Video as well as photography?

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I was wondering if any of you marrieds could tell me your views and what you did. A few of my married friends have said they couldn't recommend enough getting a videographer as well as photographer. It's something H2B aren't really all that fussed about but now I'm wondering if we should on the recommendations. How much do you pay and what have you all done?


  • im just considerin this too, my photographer is offerin it at a discount just dont no if we really need it
  • Hi

    We didn't have a videographer at our wedding as I thought it might make some of the guests (and us!) feel uncomfortable knowing they were being filmed but everyone is different.

    Having said that, my one regret of the day is that I wish we had asked one of our friends if they would mind videoing the first dance and speeches as I would have loved to have looked back on them now.

    If you're not sure about the expense, maybe just ask one of your friends/family if they wouldn't mind just capturing a couple of bits for you on a digital camera, if it is only a few minutes here and there they probably wouldn't mind and at least you have a little bit of the day to look back at.

  • I didnt want a videographer at first.... however, after a LOT of research, we booked ours this week.

    Initially, I thought it was a lot of extra money for something I didnt need. However, the more I thought about it and spoke to people, the more I realised I wanted one.

    The videographer can capture all the bits that you dont get to see. H2B and the lads getting ready, your guests enjoying themselves when you and H2B are having your photos done somewhere else.... the other reactions to the speeches.

    We've managed to haggled our videographer down from £1500 to £1100 for 2 camera operators for 10 hours, 8 DVDs and 2 blu rays and all the raw footage (20 hours!!!).
  • I love my photos, but adore my DVD! We booked it fairly late in our planning, mainly due to having a tight budget, and we both didn't like the idea of being filmed, but after getting advice from this forum I knew we had to book one! we barely noticed him on the day ( i had been in the Church for about 15 minutes before i remembered he was there!)and its so lovely to be able to re live our wedding day as it goes so fast and you miss so much. I still love to watch my trailer as much as my DVD, here is a link to it image

  • I was sure throughout planning our wedding that I didnt want a wedding DVD, as I am a fairly emotional person and didnt want to see myself cry or hear myself saying my vows... A few friends of ours got married the year before and they told me it was their biggest regret not having one done.

    So I started looking into a videographer fairly late on & most were just not what we wanted, we had chosen a fairly expensive photographer because his style of photography was exactly what we wanted. I managed to stumble on our videographer on the web & as soon as the sample disc arrived we snapped him up image

    I love our photos, but the DVD is so well done and professional and really does take you back and lets you remember it all so clearly.. My advice, if you can afford it then go for it image

    Here's the link to our best bits...

  • I wanted one but couldn't afford it but then someone at work mentioned their cousin did videos for a charity and wanted to branch into wedding vids. So getting two people all day all edited, 15 DVDs and lots of different cuts for £350 so going for it! Worth asking around if there's anyone in a similar position near you! image
  • I didn't want my wedding filmed as I hate seeing myself on film. However, one of our friends really wanted to film it for us so I reluctantly agreed.

    I love it! I never would have paid for someone to film it, we couldn't afford it anyway, but I'm really pleased we let her film the day. Mainly because I could barely remember the ceremony due to nerves and it's lovely to watch back. Also, she captured some funny moments that other guests got up to when we were having photos done which has really made us giggle! image
  • We're not having an offical one, I don't really feel the need, we do have a video camera though so I think we might ask someone if they'll film a few bits
  • We have booked both!

    I want to have lots to look at and see to remember our day!

    Our Photographer is £995 (I know him)

    Our Videographer is £600 (H2B knows him)
  • I managed to persuade my Oh to have both lol, really glad he agreed ater hearing everyone say they love the video!

    Our photographer is £990 ( but my mum and dad have paid for this for us)

    Our videographer is £725 for before ceremony preperations up to first dance/8pm with 2 cameras filming and 5 copies on disk.

    Lizzy xx
  • We nearly didn't have one as my Husband really hated the idea of being followed around by big cameras but I love video-I used to make a lot of home movies on my Dads VHS camera! It was the best decision we ever made and it's what set me off on the road to what I do now, wedding films! One of the cameramen that filmed my day now works for me and I've been training in camera work so I film and edit every wedding myself. I love reliving other peoples weddings while I edit and it really does bring the emotions of the day back in a way a photograph never could. Don't get me wrong, I love photos, I take ALOT of photos but video makes a moment so much more real image I started on here, my first 4 Brides were from YAYW forum after loving my own wedding film I edited. I can't thank them enough for taking a chance on me as I wouldn't be doing this amazing job now if it wasn't for them! Maybe there's someone else who's got the film experience and their own wedding experience and wants to get started in never know! Everything I love about my wedding film goes in to each new wedding as standard so we film the Bride and Groom in the morning as that's something we didn't do much of and we don't have time limits as we were annoyed that our photographer missed so much by darting off early!
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    We paid £245 as part of the photography package and he covered the guests before the ceremony, the ceremony & photos afterwards, we got 3 discs.

    For me it was no where as important as the photos but it has been fun to watch it, we watched it the day after the wedding on our minimoon and again on Sunday night. I think in years to come it will feel more important to us.
  • I have asked a couple of friends to be the videographers. There are the partners of two of my bridesmaids so will have probably been at a bit of a lose end anyway.
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    I'd be happy to do the shoot for travel expenses. I'm developing my portfolio so would be happy to accommodate.

    Let me know if you would like to discuss the idea?
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    Pmrgazz - would you mind letting me know your details? We're seriously considering a videographer but it's out of our budget right now.

    Would be more than happy to pay travel expenses though!
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    Me too, please! Hadn't initially planned on a videographer, but everyone keeps telling me I'll regret it if I don't! image
  • Quoted:
    I'd be happy to do the shoot for travel expenses. I'm developing my portfolio so would be happy to accommodate.

    Let me know if you would like to discuss the idea?

    Me too! We have been considering it, but are still not sure image
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    This guy never got back to me.
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