Advice on gift list!

For those of you that are married now.. Can you tell me when if was that people started buying things? I'm not sure if people just haven't got there yet, but its 2 months til the wedding and noone has bought anything. Is this normal?


  • k2k2 Posts: 224
    My gift list at John Lewis doesn't even open till 6 weeks before the wedding! I think people usually start to buy things a week or 2 before the wedding - it probably hasn't even occured to them yet to get something image Some may even buy things afterwards! xx
  • NowMrsB2012NowMrsB2012 Posts: 4,835
    The majority of people bought from our list the week up to the wedding image
  • bekkibridebekkibride Posts: 37
    Thank guys! I just thought it was weird because for my friend's wedding we bought a gift when we rsvp'd im obviously the weird one!!
  • shoe_gal_84shoe_gal_84 Posts: 769
    We had some people who gave us money with their RSVP, but most people just brought stuff on the day. We didn't have a gift list, but if it was me, I probably wouldn't look at it until at least a month before the wedding.

    Think about when people get paid too, people will probably start buying things at the start of the month.
  • icklekidicklekid Posts: 732
    Mixture between those who bought the day it opened and last-minute week before. A few in between but not many!
  • lyndadavis3lyndadavis3 Posts: 537
    The week before! Although we had a money list for our honeymoon and lots of people didnt get it so we just got the money on the day! image
  • RowenaFWRowenaFW Posts: 2,078
    Hardly anyone buys anything until a week or maybe two days before the wedding. You know, when you're so busy with other stuff that you haven't time to look.
  • bekkibridebekkibride Posts: 37
    Thanks guys image I'll look a week before! x
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