OUr December 2011 wedding

We got married on 10th December 2011 - and this forum was such a huge support during the planning - I really wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of the lovely brides to be (and newlyweds) on this site for offering such helpful advice and being so supportive. It would nt have been the same without you. I have been blogging during the planning stages and am just about to blog the wedding on my little website (first instalment Monday - tomorrow!) - but in the meantime, I though it would be nice to share a few piccies.

By bouquet:




I will be sharing a bit more in the next few days, but have look at the story here at www.superglossyblog.com if you fancy!


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    ooops I just realised i have not quite got the hang of posting pictures - the links do work though! I must try harder!!!!!
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    hows this??

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    yay - i did it! (sorry for being rubbish!) this is my dress - the Enzoani Cambridge. I suppose its a good place to start!
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    and this was me getting ready:

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    So just a bit of a teaser for now But I have the full story and LOTS of photos ready to go, so watch this space.....
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    I LOVE your dress! Can't wait to see more image
  • Just had a quick look at your blog. Looks like its going to be a fab report. Cant wait xx
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    Thanks girlies! I have been writing the full report (which is bit long) to go on the blog, so will probably cut it down for this site, but will include all the pics x First post going up online tomorrow morning - finally sorting it all out after 4 months! xxx
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    Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone! I hope you enjoy this post - I think i will certainly have fun writing it. I have already posted a couple of teaser pics above to work out what I am doing and how to post pic (the interesting bit!), so I think we are about there!

    Right, here goes. I finally get to share the wedding story I have had in my head for so long image

    Please do feel free to ask any questions as I babble on. I will do my best to answer them all as speedily as I can

    I have decided not to detail all of the run up to our wedding, the proposal etc on this thread, just because I know that (if you are like me) you might be more interested in seeing a few pics, and also I have already written about it on my blog.

    So, all that leaves me to say here is that Craig and I got engaged in July 2009 in New York. It was a wonderful surprise as Craig had said he was taking me away as a 30th birthday present. As I said, I have written a bit about this already (a few funny things happened on the day), so if you do fancy a quick read about it, take a look here:


    This is a picture of us at The Boat House in Central Park, just a few minutes after Craig asked me to marry him

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    I absolutely LOVED planning our wedding. It truly was one of the most fun and rewarding things I have ever done! I knew that we wanted to go for glamour my inspiration for the wedding was the gorgeous Rita Hayworth!

    Also, I am not really a flower person, but adore feathers, so peacock feathers featured heavily throughout the day

    If you would like to see a bit more about our wedding theme, I have written about it here on my old wedding prep blog:


    If you want to read lots about the run up to the wedding which I wont be detailing on this thread, see here:

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    So, After much research on wedding blogs and forums like this, I had my dress, I had our wedding theme sussed, and we had our venue.

    We were to get married on the 10th December 2011 at Plas Maenan Country House in North Wales where Craig's family live.

    It was a fantastic venue, and we had the whole place to ourselves which was really lovely. It had that intimate feel about it but had a glam old fashioned feel - and it was perfect for our 80 or so guests.

    To see more about our venue, take a look here:


    It had gorgeous views of the Conwy Valley which was fantastic

    ...and the Conwy Suite (our room), was amazing too...

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    We looked at 12 venues before deciding that Plas Maenan - the first venue we looked at, was the one! We just couldnt believe it would be that easy, that we would find OUR venue straight away.

    Now for the interesting bit - the dress. I had bought the dress of my dreams. It was actually over our budget, but thankfully the shop I found it in had a sample which fitted me almost perfectly, and they agreed to sell it to my for half price - I could not believe my luck!

    This is not a picture of me (more of that later), but it is a picture of my dress

    Again, I am not going to write about the whole dress buying story here, as you might not all want to know! for those of you that do, there are a couple of posts here on my old blog:

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    I did promise not to go on and on about the stuff that happened pre wedding didn't I?! Coming up next, the night before the wedding......
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    If you dont want to wait for me to post everything, you can skip to read it all here


    For everyone else, we the story of the night before the wedding starts here...

    Our wedding was on Saturday the 10th and we had driven up to North Wales from Buckinghamshire on Thursday, so all fairly leisurely! We had a car packed full of wedding ???????stuff???????. We had candelabras, chair covers, stationery, decorations - the list goes on. The same went for Katie (my bridesmaid) and Rob (her man, and Craig's brother) who were similarly squashed in their car after foolishly offering to help us transport everything!

    We headed up to Craig's parents house which is literally about 15 minutes away from our wedding venue, Plas Maenan Country House.

    The build up to the wedding had officially begun and we were sooooooo excited!

    On Friday we went to Plas Maenan and started unpacking, and were joined by my parents who brought yet more wedding bits and MY DRESS - eeeeek! I could not believe how much stuff we had. It felt a bit bonkers.

    We were going to have the whole place to ourselves on the day, and had booked out all of the bedrooms on both Friday and Saturday night - but on the Friday night, there was a ballroom dancing event taking place in the Music Room where our dinner would be held, so there were some things we could not do until this finished. So, we got ourselves ready to work hard that evening!

    We were joined by more family and friends who were staying over that evening. Plas Maenan has ten bedrooms so it was ideal for the wedding party. We had some drinks and caught up with everybody - it was lovely.

    The evening set in and it was time for Craig to go. He was staying at his parents with the boys and his dad. Before he left we got a little bit of time on our own and he gave me the most lovely card and an utterly fabulous gift...

    Before I post lots more piccies, I just wanted to say a big thank-you to Sacha Miller our photographer who I discovered via this forum. He is ridiculously talented and we have had so many lovely compliments about our wedding photography - he really is worth every penny! most of the shots i will be sharing are taken by him, with a few exceptions like the one above which was taken by me - spot the difference!!
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    I love your dress. It's stunning. Like the peacock feather theme as well. Congrats. image
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    Thanks Lovely. I really dont know what to do with my dress now - I am really tempted to have it altered so i can wear it again. I just dont like the idea of putting it away never to be seen again image

    I do have a bit of a peacock feather addiction now! we had them everywhere!

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    More more!!!
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    O wow! Can't wait for mee image

    You looked so pretty and happy on the morning day of your wedding image
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    Thanks Shellbo8758, Mrs2be2012 !

    I had such a great time! It really was the most fun day to plan ever and this site was such a big help!

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    My lovely Mulberry bag (I have always wanted one) will forever be one of my most loved possessions! I bought Craig a nice watch, so he didn't do too badly either!

    At this point I didn't really want him to leave as we were having such a lovely time and it seemed really odd to not be sleeping in the same place - it so rarely happens! He did leave though and then more of our friends arrived so I was kept busy. Two of these friend were our lovely pals Si and Ali. I have known Si since I was 12 and he and Ali had recently moved to Buffalo, so had a long journey to come back for the wedding - but we were so glad they did. It was lovely to see them and give them a bit of a venue preview!

    Plas Maenan was looking particularly lovely. It was all dressed up with christmas decorations - it was just gorgeous, and had so many lovely features, and it meant that we did not need a huge pile of decorations to make it look pretty.

    We all sat down in the small dining dining room for dinner. There was me, my mum, my dad, a good family friend Steph, my brother Darren and his girlfriend Wendy, my sister and Bridesmaid Maralyn, her man Andy and her son Tyler (who was our pageboy), my other bridesmaid Kaite, Bridesman David and his man Si, and friends Sarah and Emma whose other halves were Craig's Best men Al and Lee. So we had quite a crew! The dining room had the most lovely Christmas tree on display! Caroline the owner taked great pride in the festive arrangements!

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    The food was great and after dinner David and Katie treated me to a very sweet and funny speech which was just lovely. They also gave me the most lovely book with messages from all of my friends and family, as well as pictures from my hen do in brighton.

    More about that here:


    I could not believe how incredible and thoughtful some of the messages were - and I was so impressed by the huge effort that went into putting the book together for me - I am a super lucky girl! From looking more closely at the book I could see that actually David's man Simon had actually done a lot of David's share of the work

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    Beautiful dress. Love what i can see of your venue. Your book is realy nice. What a thoughtful gift. x More hun. x image
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    Thanks Bellington! It was really thoughtful of them, I couldnt believe it, and the messages were all so sweet
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    After dinner (and of course wine), we got to work, setting out the table plan, assembling everything, taking out decorations and covering 140 chairs! Thankfully the chair covers, which were great and from Bucks Candelabra, were lycra so went on easy - but still, 140 is A LOT! Thankfully I had a fine team with me and everyone (well, almost everyone) helped out, and Katie and I were so grateful to have some little helpers!

    I was so pleased with our table plan which beautiful - It was designed by Vicky Trainor who is amazing! She designed all of our wedding stationery and we could not have been happier with it all!

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    Love the peacock feather table plan. image
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    Vicky our designer really was brilliant! you dont see many peacock and winter berry designs out there so I was really pleased to be able to aske her to create something different for us. These were our invites...

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    I woke up on the morning of the wedding and did not immediately realise that it was THE day. Once I realised that the person dozing in the bed next to me was my bridesmaid Katie and not Craig, and that I was not at home, I soon remembered what was going on. It all felt very surreal, like it wasn't really happening. That slight out-of-body experience type feeling stayed with me most of the day.

    Katie and I got ourselves up (I think it must have been about 7am) and it was pitch dark outside. We didn't have time to say or do much before breakfast was delivered to our room. I had a lovely big breakfast to get me going - smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast - yum!

    The night before I had hung up my dress, which was Cambridge from Blue by Enzoani and it seemed to be just casually waiting for me in the bedroom. I just couldn't believe that today I would get to wear it ALL DAY LONG - excited was not the word! It really is the most beautiful dress I can ever imagine myself wearing ever again.

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    Really enjoying reading your report! I love your dress. Is it fishtail?

    I love reading about the morning preparations at the moment. It's a special time with the girls isn't it?!

    Looking forward to reading more!!
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    Hi Mrslane2b - thank you! yes it was very fish-tail - my favourite style! the morning was just so much fun - I wish i could have spoily mornings like that all the time! xxx
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    time for a bit more.......

    After breakfast, we still had a lot of work to do before the hair and make-up crew arrived at 10am. There were still chair covers to put on, favours to put out, we had to put candelabras on mirrors in the middle of the tables - the list seemed endless!

    These were ur lovely Orders of the Day we had made and set out on the day downstairs for our guests

    I threw on my dressing gown and Katie and I started running around finishing everything off. Thankfully we had help from my Bridesman David, his man Simon, and my mum's friend Steph. My mum helped out too but she had just had a knee replacement so had to be a bit careful They were all real troopers! The downside of not using everything that the venue can offer and individually selecting everything to decorate the rooms meant that we did have a lot to do ourselves - but it was all worth it.

    Suddenly, I realised it was 9.30am and I only had half an hour to get myself showered and ready for the big transformation. I did not like having to leave the troops to finish everything off without me (because I am a little bit of a control freak), but it was all in good hands - my team finished the last bits and pieces off beautifully!

    Julia (Julia Nicholls - who i discovered thanks to this forum) arrived to do hair for me, my mum and my 2 bridesmaids, and Catherine arrived at the same time to do my makeup, and makeup for the mums too. They were both wonderful! I cannot thank them enough for making me feel fabulous on the day and for being such good fun.

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