8/4/2012- The best day ever!

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My wedding day, eek image

The day i married my best friend, the day i gained the best inlaws a girl could ask for....

Basically the best day of my life... wanted to get the thread made up so i don't forget, off to the parents but will be back soon... heres a little taster for you all...


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    I was MacIsGettingWed btw.
  • Congrats,, look stunning
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    Thanks hun image

    How we met......

    So a brief backstory first Vicky my *new* MOH is the one i was out with the night i met Adam.

    My origanal MOH suggested she step down after a row where she wanted Adams plans to go to a lapdancing club on his stag changed as *she* disagreed with them and her hubby did too.

    Even tho her hubby went down later that night so avoided it anyway, she said some hurtful things, i explained (politley i may add) that she was being unreasonable/hurtful.

    I stopped messaging her after she refused to apolagise for saying something that was out of order and i told her that whilst i appreciate the fact that she didn't like these clubs being spiteful was unnececery(sp)

    a few days later she asked to step down... i got a text a week or so later saying she did so because she actually felt guilty ( image )and all was put aside as dragging it out would have been silly..anyway onto the report image

    March 1st 2008......

    Me and Vicky decided to go on a sporadic night out, started out in a pub and randomly decided to go to an 80s nightclub called reflex.

    When we got there we went straight to the bar, after a few drinks i decided to buy a halo from the bar and proceeded to wear it the rest of the night image image

    A couple of hours into the night i noticed a crowd of rather drunk men by the stage and one slightly calmer looking one,

    i turned to vicky and said that i thought the calmer looking one was fit and i was going to talk to him (dutch courage and all that)

    after battleing my way way through a handful of 'dancing' men who had been drinking since 9am i got to the 'calmer one' and as you have prob guessed he turned out to be Adam image

    We chatted for a bit and he offered me and Vicky a drink, so off we trotted to the bar where we chatted some more, and we got a table away from the madness that was his friends stag do, that he was on.

    After a lot more chatting and my friend nipping to the loo we shared our first kiss image

    We were then going off to a different club, which Adam decided to join us on, he bid his friends farewell who i have no doubt ribbed him a fair bit and off we went.

    At the 2nd club Vicky bumped into a guy she was having a fling with so there we both were dancing, drinking and having fun, Adam and i swapped numbers, he walked us back to the kebab shop then my friends place just outside town, we waited for his taxi with him, waved him off, he text me half hr later, and the next day to arrange our first date, and the rest as the say is history image
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    I love you

    I waited a month or so until i slept with Adam, i thought that was long enough not to appear like i do this all the time, but not so long that i risk him getting boredimage

    After the 'deed' was done we were laying in bed and exchanged the 3 little words.

    I felt it big time anyway, they say when you meet the 'one' you know and that was certainly the case for me, of course i kept these thoughts to myself for a good while to avoid tempting fate but also to avoid freaking him out. image

    So we had several further dates i met his friends and family and it was all going swimmingly.

    Moving in together

    Living at home was getting strained, my Dad is a fiery person and can quite often blow up and say things he doesn't mean, after him telling me off about something my mum had done ( image ) i phoned Adam in tears, telling him i was going to try and get a flat above the pub i work in as i couldn't hack it at home anymore.

    By this point we had only been together 9 months so i never dreamed he would ask me to move into his gorgeous little flat, but he did image

    Apparently he had wanted to ask me before but didn't want to scare me, i had wanted this too but didn't want to scare him, funny how these things work out.

    So in i moved into our little home which we are still in and after a few 'womans touches' became a cosy little home from a typical boys pad.image
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    So things ticked along nicely, 2 of our friends married, i was bridesmaid, he was usher (the same 2 friends did the same for us).

    Then just under 3 years into our relationship on my 25th birthday he proposed, we were out at the time, got onto disscussing our future, he had said he had wanted to propose for a while but wanted to wait until he could afford a big rock, i told him that the ring didn't matter, what the ring represented was important and that he needn't worry.

    He then proposed image and we got an inexpensive ring that we chose together the next day, he didn't let me have it right away though, he made me wait until we got home and then got down on one knee and proposed again (sober) in our lovely little flat and that was that.

    We phoned our parents spoke to our mums and smiled at eachother as the screamed exitedly down the phone at us, onto FB it went and then of course it was officialimage

    The night of our engagement

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    Aww loving your story image
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    Anyway onto the wedding.. wedding planning is wedding planning and im far to lazy to type out all the info image so i shall post pictures and if you have any questions please feel free to ask...

    the venue


    The dress

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    Bridesmaids had white tulips, don't have the pro pics back yet though, so cannot show you yet.

    You can see the bms&groomsmens outfits in the origanal pic.

    If you want my photographers details please ask (essex based).
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    The pro pics i have so far are just what our photographer had put on her FB page btw.
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    This is all i have so far but will post more pics when we get the pros. image
  • looks lovely hun ur dress is gorgeous can't wait for some more pics xx image
  • Ooh excited to hear the rest.

    Keep it coming, im already hooked xxx
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    Just wanted to say a huge massive congratulations to you, you know I've been following this since our days on Cosmo and I can't believe you're finally a WIFE!! You look absolutely stunning and your dress is gorgeous - hope you have a wonderful and happy life together xxxxx
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    Thanks everybody image
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    The honeymoon

    So we decided on tenerife, picked a fancy hotel, and was then told of the news that hubbys parents wanted to pay as a wedding gift to us, sooo lucky, overwhelmed and grateful.....

    We got to the airport hotel (free upgradeimage )had to be at the airport for 6.30am, was the day after the wedding, so not much sleep was had, consimated(sp) the marrigeimage got about 3 hrs sleep and off we set....

    Our hotel...

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    When we got there, we let them know we were on our honeymoon, we were told that thompson hadn't let the hotel know, but we had 'luckily' got a good room anyway, Oh well i thought, we got up to the room and it turned out she had upgraded us! sea views, huge room etc... we came back from being out the next day to free wine, and then when discussing excursions with our rep a few days later, we mentioned in convo that we were on honeymoon and was presented with free champagne image

    So ladies, the rumours are true let your hoel know your on honeymoon and enjoy....image

    Pics of our amazing room.....

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  • Congratulations - you looked stunning and your dress was beautiful. I love the photo with the flowers just in colour.

    All the best! xx
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    lookd lovely .. love your dress ..x congratulations xxx
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    Congratulations. Love your dress and your flowers. x
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    Thought i would add some more pics image

    First dance

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    Lovely pictures. you look stunning!
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