Photos.. how many were you given to choose from?

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Hi Girls,

Our photographer only gave us 130 or so photos on disc to choose from for our 4 wedding albums, which I think is very poor.

Please could you tell me how many your photographer gave you.

Many thanks x


  • MistyxxMistyxx Posts: 1,679
    Just to add.. that was for 2 photographers covering from 9am until about 5pm.
  • Maria1985xMaria1985x Posts: 195
    We aren't married yet, but our photographer said we'll get around 300-400 photos to choose from. We also have 2 photographers. Sometimes less is more though! They might all be amazing!
  • sassybabeuksassybabeuk Posts: 337
    I'm a photographer and I usually shoot alone although I am changing that. I average a return of around 600 fully edited images for 8 hours of coverage but it really depends on the day. Every day is different and presents different photo ops. 130 does seem low especially as I know a lot of photographers cap it at around 250. If they are all incredible and properly document your day then it's not so bad but I would ask why there are so few. I hope that helps a little image
  • ezz100ezz100 Posts: 1,029 New bride
    We got discs with 200 colour and then the same 200 and B&W. Its the quality that is more important I think
  • MrsBoz2BMrsBoz2B Posts: 126
    Our photographer is giving us every photo that she takes and said it will be in the region of 1500. Obviously these won't all be nice perfect photos but she said it isn't her place to decide which are the nice ones and said she wouldn't delete any.
  • We are getting all of them!!

    And we are getting proofs prints of all the photos too. as well as our chosen big prints etc
  • MistyxxMistyxx Posts: 1,679
    Thanks very much ladies, this is really helpful can you keep the numbers coming please so I can give her an average number.

    130 is a very low amount for 2 photographers with 8 hours coverage - we only have 11 photos from the second photographer!

    The photo opportunities on the day were endless.. from the tiny medieval church we married in, all the way through to the 100's of tiny details that I put my heart and soul (as well as sweat and tears) into planning.

    My hubby is a semi-pro photographer (he's even covered some YAYW ladies weddings for free when they were let down!) so we knew what to look for when booking a photographer. At our first meeting she promised full copyright and access to all our photos - based on this we booked her but now she's saying she doesn't know where we got that idea from! image image

    I'd really appreciate more numbers please ladies or any imput or advice.

    Thanks again xx
  • DSWEDSWE Posts: 80
    Hi - We got married in July last year - think our photography package was around £1100 which covered 2 photographers taking pics from getting ready through to our reception meal. They had to make several journey's back and forth so that we were able to get the pics we required. We were given 169 getting ready pics, 41 arriving at church pics, 128 pics of me and hubby at our preferred location, 90 of family, friends and us at the church and 31 at the reception (we wern't fussed about pics here hence the number taken!) So if my maths are correct that totals 459 edited proof pics. We were issued these in a beautiful proof album and selected around 100 I think for our album which was also included in the price. Hope this helps.
  • jefnurjefnur Posts: 359
    We've just got 460 pictures back from our photographers - we had two from around 11.30am til 8 at night. I wouldn't really have expected just 130! We have joint copyright and we're getting all photos on disc.
  • Staceylou81Staceylou81 Posts: 66
    I got ours sunday and there is 540 and thats with just one photographer
  • adenphotoadenphoto Posts: 11
    For a full day wedding we would supply 300-400 (Wedding we shot this saturday we delivered 398 photos)

    We ensure the whole day flows as a story and delivering those images is vital to us. As many have said - its not about the quantity but the quality you recieve.

    In the film days friends of mine would deliver just 60 photos to the bride and groom.
  • Is that all the pictures they took, or have they picked out what they think are the best pictures for you to choose from?

    As we are only having 90 pics in our book, so whilst they are giving us a DVD of all the pictures, which will be huge, i believe they will narrow down the best ones for us to choose from. I would rather chose 90 from 150 amazing photos, and have them already have removed the ones where you are blinking / not looking your best etc.

    If they only took 150 pics then i'd be annoyed though. Have a chat with them and ask for everything they have on your day.
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    We had a disc of low-res images for use on facebook etc of which there were 584 and the same again on two more discs of hi-res images for printing.

    These were all edited etc too.

    I'd be devastated with 130 photos. I'd ask to see every photo they took, not just the ones they think are the best. It sounds like thats what they've sent you?
  • catlover64ukcatlover64uk Posts: 1,149
    We got over 600. Photographer was with me in the am, then stayed until the start of the meal.

    The 600 were in photo envelopes. Also got 3 mini albums with loads of prints, some of which were not in the envelopes. Chose 60 for our album. We paid extra for Hi/Lo res disks so that we could e-mail pictures to those who couldn't come. And we STILL got more prints which the photographer forgot to give us. So about 750+ in total.

    Very good value I think and he did a superb job. He even orchestrated my BM's and my arrival in church, making sure everyone was in place and good to go!
  • MrsDMDaviesMrsDMDavies Posts: 1,794 New bride
    Our photographer cut ours down before we saw them, i.e. removing duplicates where people are blinking in one of them etc. We then saw a set of 400 odd, got them all on disc copyright free and also picked 80 for our album.

    Every photographer and every wedding is different but 130 doesn't seem that many. Make sure you query it.

    Hope you get it sorted.

  • MrsSmileyjulyMrsSmileyjuly Posts: 1,818
    We were able to chose from 1500 which we wanted edited. we got to keep all 1500 unedited though.
  • sarahjane1973sarahjane1973 Posts: 312
    I got 1531 - about 650 are now on my online wedding album,and the main wedding album which I did myself anyway has 61 in it

    some of them were duplicates but not many
  • Just curious if you got this sorted? image
  • saraheltonsarahelton Posts: 219
    Our photographer shot on film (not digital). We got a box of about 400 photos (5x7.5"). Our photographer was there from around 2pm to 8pm.
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