for my birthday in June. Little did we know this would be our last foreign holiday until our honeymoon in June 2011!!

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    In September 2006 our amazing placement year was over and we had to go back to university for our final year. This was such a sad time as we knew we wouldn't see each other much. We're both study freaks and in the end we saw each other at Christmas 2006 and then not until after our finals in June 2007!! It was worth it though as we both got First Class degrees, yeeeee! Couldn't have done it if we'd lived near each other!

    After university we decided to accept jobs in London, so a big move for both of us but especially me (Marc is from the South West). It was sad as I knew it was unlikely I'd live in Scotland again if our careers took off down south. So after seeing each other only at weekends for the first year and then only twice in the second year we were moving in together!!
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    So in September 2007 we moved to London and the following February we bought our first home together which was lovely. Marc was doing a PhD and I was doing a training scheme with the NHS. I was doing a part-time MSc while working full-time and it really began to take it's toll on me. I became a bit of a nightmare to live with as all I did for 2 years was work and study. Our annual leave was spent visiting family so we didn't really treat ourselves which, looking back, was probably a bit silly really! The 2 years flew by though and before I knew it I had my MSc and my sister had 2 lovely children!
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    Us with our beautiful niece and nephew!

  • Really enjoying your report so far, looking forward to more image x
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    The Proposal!! 5th July 2009

    At the end of my MSc (and almost having a nervous breakdown!) we booked a long trip to Scotland to see my family. I hadn't seen them for ages so was very excited! It had become a bit of a tradition to go to Culzean Castle in Ayrshire whenever Marc and I visited my parents. It's somewhere I have visited since as long as I can remember and we have so many family photos there from when my sister and I were little, so the place holds really special memories for me.

    So we planned to go with my parents during this trip and 5th July 2009 was a beautiful day so off we went! We did the usual wonder round the castle grounds, lunch and then a walk through the gardens and forest walk. Just as we were thinking about heading back to the car my mum started to act really strangely and suggested Marc and I walk back the long way across the cliff and meet them at the car. She was rather insistent, using an excuse of wanting to go and look at the plants for sale back at the castle. So rather begrudgingly I agreed (I was quite tired by this point and couldn't really be bothered!). Marc seemed a bit odd looking back but at the time I didn't think anything of it. He seemed to be on a bit of a mission and kept decided what route to take. I suggested we'd been away for a while and to head to the car but he seemd determined as if he was looking for something/somewhere! Eventually he suggested we sit down on a bench and I was so confused as I didn't feel we should make my parents wait any longer. Relunctantly I agreed and we sat on a bench at the edge of the cliff over-looking the Western Isles with the sun shining and the sea glistening, it really was rather beautiful!! As soon as I sat down he started rumaging in his pocket and got down on one knee. As soon as I clicked the flood gates opened and I was completely uncontrollable!! To this day I have no idea what he said to me apart from the 'will you do me the honour of becoming my wife' bit, as my sobbing drowned out his words!! It really was the most perfect surprise proposal, in the most beautiful place where I have so many wonderful memories. It turned out my parents had been in on the act all day and had been trying to give us time alone. Apparently I had been too busy talking all day and my parents couldn't get rid of me! Marc had asked both my parents for their permission in the morning while I was getting ready. I thought this was so lovely and although we are not traditional in any way I think my parents really appreciated it. I never thought I'd get a surprise proposal as I'm a bit of a control freak and we had discussed marriage in the months leading up to it so I thought I might get a clue, but I really didn't - I couldn't have planned it better myself!
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    We actually went to Culzean the day after our wedding with both our families. We went off on our own to find the bench and it was such a special moment to sit there 23 months later as man and wife!!

    The bench!

    Showing off our wedding rings!

  • been waiting for this report! what a lovely proposal xx
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    I am so excited about your report Mrs Davies, been waiting for ages! Lovely story so far xx
  • I have been looking forward to your report so much! What a lovely proposal and I just can't wait to hear about the wedding itself!
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    Aw thanks ladies! It's lovely to see some familiar usernames on here. Hope you're all doing well! image

    It might take me a while to get to the wedding day as we've got 2 years of planning to get through first (!) so here's a wee wedding pic to keep you going!!

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    Marc proposed with a token ring he bought in our local gift shop in London, so the very next day he took me into Glasgow to buy the real thing!! It was so much fun and I'm glad we did it this way round as he wouldn't have had a clue what I like (as I wasn't sure myself)! As it turned out the ring he picked from the window was the one I loved the most anyway! It was also the shop where my parents got my mum's engagement ring 30 years ago which was really special. Buying the ring together also allowed me to put some of the money I inherited from my gran towards it. It meant a lot to me to do this as she passed away before we were engaged so to know that I think of her when I look at my ring is really special, rather than putting the money towards feeding guests or something!!

    TIP - remember to always ask for a discount in jewellers!! Aim for 20% if you can image

    Here's my ER and WR

    So we got my lovely ring and spent the next few weeks telling the world we were engaged!!

    Wedding bands

    We didn't buy our wedding bands until about 6 months before the wedding but I might aswell cover that now since I put a pic up. Due to the setting of my ring I knew a shop bought band wasn't going to do. The claws are set quite wide which would leave a gap of a few mms which I didn't want. So after a quick Google search we came across Alan Fulton (Eaglesham in Scotland). He designed my beautiful platinum ring to fit my ER perfectly. It actually wasn't any more expensive than shop bought rings so definitely consider getting your wedding band designed for you. My husband also got his ring made by Alan. His is a simple 5mm palladium band with a brushed finish, nice and simple but quite modern too which he wanted.

    TIP - You might as well buy your wedding rings early on in the planning. We waited for over a year as we didn't really think it was urgent but in that time platinum and palladium prices had gone through the roof so we did waste a bit money by waiting. In saying that prices could drop too so it's a bit of a guessing game!

    TIP - Scottish brides - check out the VOWS website if you want ideas for suppliers. That's where I read about Alan Fulton - highly recommended!!
  • So glad you've finally done this image Can't believe you went 6 months without seeing each other, that's commitment! More please! image
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    What a lovely story,i loved the way your husband proposed. The photo of the both of you on the bench showing off your wedding rings is lovely. And your pic of your wedding is lovely, you look beautiful.

    Looking forward to more.x image
  • Lovely pics so far.. looking forward to more!
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    I remember you! I searched through 32 sodding pages of Newlywed threads trying to find your report, only to discover that you hadn't done it yet! Yay for starting it!
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  • Cant wait to read more! image X
  • image Yay can't wait to read more
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    Aw thanks for all your lovely comments everyone image

    Where was I?

    So rather than relaxing after a very stressful 2 years doing my MSc I suddenly found myself thrown into wedding planning!! I bought myself the Bible for Scottish brides - The Scottish Wedding Directory - to read on the train back to London and went from knowing nothing about weddings to becoming the worlds biggest bridezilla before we pulled into London Euston!! I returned to work to discover I got the top result in the year for my MSc so it all got rather confusing when people were coming up and congratulating me as I didn't know what they were congratulating me for (it took a while to spread the news about my engagement)! It really was one of the happiest weeks of my life (well until the week of the wedding!) and it still makes me grin from ear to ear!

    I would from then on become a silent bridezilla. I spent every waking moment thinking of our day but Marc was now in the final year of his PhD so I had to refrain from talking about the wedding all the time! I was determined to be as supportive of him as he was to me. I quickly discovered YAYW and all my dreams had come true - here was a place to chat to other brides who were as crazy about weddings as I was!
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    The venue and the date

    It sounds obvious but this is a good place to start!! There was never any doubt in our minds that we would get married in Scotland. It is simply the only place I could ever imagine getting married and Marc was more than happy to agree (clever man). He is from the South West but went to university in Durham so he wasn't as attached to his home as I was to mine (and plus the bride tends to get married on her patch!). So Scotland it was. We knew we wanted somewhere quite special, which usually means popular!, so we decided to book our next trip to Scotland a month later in August 2009 to get the venue booked. True to our scientific nature the whole process was very methodical. Looking through the Scottish Wedding Directory we picked out our favourite venues and made appointments to see them. Planning from 500 miles away took a bit of organising. We hired a car when we got to Glasgow and each venue visit was like a military operation!

    So we saw 10 venues in 2 days ranging from Glasgow and Ayrshire all the way up to Loch Lomond. We restricted ourselves to areas that we felt would be manageable for our English guests to travel to. I won't name each one as it will be rather boring and I don't want to be negative about other people's venues! Culzean Castle, where Marc proposed, was the obvious choice but we were disappointed to find that the huge castle could only hold 60 for the ceremony and meal, and the reception area for the evening was not ideal, so sadly that was immediately scored off the list image
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    Brig O'Doon!

    Our visit to Brig O'Doon House came about half way through our search. It's in Ayrshire which is where my mum's family come from and where my parents have retired. We were already tired from the driving and were disheartened by some of the venues we had seen, not because they weren't lovely but because they didn't feel like 'us' - either too formal, too grown up, too bland, too hotel-like etc. We were looking for something with the wow factor and somewhere that had a little bit of us in it.

    I should have mentioned before now that we are both atheists therefore the venue had to be perfect for both a civil ceremony and reception. This was becoming our main sticking point - many of the venues would have been lovely for an evening reception but we felt the ceremony facilities were not quite special enough.

    When I first heard the name 'Brig O'Doon' it certainly had a nice ring to it and I don't know why but when we drove up to the venue I already knew it was ours before even stepping inside! The quaint, ivy-covered exterior had such understated character and charm and the village where it sits is steeped in history, being the birth place of the poet Robert Burns. We had a wonder through the gardens as we were a bit early for our appointment and this is what we found! ----
  • Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh
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