Our Cornish Seaside springtime wedding report - with pics

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Hi everyone

I am incredibly bored waiting for my baby to arrive so decided I would finally get round to writing a report of our gorgeous wedding.

Edit to say I'm just adding some more pics and info relating to the bits I might have missed.

How we met:

In winter 2005, I was in an on/off long distance and highly rubbish relationship with this guy I'd met though friends. On paper we were really well matched but in reality it was so much like hard work.

At the same time my best friend Alex was cheating on her (horrible) boyfriend with another boy called James. One evening I went over to her house as she wanted me to meet James' best friend Rob to see if we should try and set him up with another mutual friend of ours.

I had a great evening, but our attempts at match making were rubbish as the Rob was clearly not impressed with the photos of our friend (although he did try to be polite, blaming the fact that he was off on holiday on not wanting to meet her). The four of us got on really well though and I ended up inviting both boys out for my birthday the following week.

My birthday was a great night. My on/off boyfriend showed up and we were very much back on - but I refused to go home with him as he was too drunk (Years later discovered that my husband thought I was a complete idiot for even giving this guy the time of day) and went back to Alex's instead with both boys in tow. We stayed up talking and drinking for hours but the next day we all went our separate ways, life took over and I didn't see either boy again for 4 months.

The next time I saw Rob I was single, and wearing hot pants! Alex's 21st was an event we had been planning for months. We were having a rodeo themed night out in Newquay and brilliantly she had invited both her actual boyfriend and James and Rob. The minute Rob walked into her house there was undeniable chemistry between us that hadn't been there before. I don't know if it was because I had finally finished with my flakey boyfriend or something to do with my state of undress but it was clear that something weird was going on.

By the end of the night everyone had noticed. By the end of the week we'd been out twice more and were officially together. by the end of the month we were inseparable.



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    The proposal

    Always wanting be original, Rob didn't propose in a conventional way. One evening in September 2010 he took me out after work for a walk. I was tired & reluctant to go but decided to anyway. We walked for miles by the coast and ended up scrambling down a muddy bank (I fell over naturally) onto a deserted rocky cove. It was there that Rob offered me a kinder egg. I offered him half the chocolate (which he ate!) before opening the 'toy' to find my engagement ring inside! I was shocked - not so much at the proposal (we had spoken about getting married a lot and had been together for 4 1/2 years at this point) but at the fact that he'd got the ring inside the chocolate shell and rewrapped it so it looked totally normal.

    On the way back to the car we talked excitedly about wedding plans. He wanted to get on with things asap and was suggesting we got married at christmas in 3 month time. I was a bit more reserved but we compromised on Easter the following year - giving us 6 months to plan.
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    We decided that we wanted to get married in church, and I quite fancied using the church that my mum attends as it is really old, rural and beautiful. I also wanted to get ready at my parents house so it made sense to look at venues in west cornwall. The vicar was more than happy to marry us so we booked the church for 9th April 2011

    Finding a reception venue was far harder. My parents were funding a large part of the wedding and it was hard compromising between something grand enough for my Dad but laid back enough for my fiance. After looking at a huge array of venues I was seriously thinking of a marquee, when my mum remembered a colleague mentioning a hotel in the Cornish fishing village of Mousehole. Not holding out a lot of hope we went to look at it - but it was perfect! What's more it was free to hire the entire downstairs area (bar & dining room) and garden. We couldn't believe our luck.

  • Oh no, don't stop! I really like the kinder egg proposal!
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    My dress

    I was never a girl who'd dreamt of her wedding day, let alone dress, so I had no idea where to start. I was a bit scared off too much bling but kept an open mind at the shops as everyone had told me you had no idea what a dress looked like until it was on.

    At the first shop I tried on multiple styles and loved this one.

    At the second shop I was more confident & tried on everything from a full on Jordan style gown to a sleek sheath dress, but it was when I put this dress on that I felt that weird connection that this was 'my dress'. My mum and little sister were there with me and they were both raving before I'd even seen myself in the mirror. The dress had looked like nothing special hanging up but it felt like it had been made for me.

    (promo shot)

    (me on my wedding morning)

    That wasn't the end of the dress drama though. We didn't order the dress there and then as i'd only been to two shops and didn't think it could possibly be that easy. A few days and a few more shops later I couldn't stop thinking about 'my dress' so rang the shop to see if I could try it on for my Dad on the saturday, with a view to ordering it. I was told the shop had gone into liquidation and that I couldn't order anything but I could buy the sample if they didn't sell it in the meantime. I initially panicked but after I calmed down I realsied that I could order the same dress in many places and that if I went in on saturday and it was still there and still looked how I remembered we could buy it there and then.

    Saturday eventually rolled around and there was 'my dress'! Even though the sample was a size 10 (and I was more of a 12) I loved the shape it gave me, and figured If I lost half a stone it would fit like a glove. We bought it at half price (plus a free veil) and my parents took it home with them.

    Shoes/accessories etc

    I really struggled with shoes. I'm about the same height as my husband and didn't want to tower above him, but wanted to wear bridal shoes as I thought they'd make me stand and walk better.

    A friend suggested these by irregular choice

    and I loved them but they were waaaaaay too high so I was delighted to discover they did a kitten heel version too.

    For my jewellery I borrowed pearl earings and a necklace that had been left to my friend by her grandma. They were beautifully simple & my something borrowed.
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    More please! Congrats to you both!
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    Owing to the fact that I have 2 sisters, 3 female cousins and 2 more sisters in law to be, 1 niece and 2 female cousins on my fiance's side I decided to have an under 18 cut off for my bridesmaids. This meant that I could have my 17 year old sister as my chief bridesmaid and my 11 year old cousin, Rob's 12 year old cousin and Rob's 6 year old niece as a flower girl. This also meant that I didn't have to choose between friends and that when my mum suggested that the bridesmaids wore white (traditional apparently) I wasn't horrified as they were all so young I figured it would look cute (rather than 4 more brides following me around).

    Finding a dress to suit the 3 older girls was hard, especially as my sister was not keen on anything 'bridesmaidsey'. She did like the grecian style though so we started trying a few things on along those lines. A few weeks later she came back from a trip to visit my brother in Plymouth and told me she'd talked my parents into buying her a dress. I thought about being angry but decided it would be stupid to get cross until I'd seen the dress, which turned out to be from Coast.

    It was exactly the sort of thing we'd agreed on and I was more than happy for her to keep it. I now just had to find something similar for the younger girls to wear. I went back to the bridal shop where I had first tried on dresses (even though I didn't get my dress there they had been lovely) and asked for their help and they found me ebony rose alison that came with a junior version for my 11 year old cousin.

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    Seaside theme

    I'm a huge fan of the beach and the sea so a lot of our other decisions focused around creating a seaside theme. I don't even really like theme weddings but I kept ending up with nautical things.

    We made the invitations ourselves and Rob printed them at the college where he works. We took the photos on a bright but icy cold day and my fingers went numb from drawing in the sand but they looked good in the end.

    The order of service sheets were similar

    We also ordered some nautical bunting from a local company, to decorate the dining room with.

    For our table names we used the names of the 9 lighthouses off the Cornish coast.
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    wow those invitations are amazing!! i love them, and i just wanted to add that you're gorgeous!! xx
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    Awww thanks ladies!

    We decorated the tables in a similar way with shells, pebbles and driftwood.

    I also used the left overs to make our table plan, which ended up being massively heavy!

    The best man (Rob's brother) and I made the place names ourselves too (he cut & distressed the wood and I wrote the names on).

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    The boys

    Hired their suits from Moss. My Dad and the best man were quite well behaved but Rob was hilarious. He is quite an odd shape (long torso, short legs, quite muscular) and he never wears suits so he kept walking round saying he looked ridiculous. They eventually decided on traditional tails with a cream waistcoat and turquoise cravat. We also got ties for the ushers and my 6 year old cousin.

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    That table plan looks amazing, and I love your dress image
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    Love your table planning! Stunning!
  • Photos look fab, love your engagement,

    Love your table plan!
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    Thanks for the lovely comments image

    Flowers and cake

    We wanted our wedding to be very family centred so involved our parents in a lot of the planning (yes this was sometimes very stressful but on the day it was lovely as so many people had ownership of a certain part of the day). My MIL doesn't have a lot of money but is quite creative so we asked her to make us a suprise cake.

    As we had originally planned to go snowboarding for our honeymoon (we ended up going scuba diving instead) she did a snow themed cake. The cake was a white chocolate sponge tasted amazing!

    I also asked if her & a friend could arrange my flowers. I wanted a very natural, rustic look and wasn't sure a florist would agree to it, but I know nothing about flowers and had no idea where to start. The flowers were a bit of a suprise (they bought them whole sale and I paid them back back I had no real idea what I was getting until the day before) but they were absolutely what I had imagined.

    (flowers in church)

    As it was lent we couldn't leave the flowers in church so my friends loaded up their nissan micra and took then down to the hotel, so we could use them at the reception too!
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    The big day

    The weather leading up to our wedding had been beautiful. Bright, sunny and quite warm for April. When I woke up on our wedding morning it looked like we were in for more of the same.

    I had arranged to have my hair and make up done semi-professionally by friends of the family who could come to our house. I wanted very natural make up, and my hair to be pinned up quite securely as Cornwall is pretty windy, especialy by the coast. I wanted my hair to look natural though (not too stiff) so she braided sections of it to keep it under control.

    Getting into my dress was funny. I had tried it on quite a few times and it was gradually getting a better and better fit, but I was seriously worried about back fat. In the end it needed no adjustments though. My sister helped me into it and fastened the vast amounts of faux buttons.

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    love your table plan-stunning!

    can't wait for a proper pic of you in your dress
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    Soon enough the bridesmaid started to congregate at my parents'house. We all got ready so we could have photos taken in the garden while my brother and older sister went off to the pub next to church to meet up with guests.

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    Soon enough the cars arrived to take us to the church. We had gone for slightly mismatched retro style cars so we could fit my mum and the 4 bridesmiads in one and my dad and I in the other

    We arrived at the church a couple of minutes late (thanks to the driver - my Dad and I are teachers and were both ready woefully early so he drove a very long route so we weren't there when the guests were still arriving!) and waited in the porch with the bridesmaids.

    It was a really strange feeling. I could see one of my uni friends who was sitting near the back of the church and he started taking some photos of me in the doorway.

  • Loving this thread image

    I'm having a spring seaside wedding too and my colours are also turquoise!

    Keep it coming image xx
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    The whole thing looks lovely seasidey

    stunning pictures.
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    You have a beautiful dress. Personally I love the bridesmaids in white - the devil won't be able to tell which one the bride is! :P
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    The ceremony

    We had a traditional Church of England service.

    I walked down the aisle to Cannon in D by Pachabel and we had 3 hymns (Dear Lord & Father of Mankind, Lord of all Hopefulness and Tell out my Soul) and readings from the bible and Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

    The vicar was incredibly easy going and let our photographer take some pictures.

    (the moment we were officially married)

    (the blessing)

    (signing the register while my older sister played the piano)

    (walking out our flower girl finally remembered to throw her flowers)

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    Outside the church we finally got to speak to our guests. It was quite windy so we got some awesome confetti shots.

    (again thanks to the laid back vicar - as some vicars ban confetti!)

    (with my dad and sisters)

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    We then left for the reception. We wanted to make the most of living (and getting married) in such a beautiful part of the country so we stopped on the way at St Michael's Mount and had some photos taken on the beach. The beach was quite busy due to the nice weather, and we both felt a bit odd, but I'm glad we have the pictures now.

    We also had a walk around the village of Mousehole and took some more photos. Meanwhile our guests were arriving at the venue and having welcome drinks. Being Cornwall, quite a few people got lost (satnavs get confused down here) so it was lucky we took some time out. It was also nice to get to spend time just the two of us.

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    Ooh Ellie this is lovely! Glad you have found something to keep you busy - now you just have to hope you don't pop before you finish! You make a beautiful bride image

    Might have to copy you and finish mine, it's floating around on here half done!

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    I love your flowers!
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    Thanks for all your lovely comments. Georgi, you must finish yours. I'm finding it very theraputic, takes my mind off the waiting...

    The reception

    We had planned (if the weather was good) to arrive at the hotel through the back gate. This sounds a bit odd but it meant that we could walk along the sea front and then walk up the palm lined garden path where all our guests could see us.

    As it happened the wind had dropped and the sun was shining, and most of our guests were happy to be outside. We got handed our welcome drinks (I had a pint of pimms!) and made our entrance.

    (sea front walk)

    (walking up the path)

    (our guests greeting us)
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    We spent a bit of time talking to our guests and admiring the lovely work the hotel staff had done putting up our decorations.

    Then it was time for our wedding breakfast and the speeches.

    We then went back outside for another group shot and some bouquet chucking

    unfortunately I was not the best bouquet thrower.

    My first attempt hit Rob's aunt in the face.

    My second attempt went straight to my 19 yearold male cousin

    My mum ended up handing it to my cousin's fiance (now wife) as she would probably be married next - but I found it the next morning in reception and took it home with me instead.

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    The hotel garden looked lovely - it was all lit up with tea lights in jam jars and parafin lanterns

    we then cut the cake...

    while the band set up.
  • The dress, the flowers.....the seaside just wonderful looks like you had an amazing day image
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