Rained on your wedding day?

hey ladies, getting married next weekend and its looking like we're in for a downpour as it stands! Anyone have a load of rain that can tell us May brides some stories how it didnt matter at all and your day was just as fabulous?! x


  • Hey Victoria,

    It rained heavily on our day, in fact during the group shot - blue skies turned grey and down came rain in vast quantities!.

    Luckily our Toastmaster and ushers had a handful of umbrella that were readily available for all the important people and it didn't impact on the day what so ever. The rest of the photos were taken in side and every one still had a great time.

    For you - just make sure that you have someone bring a LARGE umbrella for yourself (just in case) and remember keep smiling - the most important thing is that you are there with your friends and family to celebrate!!!!

    Hope this helps!

  • MrsDMDaviesMrsDMDavies Posts: 1,794 New bride
    We had forecast for rain but it held out until about 7.30pm so we were really lucky. Try not to worry about it, you'll be surprised by how little time you really need outside what with the ceremony and meal and evening reception etc. We really just needed dry weather for the 2 hours after the ceremony and apart from that we were inside. Your photographer will have an eye on the forecast and will grab you if there is a clear spell so you should get all the photos you want.

    One tip I would give would be to buy nice brollies! It sounds crazy but we dashed out the day before the wedding and spent a fortune on posh ones but it put my mind at ease knowing that if it rained all day we would still get lovely pis. In fact when it did rain during our evening reception I got really excited and grabbed the brollies for an evening photoshoot in the rain, it gave a different perspective on our day and remember - it's meant to be lucky if it rains on your wedding day!!

    I feel for you as this is something I really worried about. I actually cried when I checked the weather before going to bed the night before! Here's some pics to show you that you can get lovely pics in the rain - these are actually amongst my favourites from the whole day!

    Have a wonderful wedding day!!!

  • MoshBMoshB Posts: 35
    I was so worried about the rain and it did rain, literarily non-stop. It wasn't heavy but it really didn't let up at all, and guess what it didn't spoil my day AT ALL! And I got married in a big glass conservatory building. The thing is, its difficult to accept when you are planing and want it all to be perfect, but there is so much else for people to focus on at a wedding that the rain is really no biggie, just keep smiling and have fun as your mood will really set the tone for the day.

    Have a wonderful wedding!
  • lohan85lohan85 Posts: 185
    My friend got married last week and it rained. I lent her some brollies which I've got ready incase it rains on my wedding day. It rained most of the day but you still find time to nip out when it stops raining and her photos are still fab. Unless its red hot and everybody is sitting outside you will probably be inside more anyway.

    They have some nice large white brollies with clear tops in poundland.
  • ditzidancerditzidancer Posts: 1,145
    it rained on our wedding day! It's meant to be lucky image

    We got married in September and had an outdoor ceremony too - it was ok to begin with and then the rain started just as soon as i stepped under the arch. But they venue passed round some umbrellas and we got some fab photos. It continued on and off throughout the day but the photographer said the lighting was perfect for outdoor shots so got LOADS of great pictures!

    I got all obsessed with the weather forcast but on the day it really didn't matter and I wouldn't have changed a thing image

    Good luck! xxx
  • victoriag63victoriag63 Posts: 124
    thanks ladies, feel a lot better now and off to buy some lovely brollies!! Gorgeous pics mrs davies, you look beautiful x
  • Quoted:
    it rained on our wedding day! It's meant to be lucky

    It is meant to be lucky, the saying goes "a wet knot doesn't come undone"
  • ditzidancerditzidancer Posts: 1,145
    aww that's lovely Ragged-Robin, i'll have to remember that saying image
  • pengletpenglet Posts: 289
    It didn't stop raining on our wedding day, from the moment I got to the hairdressers until we left our hotel the next day! Thankfully we'd hired umbrellas from brollybucket image
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