Our perfect scottish castle wedding! 9 June 2012

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  • MrsJMrsJ Posts: 122

    So the planning begun that day!

    Although i loved Fyvie castle as both of us have large familys the numbers just didn't work so off went on the search for other venues.

    I wanted something different, somewhere that i hadn't been to a wedding before. We decided to view Drumtochty Castle a litle bit South of Aberdeen, it was gorgeous but again it was too small.


     So the internet search continued until we stumbled across Guthrie Castle. It was a little further South from Aberdeen than Drumtochty, around a 40 minute journey from our house and held up to 300! It was goregous and was available for weekend hire like we wanted. There was also a golf course on site for exclusive use of the wedding party, which definitely gots my dads vote!


     We booked a viewing appointment and from the moment i saw it i knew i had to get married there! The date was booked for 9 June 2012 and the rest of the planning could begin!

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    Since we had been together for so long and i had dreams of getting married i had ideas of what i wanted.

    We decided early on the band - Referendum who we had seen at various events and loved. They do a mixture of modern stuff and classic scottish highland dancing its great.

    I always knew who my bridesmaids would be, there were three, Niaomi, Nicola and Laura. Paul had two best men, his younger brother and his best friend Andy and two ushers Scot and Martin.

    So we had our wedding party, venue and band we just needed everything else!

    One of the most important things to me was the photography so we serached ad serached to find a photographer who's style we liked. We stumbled across Parris Photography from the Scottish borders and just loved their stuff. So we contacted them and they were available - we had a photographer.

    We used quite a few of the castles suppliers for things such as the videographer - TR Media as he had been there before so knew the surrounding etc.

    The castle supplier the caterers and deals with them so that wasn't something we had to worry about.

    The next thing was the dress!!!

    I LOVE fashion/clothes/accessories. I am obsessed so i was kind of dreading dress shopping as i knew i would be hard to please. I had looked online and fallen in love with some Pronovious dresses so found a local supplier for them and booked my first appointment.

    I decided to go to the first appointment with just my mum. The whole wedding planning thing was an emotional time for us as i said above we lost my sister in a car accident when i was 18, she was 19. So the whole way through we always felt like someone was missing.

    I thought it would be nice for just my mum and i to go and sus out what style i wanted/suited.

    I always thought being quite small and having quite a boyish figure i would go for the big princess style dress and i was getting married at a castle so it would have fit perfectly!

    So that is what i tried on first. I did like them all however i dind't love them and i felt that i was almost being lost in them. We picked out a few favorites and booked another appointment to go back with the birdesmaids.

    So a few weeks later we went back to that shop and had so appointments at other that day too. I showed the bridesmaid the ones my mum and i had picked out to a lot of oooo-ing and aaaah -ing but i still wasn't convinced so off we went to our next appointment.

    I pick out some dresses of similar styles in that shop too but also pulled out one that caught my eye that was completely different. i tried on all the bigger dresses first and really like one of them. I though my decision was made and told the shop assistant i didn' want to try on the last (different) dress but she convinced me to try it.

    I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror and got butterflys - i love it. At this point my mum and bridesmaids hadn't seen it and i would have been devastated if they said they didn't like it. So the curtain opened and they all burst in to tears. My mum was so inconsolable she had to leave the shop for a while.

    The dress was just perfect - it was just me! It was Diana by Enzoani with the ivory belt and i LOVED it.



    So that was it i had my dress - or possibly not!

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    SO i decided to leave the shop without buying the dress and sleep on it. Then the doubts started to creep in - was i rushing in to buying a dress, had i tried enough on, did i love that dress or just the style of it.

    So i decided to go back to the first shop, they are the largest bridal shop in Aberdeen and have so much choice, and try on every dress they had like the Diana dress. Luckily they stocked the Diana too so i could compare.

    I think i tried on about 20 dresses that day all very similar to the Diana but nothing compared and i kept going back to it. The decision was then made - that was my dress and the order was placed!!

    So i had my dress now the bridesmaids needed theirs!

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    keep it coming! image

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    As i said above i had three bridesmaid, all beautiful but totally different, Niaomi is blonde with very light skin Niki is in the middle and Laura has almost black hair with dark skin, and also lived in Oz so has a year round tan! So i decided that having them all in the smae colour just wouldn't work. Initially i wanted to have pale pastels of pink green and yellow. However when we started looking at dresses none of the dresses we like came in all three of those colours.

    We decided to pick the dress then the colours from there. All the girls have ample chests you might say so one shoulder dresses were out. The girls tried on a number of dresses but there was one that suited them all and came in an aray of gorgeous colours. It was a Kelsey Rose dress very simple and fitted with two thick straps and you had the choice to add a belt.

    We went with pink, purple and green dresses with a different shade of colour for each dresses belt.

    It worked so well on the day and so many people commented on them. I am extremely biased but i thought they all looked absolutely stunning!!


     Their dress is the one thrid from the right.


  • Love the proposal!! Great so far can't wait to hear more...
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    image well I hope it all went well.... We got married there last year and still remember our day very happily, still smile and have a laugh! meghan and fiona were brilliant help to us as we spent so much time out the country!

    I too remember the agnosing moments of choosing a dress, and when I finally settled on one, it was due to the exact same reaction to an old school friend! I know exactly how that felt too!

    May you still have as much fun as we do now!  Just over 10 months for us!

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    Looking forward to more,   imageimage

  • oooh!  gorgeous!  On the edge of my seat waiting for more! image

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