Morning of wedding ......

Hey newly weds ..... 4month countdown and starting to flap, can you let me know how the timings planned out on the morning, I'm staying at home the night before, the venue is about half hour away, I'm hoping to have hair and make up done before we leave home, I'm flapping about timings!!! We get married at 1pm, if anyone is willing to share their itinery for the morning I would be very grateful, many thanks, an excited little girl .... X


  • Clarabel1983Clarabel1983 Posts: 194
    Hey Hun, I had 4bm plus mum getting ready eith me and married same time as you. Wanted a relaxing morning so chose to have my BMs all go to the salon and get hair done at the same time by different girls, then we ha 2 makeup people at mine. As most places charge per person it ended up costing exactly the same.

    We also got food delivered and drank/ate with plastic utensils, so no washing up image

    So I didn't really have an itinerary, just told everyone what time I wanted things done by and asked them to work together on a timeline xxx
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    I get married at 1pm too. I am booked in at my local hair dressers from 8-11 for me and my bridesmaids. Gonna be the first or second to get done so I can hotfoot it back home to get ready - do makeup, get in dress. I am doing my own make up.

    The photographer is arriving at 11am and weather permitting I want to be in the garden for 12 for a few shots with me and my parents and with my bridesmaids. Flower girls being dropped off for 12 for a few pics too. Photographer is then going off ahead of us to get some shots of ushers and groom at the church. Aiming to get into car for about 12:45. church is about 5 min away. My feeling was that I wanted to get as many photos out of the way as possible before we got married so there are less group shots to do once we have got married as I want to enjoy the day with my husband instead of standing around for photos for half the day.

    Not sure where food is fitting into it yet.
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    I'm getting married at 2 with a half hour journey to venue. I need to be there by about 1:30 as its a civil ceremony. I'm at the hairdressers for 8 and need to leave around 10. Make up done by 11 and in my dress by 12:30. Hopefully plenty of time for photos and any delays! Bridesmaids leaving house at 12:45 and I'll leave about 1image hope that helps!
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    This was my timetable - I stayed at a hotel the night before with my mum & we were about 10 mins from the registry office.

    11.15am get hitched!

    11.05am Into registrar's office

    Just after 11 - arrived at reg office

    10.50am leave for reg office. Try to keep my mum from flapping.

    10.47am Do hair. This entails combing it again, sticking down fly-away bits with borrowed hairspray & putting on hairband

    10.35am Realise the time & that I *really* need to get dressed

    10.20am Wash face, re-start makeup

    10.17am Realise my pore perfecting skin primer (which I had bought especially for the occasion at significant cost!) turns into weird grey stringy bits and so all my foundation is a complete mess

    10.00am Start makeup

    9.20am - return room, pack up all my stuff that's lying around. Text friend to ask her to get the H2B to look for the prezzie I'd hidden for him at home. Faff about doing nothing useful for an three quarters of an hour.

    8.32am - try to explain that I really don't feel the need to be hidden away & yes I really do want breakfast with them, not by myself.

    08.30am go downstairs to have breakfast with my mum, aunt, uncle & godmother.

    8 am - give up trying to teach lovely mum about camera; faff about, watch some breakfast telly, iron wedding dress

    7.45am - try & fail to teach my lovely mum how to use her camera

    7.15am - stretch & shower. Get into trackies & hoody for breakfast. Comb hair flat & leave to airdry.

    6.30am - go for a run,get to the park but it's not open yet. Decide on a new route, run. Pick up a bottle of Pepsi Max on the way home in case I need a caffeine hit

    6.15am Give up all hope of getting back to sleep

    5.30am ish Wake up after terrible night's sleep - shared a twin room with my mum & oh my life, she's so wriggly & the sheets are so rustly!
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