My Beautiful, Sunny, Cypriot Wedding 28th May 2012

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Well I do plan on doing a full report, but I thought I would share with you all a couple of photos of our big day as I loved seeing this when I was planning my own wedding,

This is my planning report, so will give you background:

We got married in Paphos, Cyprus on 28th May 2012. We married at St. Pauls Pillar Church in the Centre of Paphos, and then had our reception at a place called Vasilias, which is up towards the hills about 25 minutes outside of Paphos. It was an amazing day, which flew by. The sun shone brightly although we did get a few drops of rain, which I didn't personally see but its supposed to be good luck. Here are some piccies!!

This is just as I had got to the altar in the church, I was so happy and excited to see everyone and my very smart groom!!!

This was after the ceremony, everyone wanted to see my shoes, including the photographer!! My fab (bubblegum) smelling Vivienne Westwood shoes!!

We then went off to the beachfront for some photos just the 2 of us while our guests made their way to Vasilias for welcome drinks.

Love this one. When I woke up I was gutted it looked cloudy, it wasnt too bad in the end, but the clouds in this photo really make for a dramatic scene!!

And this is at Vasilias, with our cake which was so tasty. My favourite were the cupcakes made with real Cyprus lemons!!

Will try and do a full report soon!!! xxx


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