Changing your name - email?

I was just wondering what some newlyweds had done about changing their name. I am planning on taking my H2Bs surname when we marry, but one thing that I'm not sure about, is changing my email address! It might sound silly, but I've had the same email address (which includes my surname) for about 15 years and lots of people only have this as a contact for me. Would it be a real pain to open a new email address and inform everyone? I wouldn't want to run 2 email addresses because I already get so many emails a day to my current address, I don't think I could keep track of another one!

At the same time, if I take his surname, I feel like it would be a bit disrespectful not to take it in every area image I will be changing my name at work, and therefore my work email, but I know that work keep the old address going and just forward to the new address so that would be fine. can you do that with personal emails?


  • suevegas24suevegas24 Posts: 219
    Im pretty sure you can do this with all emails. Give your internet provider/ email host a ring and ask them. My email is just my 1st name so ok for me, but the list is endless for peeps I need to inform of name change, but I'm looking forward to it!!! image
  • MrsxCamx2bMrsxCamx2b Posts: 51
    I use hotmail so have an email address all set up to use with my married name .... And the settings in hotmail allow you just to forward all emails from the old one to the new one image Will still be sending all my contacts an email advising them of my new address tho!
  • See, my email address is, from way back when we first had dial-up and they were our internet provider! I'm not sure how I would go about getting it fowarded, and I'm not sure if I can open a new one being as they're not my internet provider anymore, hmm.
  • MaylanMaylan Posts: 9,604
    If you open a gmail account, you can have the email from the tesco account redirected to your gmail, so you only have to manage one account. Everything would show up on your gmail. So you could keep the old one active and still have a new one with your new name.
  • Thankyou, that sounds good, is gmail a good one?
  • mebananamebanana Posts: 114
    gmail is brilliant.
  • sarahjane1973sarahjane1973 Posts: 312
    I'm on Gmail - even tho my surname isnt in the email address, it also showed up as my maiden name when someone got an email, but Ive changed that now and comes up as my married name
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