Getting sleep the night before the wedding!!!

Hi newly weds! Hope you all had the most amazing days! I have a random question and am hoping you'll be able to help! I'm worried about not sleeping well the night before the wedding and so feeling tired on the day! I don't sleep well when I'm excited - I'm like a little child! I have 2 months to go and am already so excited I could burst! Amy tips on anything to take/drink the night before? I will have a couple of the bridesmaids staying with me that night but under no circumstances am I touching alcohol through risk of a hungover or headache the next day!!!

Thanks in advance for your help!



  • LR82LR82 Posts: 639
    2 x Kalms each, a good meal and a couple of drinks......did me & my bridesmaids good!!
  • GemjemGemjem Posts: 270
    The night before the day before the wedding ( if that makes sense ?!?!) I was up late with last min organisation and the day before I kept nice and busy followed by nice big meal and a glass of wine .... I slept like a baby!!!! I was so mentally tired from worrying and organising I just tired myself out and cause of the good sleep I was wide awake all the next day and last one on the dance floor at 1am!
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    I slept really badly (as did my husband and all my bridesmaids) I went to sleep at about 3.30am and were up at 6.30am. I had a nice calm evening with a few glasses of champagne didn't feel stressed but was just wide awake with excitement.

    On the day, the adrenaline made me feel absolutely fine and I was awake until 2am on the wedding day and didn't once feel tired.Neither did my husband.

    The best thing is to just try ( really hard) not to worry about and if you can't don't get worried about it. I have talked to loads of brides who didn't sleep and noone told me they felt tired.

    Be careful with self medicating, it can end in much bigger problems. --- Trust me Im a doctor!
  • I hardly slept and was fine until about 6pm when we sat down for dinner - then the exhaustion absolutely hit me! It was awful. I was sitting there wondering how the hell I was going to get through the rest of the day. I couldn't even eat! But then i picked up again and was fine till about 1am. I guess my point is not to worry - you can't control everything and chances are there will be bits of the day that aren't perfect but they just don't matter. If you don't sleep, you'll be tired - get over it! You'll still be married at the end of it and you'll have had an amazing day.
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    As far as I was concerned, it was the only solution. Without him, I wouldn't've slept a wink (esp after my mum caused a bit of a drama the night before). In many ways he's taught me to sleep better!
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    I was at rehersal that eve then went for dinner with husband, 2 bridesmaids and their partners. Ended up at the pub till 12 then home and slept well until hair lady came the next morning image
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