First year of marriage/enjoy married life.


According to my YAYW countdown, I have now been married 270 days. Some days I think it's gone by so fast, others I think it's gone really slowly. . My husband is wonderful, I truly married my best friend (cheesy,) and the wedding day went perfectly. Been doing a bit of planning on what we should do for our 1st anniversary( I know its a bit far off yet!)

My question is, how many of you have been told to ''enjoy married life, just the two of you" before having children?and do an if you have the fainted idea what tht means exactly? Is this something your folks say cos they don't want to be grandparents yet, or do you think there is something to it?

As of July my hubby and I will have more time together as he finishes uni ( and the constant diss writing!) and exchange it for a 9-5 mon - fri job. Hopefully with the extra time and money on our hands we can 'enjoy married life' a bit more. (here's to less stress and more s3xy time!) (and hopefully buying a home rather than renting this diddy flat)

(word of advice, never ever add up the total amount you've spent on rent in your life!!!!!)

People say the first year of marriage is the toughest, not sure why really. So how do you plan to 'enjoy married life'? If you could give yourself a top 10 to-do list for your first year of marriage what would it be?

Thanks for your thoughts.


  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    We plan on enjoying married life just the 2 of us for a bit before having children. No one has really said it to us, its just something we have agreed on. We plan on doing this by more exotic long distance holidays that we wouldnt neccessarily want to do with children - like Mexico and Vegas. We also plan on doing quite a few mini getaways and breaks like Amsterdam, Krakow etc. Things like that which we class as a luxury money and time wise, which with children wouldnt be so easily possible.

    Just enjoying our time, like lie ins, and meals out, nights out and spontaneous trips away, before we plan on having children. I know some people still do it, but our friends with children dont really manage to, so might as well while we can xx
  • JP2BEJP2BE Posts: 262
    It's a good question.

    I'm getting married next year and honestly, I'm not so sure. We're getting married on our 8th anniversary so, despite being 23 now, I'm really ready for children. I would like to think we'll have some time together before children come along, but then we're both really excited to become parents. Hm, tricky one!
  • Ashley1370Ashley1370 Posts: 390
    I think it depends on the couple. Like JP2BE we get married this year on our tenth anniversary and after ten years together we both feel ready to be parents and I cannot wait to make him a daddy.
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