Our Big Fat Cypriot Wedding in the Sunshine!! THE REPORT - 28th May 2012!!!

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The day I married my best friend, in the most perfect place on earth!!!

I have been planning our wedding for so long that when it now comes to doing a report I don't really know where to start. I won't go into much detail around the planning, as have done planning threads etc, and after all - its all about the BIG DAY!!!

But here we are, a very happy couple still in Cyprus towards the end of the honeymoon:

Wednesday 23rd May about 20 of us landed at Luton Airport for the flight to Paphos. It was an early morning one, and probably just as well, as I was so excited just to get there. The night before we had had about 12 of OH's family over for a drink and to see our house. So it hadn't been a nice, relaxed one but was good to catch up with everyone and everyone was so excited to be going to Cyprus which gave us a nice buzz.

On the flight that morning was me and OH, my bridesmaid which is my best friend and her boyfriend, my other bridesmaid which is OH sister and her husband, both sets of parents, MIL and FIL best friends, OH's Aunty, Uncle, Cousin and her husband, along with our Best Man (OH brother) and his girlfriend. We are both quite quiet people, and have to say I did find it a bit overwhelming at the airport to keep bumping into people lol. But it was good, and we were on the flight. I surprised Hubby with a bottle of Champagne on board, which we (reluctantly) shared with both parents.

Some of the gang!

When we landed in Cyprus we had a taxi transfer booked, whilst everyone else was on coach transfers, this suited us well, as we were staying in different hotels to everyone. OH family were at the Louis Ledra Hotel, my best friend in the Louis Imperial Hotel and my parents in the Avanti Village. We had another couple arrive that evening staying down in Coral Bay.


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    We were staying at the Amathus Beach Hotel in Paphos. I would recommend this hotel (and all of them in fact) to anyone. It was beautiful and we were so happy to be there. We had a private pool room suite and it made it so fantastic not having to go lay towels out early or have to leave our room for a dip in the pool. Totally loved it. We got unpacked and changed, and then went for a walk to see how the others were getting on. It was about 5pm, and a bit windy and cool, I was hoping for hotter at that point. We met up with everyone to see that they had settled in, then we had dinner and a fairly early night.

    In our beautiful suite!

    Next morning we had booked a taxi with Jacks & Sons Transport to get us to the Town Hall to register our marriage and get a Form B for the Church. This didn't take long, so after 15 minutes in the town hall, and a quick drink stop, we walked back from the Town Hall to the Harbour. It's a fair old way, but me and hubby loved a good walk, and find you really get to know a place, by getting lost and walking the streets. Thursday we also met with our wedding coordinator. I had planned everything myself, but had just got a lovely lady called Shelagh to oversee everything on the day. Like go up to Vasilias to make sure it was set up ok, direct people into the church and just for general peace of mind. I am glad I did on the day, as I was so relaxed. Thursday evening we also met with Jackie from Love Island Cakes to discuss final plans for our cake - a lovely one tier of sponge with jam and Madagascan vanilla cream (yummy!!). We were also having cupcakes and temari (individual ball cakes), in a mix of chocolate and my personal favourite Cypriot Lemon flavour. We had a variety of cupcake designs in ivory, ivory lustre, vintage pink and silver. It was beautiful and so much better than I could ever have imagined. We paid our balance to Jak and then had dinner at the hotel.
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    Friday we had got day passes to the Louis Ledra Hotel to spend some time with OH's family. It was great for him - he had someone to play hotel games and water sports with, as I am a more of a sun lounger reader! The Ledra is a lovely hotel, I was impressed with the food, and their rooms were very clean and modern.

    Saturday we had our hair trials at Renoir in the morning, so while the boys went to the Mini Golf Course up by the Holiday Village Aliathon, me, my mum, mil and 2 bridesmaids got a taxi to Renoir. Karen and Rachel were just fab, they felt like old friends, as I had been talking and asking them questions for so long. While Karen started my make up, the bridesmaids went first. First of all we had a side plait with then a loose down do, like a side wavy pony. I personally loved this on them, and thought it looked really Grecian. They then decided they didn't want the plait as it was too similar to mine (although personally I think they just preferred the non-plait style). Previously this might have bothered me, but once I was in Cyprus, in the sunshine I was determined not to get bogged down in any dramas or small things that really didn't matter!!

    My make up was fab, so natural but really glossy and radiant. We did tweak some bits though, not due to anything Karen did but cos I am a fussy pants. For instance I never ever wear lipstick, and very rarely wear gloss.

    I have a smallish head, but big features, my eyes are massive, so sometimes I feel anything on my lips looks too much. She put a very natural gloss on, but I still thought was too much. So on the day I had a small sweep of my own lipgloss - MAC - Boy Bait, and then topped up with Vaseline.

    We also removed the eyeliner from the bottom of my eyes. It looked fantastic and more importantly felt really comfortable, not too heavy or cakey. Then I had my hair trial, I ADORED it!!! She did a side plait on one side, I felt I needed something that side, as sometimes with side do's the opposite side can look a bit dull and boring, so I wanted something going on, then on the other side she created a messy, wavy bun. I used some of my extensions bought from home to add some volume more than anything. With my headband - which matched the detail on my dress perfectly (a bargain £32 from Rock n Rose) it looked fab. I have to say my headband was a dream to wear, it really was so comfortable, and I hardly felt it all day.
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    Sadly the make up and hair had to come down, and while the mum's were having their trials (MIL - a chic Audrey Hepburn up do and my Mum - beautiful big curls with volume at the crown), I went off with Karen to have my Nouveau Eyelash Extensions. These lasted me 2 weeks. They would have probably lasted longer but I rub my eyes a lot, and there were some sparse areas, so decided to remove them once I was home. They were amazing though, a real eye opening effect. Everyone loved them and they made my eyes pop out in the photos. So glad I had them done, and was fab for being on holiday as I didn't have to bother with mascara at all!! Great for the lazy girl!

    The Dream Team - Make Up and Hair Ladies!

    There was some football on that evening, so after dinner, we went to a bar opposite the Louis Ledra Hotel to meet with some of our friends. Another couple had landed that evening, and the plan was to meet them along with best man, brother in law, OH uncle etc. At about 11.30pm I got a text, 2 of my best friends had landed. As soon as they dumped their bags, they came straight out, then my other best friend with her boyfriend came an hour later. Lots of fruity cocktails later, its 3am the bar is shut, we are the only ones left and we all staggered back. The next day I felt so rough!! I was soooooo ill all day and was sooooo annoyed with myself. This was the day before our wedding and I felt awful and could barely move from the room. I dragged myself out at 3pm for our meeting with the church (which was super painful when you need to go hug the toilet!!). I only had myself to blame though, I was supposed to be going to a meal with my parents and their best friends that night, and could just about manage a couple of mouthfuls of soup at Ficardo's before going back to the room.

    The night before that gave me the hangover from hell, with Best Man also Brother in Law and other Brother in Law.

    OH went to the Ledra where he had a room for the night. He had a better night than me though, with beer, karaoke and a good family evening.
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    My mum came and stayed with me that night and we went to bed about 11pm, but I didn't sleep until at least 1am. I had ruined that day, but was just hoping by the next morning I felt fine.

    All my bits laid out the night before the wedding!

    The Wedding Day

    I woke up at 9am, showered and then we had breakfast delivered to the room. I managed to eat, not much, but as much as I could as I knew it would be a long time until the wedding breakfast. Luckily I felt human again, but I did have butterflies. It was still just me and my mum at this point. I went and sat on the terrace and read my book for a bit, to calm me down as I was getting a bit stressed at this point, as I was waiting around with nothing to do. The weather was not helping either. The first day we had woken up to cloudy skies and what looked like rain!!!

    At 11.30am MIL and SIL arrived along with Rachel Wells from Renoir, she got started on MIL hair so she could get going after to get ready. Along with MIL came a very special gift and card from my hubby. He had bought me a white ceramic and rose gold DKNY watch which I had loved for ages. It was more than I thought he would ever spend, and had actually been and got it the day before in central Paphos which made it even more special. He got it from Mario's Diamond House near Starbucks which I can really recommend.

    The Bride to Be as if you hadn't guessed!
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    I still didn't cry though, I was determined I wanted to spend the day happy. At 12pm my other Bridesmaid came, and after MIL, my Mum had hers done, and then Bridesmaids. Karen Hall arrived at 1pm and got cracking on my make up. My Mum looked gorgeous, she had a shift dress from Coast, along with taupe shoes and matching bag from Dune and a shrug in teal from Monsoon. The bridesmaids wore long flowing maxi dresses in a bright rose pink. Best Friend Bridesmaid had customised them for me with an ivory pearl trim. They had silver shoes from Debut @ Debenhams, and silver clutch bags from Accessorize. Their sparkly hair flowers were a bargain from ebay.

    The Bridesmaids

    The hotel delivered some sparkling wine and a lovely flower arrangement of ivory roses. We cracked the sparkling wine open at about 2pm and it really did help to calm everyone down. But by this point with everyone in the room and stuff actually happening I felt much calmer. I had my make up done, and then my hair and then the girls left us for a bit until the photographer came. We took lots of photos of us in my room, and had a nice chat. Dimitri Katchis our photographer came at 3pm, took photos of my dress hanging up and all my bits like flowers. By this point the bridesmaids had notice a couple of spots of rain but didn't want to tell me. Luckily it really was just a couple of spots, and then it cleared up and the sun started shining.

    My finished hair and make up

    All of us!
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    He left, and Karen and Rachel came back and helped me get dress. My dress was Tatiana by Victoria Jane, which I wore with a one hoop underskirt to keep away from my legs. My headband was from Rock n Rose, simple silver crystal studs from Accessorize, bracelet from Glitzy Secrets and shoes Vivienne Westwood which were bought from ASOS. Everyone loved my shoes, they smell of bubblegum and everyone wanted pics of them and loved them. Was so glad I had gone for funky shoes I could wear again!

    Showing off those lashes!!

    The back of my beautiful dress!

    Getting in the dress

    It was from this time that everything just went so quickly. I was worried about being late as time was getting on, and photos were still being taken and last minute things had to be done. My Dad had arrived looking so smart, and everyone said how lovely I looked, but still no tears!!

    My Lovely Mum and Dad
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    It was about 3.45pm by this point, and my Hubby had said -please don't be late', so I was on a mission to get us all in the car asap. Hubby and Best Man and his parents were leaving the Ledra at 3.30pm to greet our guests and they had a smart black BMW. I had a 6 seater white Mercedes. Luckily the hotel reception was not to busy so managed to get to the car without being stopped. I sat in the back with my Dad with Mum and the 2 Bridesmaids in front. He drove down the long way past the harbour, and before we know it we were at the Church. My 2 young bridesmaids/flowergirls were waiting for me with my Brother, and he left and got everyone left lingering sat down. The flowergirls wore ivory maxi dresses bought from Very.co.uk with silver bracelets from Monsoon and had pink orchid hair flowers in their hair. They looked so cute!

    Nephew helping with the orders of service

    We had a few pics of me getting out the car, and then it was time to walk to the church.

    Me mucking about outside!

    Before I knew it we were walking in. I can't remember hearing music although their must have been some, the first face I saw was my brother in laws beaming at me. I thought I was going to cry as I am quite emotional but I was just so flipping happy to see everyone and see my handsome hubby to be standing there. Bless him he looked a little nervous but very happy.
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    Hubby and Best Man

    The start of the procession

    Walking in Church - So Happy!

    Me just getting to altar
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    I tried to sneak a couple of peeks behind me to see everyone and give them a big smile, but the layout of the church at the way the couple stands makes it difficult until you are sat down. We had chosen the first 2 verses of -Lord of the Dance' as our hymn and FIL did a reading from Captain Correlli's Mandolin. We said our vows, exchanged rings, then we were married. It was so hot in that church and was so glad I had done the fan favours for everyone, even if I was the only one using it lol.

    During the ceremony!

    The full view of church!

    Love this of my niece looking to my bridesmaid!

    My brother & nephew
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    Our 2 witnesses were my brother, and SIL's husband so our brother in law. We hadn't actually dressed any of the wedding party, apart from the Best Man. Hubby had chosen a slim fitting navy suit which was light weight from Ted Baker. He had a silver and ivory tie from Zara, dark brown shoes from Office, a Ted Baker belt and white shirt from Zara. He looked gorgeous. We bought the Best Man a navy suit from Marks and Spencers, and had given the groomsmen pink ties from BHS - FIL, Dad, Brother and Brother in Law as well as nephew all had one. The 2 witnesses both wore grey suits, and both dads wore navy. It looked like it had all been done on purpose but really was all a coincidence. But made for some fab photos!!


    My Beautiful Nephew

    Me showing off my shoes!!

    St. Paul's Pillar Church really is the most beautiful church, but to protect some of the ancient mosaics they are building bridges all around the church. I totally understand why they are doing this, but for anyone who has seen the church before the work started its totally changed the look and feel of the place, and in my eyes totally ruined it. We knew this beforehand though so made a decision just to have one group photo, one of us, and one with parents outside the church. We would then have more photos outside Vasilias.

    Us with Parents

    The whole gang!
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    The guests then left us and got on a coach to head to Vasilias. We had welcome drinks of Pimms and Bucks Fizz waiting for them. On the coach we had got a small bottle of water for everyone and so glad we did, we didn't want our guests to be so thirsty they just necked the welcome drinks.

    We then walked to our car - the black BMW. We drove down with the photographer to the beach near the Alex the Great Hotel. We had already made the decision not to have sunset photos, as we didn't want to leave our guests part way through our meal. Once we were there we wanted to stay there, so just had beach photos instead, and we were more than happy with this decision. The driver cracked open a bottle of champagne and it was lovely just to have a moment or 2 with my hubby.

    We then went on to the rocky pier, and took some photos. Most of them are too -posey' to show and if I am honest a little cringey, as I don't like posed photos of me too much, prefer the more natural ones, but there are a few we absolutely love and these are on here for you to see. It was hot by now, and even though it wasn't boiling, with the hair, makeup, dress, excitement I was sweating. Can't imagine how hot I would have been in July or August!!

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    After the photos, we headed back to the car, and more champagne. I was hoping for a moment just me and hubby to chat on our own, but have to say the driver insisted on talking to us the whole way there, which kind of ruined our moment!!

    As soon as we arrived at Vasilias our guests were waiting ready to shower us with confetti. I had bought some envelopes of confetti and sent it out before we went. So glad we did, as most guests hadn't bought any with them and I love the confetti photos. The stuff got everywhere, in my hair, down my dress. My nephew loved the stuff and insisted on keeping throwing it at me!!

    Nephew trying to locate some more confetti
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    Christina from Vasilias gave us a Pimm's each and we had a brief chat with our guests, before heading to the front for photos. We had all the standard photos, grooms family, my family, girls, boys, kids, us with parents, me with bridesmaids and all of these photos have turned out fab!!

    Me with Bridesmaids

    Me with my Besties

    We then had a quick photo with our cake. We hadn't allowed any one through to the dinner area yet, and some people followed with cameras, but I insisted they stay put, I wanted it to be a surprise for everyone. One let down about our reception venue was it was absolutely swarming in flys, they were everywhere. We couldn't have our cake uncovered, some of the welcome drinks were ruined, people were constantly batting them away and it got really annoying. I thought at one point it was going to overshadow things, as they were just everywhere. Luckily when we sat down to dinner, they put some candles out and this helped a bit, but as soon as it went a bit darker they left us alone. But they should have put candles and spray out much earlier than they did, it would have helped, as the drinks that were ruined was literally money down the drain.

    Our Cupcake Sign

    Our Stunning Cake
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    Everyone took their place for dinner, then Danny Mountain our singer announced the new Mr and Mrs Adamek!! We walked into -Elbow - One Day Like This' which I love.

    Walking in

    We took our places, and then got the speeches done very quickly. My Dad, followed by my new Hubby. I had to remind him to tell me how great I looked as he had forgotten this bit of his speech, but was very funny. Then the Best Man. He did us so proud, the speech was funny, touching and short!! My ideal wedding speech. We then got down to dinner.

    Decorations set out to my plans


    Our guest book

    We had Greek mixed starters - village salad, hoummous, tzatiki, bread, dolmades and keftedes which are meat balls. This was my favourite bit, the picky bits of food. All was yummy. I didn't drink much with dinner....or eat much either, My dress was quite restricting once I had sat down, and was hard to eat too much. The main courses were Beef Stifao or Suckling Pig. In my opinion the Beef was much better, it was yummy but again I couldn't eat much. Dessert was blackcurrant cheesecake.
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    After dinner, guests were asked to gather round the pool so the dancing could begin. And our surprise........we had kept one thing back from all our guests - we had Danny doing his Elvis act!! Both our parents love Elvis, and literally no one knew. The music came on and then out he popped. Everyone was laughing and he really got the party started. Everyone loved him including my 2 year old nephew who literally was in awe of him!! He did a 20 minute set, and during this time no one sat down. I danced for hours and this was my favourite bit of the night. Everyone thought one of the Elvis songs - -The Wonder of You' was our first dance which again caused a laugh. Elvis then left the building, and Danny came back on to sing our official first dance and some more singing - my favourites being Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire and The Killers - Mr Brightside. Our first dance was -Evergreen by Will Young' which he sung brilliantly.

    We had a free bar in the evening, so at times was hard to coax people away from this and to carry on dancing. But generally there was someone on the dance floor at all times!! Everyone was so happy and having a good time. For the couple it can be a bit overwhelming especially when everyone else is getting drunk, and your not. Honestly I was so high on the day and the excitement and buzz I didn't feel like drinking a lot. But I took a few minutes out here and there, either with my brother who now had a sleeping 2 year old or with H2b.

    Before we knew it the second to last song had come on - Take That - Never Forget. We were told to get in the centre of the circle and dance and everyone linked hands around us - then bundled us a number of times!! It was quite sad and emotional at this point to realise the day was nearly over. Our last song was Take That - Greatest Day. We used this song to literally go around everyone and say goodbye, and I know how long this can take. Everyone was going back on the coach, but we had the car to take us back to the Hotel. It was one of the best decisions we ever made, as it was some peace and quiet just us 2. I was so tired by this point, but actually quite awake. We got back to the hotel, showered and just reflected on the day and it being all over.
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    The next morning we had champagne breakfast in bed, and spent the day together with no interruptions! It was bliss, and so lovely after all the hustle and bustle of the last few days.

    That's it, I can't believe I have nothing left to plan. In one way its sad its all over. It was the best day of my life, and would love to relive it, but at the same time in one way it's a bit of a relief its over too. Some points throughout the planning the stress bought my IBS on quite bad, and I was struggling with my stomach etc. We had many dramas throughout the 2 years of planning, and in one way now its all done, we can just be happy and plan more holidays and breaks, and time together. I love being married, and it does feel different. We feel stronger, more connected, happier and like our own little family.

    We are already planning a weeks break back to Paphos in October just the 2 of us as we felt the 2 weeks went so quickly as we spent so much time meeting up with people. I wouldn't change our wedding for the world. I love holidays, and love Cyprus. For us it was perfect to just have us and our 32 closest people with us. Everyone was so relaxed and happy as they were on holiday as well, and most had already met up so were chatting like old friends!!

    Thank you for all your help and support, these forums have been fantastic and have been on daily for almost 18 months. So many ideas came from them and so much support when no one else was interested in the planning. Xxxx

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    Wow. Sounds like such an amazing day amd your photos are stunning.
  • nicolajane82nicolajane82 Posts: 531
    Aww congratulations, your photos are lovely! I love your dress, its absolutely gorgeous!!

    I liked reading the bit about how you feel now that you are married and all the planning is over, I had been thinking about that myself the other day! image
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    Hi Jo,

    Well i,m sat here in tears now (i blame being preggers Lol), what a beautiful report and i am over the moon for you both.

    I,m so glad you had such a great day, you both look really happy. Jo you look beautiful and your bridesmaids look great, Hubby looking very smart also.

    Wishing you both a long and happy future together.

    Andrea xxxx
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    Thanks Andrea, what a lovely thing to say. Wishing you, hubby to be and bump all the best too xx
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    Hey Jokaty, havent read your report yet, just looked at your photos-beautiful!! congratulations to you both!

    That'll be me in 9 weeks.... image xx
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    Oooh wow your wedding looked amazing and I loved your dress and headband! Congrats image
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    Your wedding looked beautiful! Congratulations.

    Your hair is just like what I want. Did I read that you did it with a hair piece? If so where did you get it from (if you don't mind me asking!) my hair is really thin and could do with some help for the big day! xx
  • Wow, what a beautiful wedding, many congratulations! I recognised the photos of your amazing from the The Ivory Wardrobe facebook page! I got my dress from there, Laura is lovely isn't she! xx
  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    Laura is a complete star, so helpful and has become a friend!! Just the loveliest of shops.

    My hair had a couple of extensions in it. I bought them with the clips sewn in. I bought a pack which was £55 from a local hair specialist shop in my town centre, they matched the colour. Then the hairdresser used a couple of them just to add bulk xx
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    Congrats Jokaty image It looks like you had the most beautiful day. I love all the little details and your hair and dress looked amazing!x
  • Beautiful wedding report congratulations.

    Do you mind terribly if i ask what it roughly cost to get married out there? My brother and his fianc???? are considering going abroad but unsure of costs x
  • Congratulations Jo!

    This is a lovely report and I also have tears rolling down my face (hopefully i'm not pregnant andrea hehe).

    Having read your plans and updates for the past year on the vasilias thread and your planning thread and more recently on facebook, its really lovely to see how it all came together. and lovely to see Vasilias set up for your wedding.

    I wish you and your new hubbie all the best and a long and happy marriage!

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    Im in tears too! What have you done to us lol

    Gorgeous in every aspect. You day looks amazing. I loved this thread, thankyou for posting & making us cyprus bides cry image
    Hi Jo, congratulations to you both, your report was so lovely i am also in tears reading it, you looked stunning, love your cup cakes they looked beautiful, thank you for all your advice and tips , i hope my wedding goes as smoothly as yours image wishing you both a very long and happy life together image Hayley x x
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