Show me your shaped wedding rings with you engagement rings!

I need inspiration!


  • My ring is like yours when i have been looking all the rings have been 'S' shaped rings!
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  • For ladies that did have shaped W-rings....

    Did you have to send your E-ring off? I don't want to be without mine!!
  • yes i had to send it off. worth sending it away if you really want a ring to fit right. you soon get it back again..... forever xx
  • Yeh, I will send it off. will just feel very very strange without it!
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    does anyone know how to stop photos disappearing?



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    Excuse how huge my hands look in this pic. But had my wedding ring made to fit next to my engagement ring and love them. Think it took a few weeks, which at the time felt like forever, but totally agree - well worth it!
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    How much do you pay for made ones? My ring is a little bit different with White gold band and diamond ban kind of crossed over - was thinking about getting a ring made to fit the shape but maybe also to fit the pattern. Any ideas how much?
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    I paid about £350 to get mine made - i had to leave my engagement ring with the jeweller for a week, the made a wax model of it and then used that to made my wedding ring - i love the fact that because its made, it is completely unique
  • Quoted:
    This is the only one I can find and they're slightly out of alignment but you can get the gist

    That's exactly what I want for my wedding ring, our engagement rings are same style too x
  • It is a really badly focused picture, but this is mine.

  • The engagement ring is a triology ring, with a shaped yellow gold band, and the wedding ring is a shapes yellow gold band with a few small diamonds on the curve. My webcam doesn't take very good pictures unfortunately.

    Will be able to wear my wedding ring forever once October comes image
  • Yeah that's where I saw the one I want lol.

    Had smooch out the other week and they quoted near on £1000 and it was pretty much the same (apart from 18ct gold instead of 9ct in Samuels). My e rig is 18ct though so not sure whether to go with 9 or 18 for my w ring x
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    They say you should stick to the same metal because different carats wear at different rates. 18ct is quite soft so it would wear quickly against 9ct. That was what I was advised. Xx
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    Who are you girls sending your rings away to? Are you using an online company or is it via your local jeweller? Can anyone recommend any online jewellers who make shaped wedding rings? x
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    Ah lovely rings! I sent mine off and bought an Accessorize ring to replace it while it was away! I dropped mine off and picked it up in person in Scotland so I was without it for 2 months image

    I posted in the 'Marrieds' forum but here it is again:

    My ER is wide set so I got a WR especially made to fit around it as having a gap would have annoyed me!

    Here's my WR on it's own. It's actually a full ring with an extra 'wire' set around it so the ER sits in the nook. It means it looks nice on it's own too, rather than having a ring with a bit cut out of it.

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  • cookie kitten i love your ring!!
  • I can recommend Samara James as an online jeweller. I have a shaped engagement ring and they custom made my wedding ring to fit...I don't have a picture though sorry!
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  • Mine is a white gold pave setting with a .75 carat round center stone. I love it!

    It's from the online jeweler James Allen. They deliver free to the UK.
  • Shellyf30. where is yur wedding band from? Your engagement ring is extremely similar to mine!
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    My engagement ring is almost exactly the same as this one:

    But with the addition of one little stepped bit on the shoulders- this ring has 3 steps, but it gives you an idea:

    Finding a wedding ring is proving to be a nightmare!

    I could get a shaped band with no gaps at all but I don't want something that looks really ugly without my engagement ring. Then I thought about getting a ring with a gentle curve, which would leave a slight gap- but I don't like the look of plain bands next to the ring and think a diamond-set one looks too blingy!

    I think my engagement ring looks better on it's own to be honest, and a simple, plain band that matches H2B's really appeals to me so (at the moment!) that's what I've decided on.

    This means I'll have to wear the engagement ring on my right hand after the wedding, which I know isn't for everyone but I'm happy doing that. At least I then have two rings which I love and won't feel like I've compromised the look of either.
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    Here is my wedding ring and engagement ring both from local jewellers and I only had to leave my engagement ring for one day for them to make a mould image

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    Here's mine

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    Jojomamalace , your rings are lovely , so original image
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