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my perfect day

I've already done a report on how we met etc, so just going to put a few pictures on here and then a link to the rest of them

We got married at The Lowry Theatre Salford quays as we wanted somewhere a bit different and couldn't fault it one bit

Some advice for people getting married in the future DO NO STRESS about the small things ie what fancy tables decs to have, flowers everywhere, music blah blah - people dont notice them and dont remember them anyway - they remember the nice things and the romance of the day, chatting to each other and having a dance at the end of it. Material things dont really matter altho a little bit can't do any harm image

started with a little drink

getting ready

finally ready

me and dad arriving

mum and bridesmaid

Looking Cool

looking nervous

coming down the aisle

we did it!!

Man and Wife

me and my bro

the wedding party

me and mum


reception venue


table plan that mum made

guest book and post box

our first dance

link to the rest of them


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