7 year hitch - our June wedding

Finally sat down to start this report...but where do I start?

Where it all began..

Well we met when I was 15 (almost 16), he was 17 (almost 18). I'd seen him around , he was a friend of a friend, and I really fancied him, but at the time, I didn't have much self confidence, and I was certain he would never be interested in me. Anyway, the first time we met, I was walking the dog in a park, and he came over to pet it...I was so embarrased as it was my friends dog, and when I say I was 'walking' it, I mean it was DRAGGING me! Anyway, we made small talk, and that was that. Until about 6 months later...

We met again on a night out with friends, we had a cheeky kiss, and arranged our first date afew days later. I still remember his first text to me - I had tonsilitus so kept putting off the date and he thought I was blowing him out ! Anyway, we arranged to go to the pics, to watch Mr and Mrs Smith - our first official date. We walked there and we never stopped talking the whole way. Well since then we were INSEPERABLE...literally. we saw eachother every day, afew months later he went on holiday (what would be his last family holiday without me!) for two weeks and i couldnt stopped crying..even though I was young, and so was he.. I just knew that this was going to be special...and I was right!!



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    Continued - this is me by the way Mummydc - I just made a new account as I forgot to log in and didn't want to lose what I had written!

    So...moving on. Well I started college, Mr F (above) was doing an apprenticeship at the time, and then decided he wanted to become self employed. We booked our first holiday as a couple to Ibiza. It was amazing. We had been together just over a year by then..that was in September. Then the following Feb, I made a discovery that would change our lives completely...I was pregnant

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    We were in total shock at first. I was 17 and he was 19, we didn't even live together. There was so much we hadn't done and wanted to, and we both had so many dreams. It was probably the toughest time of my life at this point as we only really had support from one side of the family at first which made it even more difficult. It was testing on our relationship and that was the hardest part. I decided that i wanted to keep the baby, and after a month or so, Mr F decided the same. So we were going to be a family!!

    Telling the parents was hard, I think my parents biggest fears was that I would drop out of college. I had done pretty bad in my AS levels afew months previously. I decided to re-sit when I was pregnant, and got A's image

    Mr F managed ( I dont know how?!) to get a mortgage, and we moved into our first home in Jan 2008, but before that, our beautiful little boy was born....

    Here he is, our little man, at 5 months old

  • WOW! Your little prince looks so like you!


    Loving this so far. An easy read....thats what I like image

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    I had finished college now and decided to take a year out to be a mummy and then I would go to uni (which happened to be close by) when he was about 9 months. It all worked out and off I went. Things were great. I reached second year of uni, the end was near, and I could start to think about the future , moving house (we lived in a small house away from our family and friends) and more money..it was exciting! But then two things happened. 1) the recession - Mr F is a builder so this means no money for us, and this has been SO hard. and 2) I was pregnant ...again!! This time I was 20/21 and although we were more stable as a couple and a family, it wasn't ideal timing. But life is what happens when your busy making other plans - so we welcomed to the world baby Daisy in November 2010


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    The proposal

    Well...I admit, I was getting restless now, we had spoken about marriage..ALOT...and I knew the situation...Mr F couldn't afford the ring he wanted. But I was gutted, I wanted at least to be enagaged officially, and it seemed the whole world was getting engaged before me. In summer 2010, I thought he might pop the question on my 21st, but instead he suprised me with a family holiday to Greece. Although this was a LOVELY suprise, I couldnt help but feel abit dissapointed that it wasn't a ring image

    Anyway...there is a vital part i missed out earlier, in the early days, pre-kids, we didnt live together, we needed space, so when it was nice weather we would go for walks. There was a load of hills and fields near my old house, and we would go walking for hours. We found an amazing place in the middle of nowhere with a little hill, we would sit on for hours, and when the sun shined through the clouds, you could see the rays and it looked like something from a biblical painting! so, it was nicknamed - The god field.

    Here is a pic of the view from the  god field at night

    Anyway, March 2011, Mr F rang me and asked me if I wanted to take the kids up to the god field, they had never been and it was a nice -ish day, so I agreed. When we reached the top we took some photos of the view and the kids etc...then I turned around and Mr F ws down on one knee with a ring in his hand! He asked me to marry him!! image

    This is me and my little ones afew mins before the proposal! P.s. i hate this pic though of me because i was about 2 stone heavier than now, and not dressed for a proposal!!

    This is my ring and my wedding ring aswell - my ring was emerald cut so I chose baguette cut diamonds for my wedding band.



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    Oh my god dont stop now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arent your babies the cutest things youve ever seen , whats the little boys name ? .. plz hurry this is lovely to read xxxx oh its me over there by the way ... waves imageimage

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    The planning begins...

    Mr F always said that he wanted to get married within a year or two of us getting engaged and he was true to his word. We knew we would never splash out tens of thousands on a wedding...we just didn't and don't have that kind of money, and if we did, we would use it to move house. but we did want a small-ish family affair, traditional but with quirky parts aswell! I will start in the order things got booked..

    The Venue

    This is always the most exepnsive, and we knew that and it worried us ...ALOT. We knew we wanted a church wedding as we are both christian, so we chose a church in my home town, its one of the oldest churches in the area, its norman i think?! Used to be a monastry. While we are at it, here is our wedding car as well

    For the reception, we knew we were having around 70-80 guests that were travelling a long way and we couldn't afford a three course wedding breakfast for that amount, so we decided on a late wedding, 3pm, with a 'posh' sit down buffet with deserts. The venue didnt charge us for room hire so we paid a grand total of £1000 including bubbley for all!! - Bargain! It wa sa pretty plain room so we decided to get venue dressers in to spruce it up abit. our colours were white and teal. This is what they did -

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    Oh sorry, my little boy's name is Cash - its Irish/American xxx

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    I had a total of NINE bridesmaids which included 3 little flower girls (one of which was my daughter) and it was a bloody nightmare to find teal dresses. BHS had done a range but it was almost sold out so no luck. Eventually we found these lovely dresses in next which were a steal at £55. The shoes were also next. The flowers in their hair were a total suprise - but they were beautiful - I asked the florist for flowers on a comb I told her my colour scheme and that I wanted a country bunch for my bouquet, and I just let her do her own thing, and this is what she came up with. The wrist corsages were beautiful and I got my little touches of pink in there aswell image I also got a little basket for my eldest flower girl which she loved.

    what a gorgeous bunch of girlies I have!!

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    love it keep going x

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    Aw your kids are sooooooo cute! Lovely story can't wait to read more!!! X
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    aww sounds perfect so far, can we have some more please lol

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    The Dress

    This was a difficult part of my wedding planning. I was alot bigger when I got engaged, and although I knew I wanted to lose weight, I couldn't invisage what I would look like slimmer so I went for a dress that suited my weight then which in hindsight I regret a tiny bit! I had two dresses in mind - totally different styles. one was a strapless fitted corsety style with a big skirt, the other a lacy more fiited fishtail style.

    The first dress I thought I wanted was Maggie sotterro - SaBelle. I went to a shop and tried it / its either that or similar but defo a Maggie. As you can see from this picture I don't look happy and I wasnt. I was a lot heavier than i wanted to be at that point, it was post-baby and I had imagined the dress to look sooo much better.

    euurggh cant wait to put some better pics on!!

    Anyway, so we decided this was NOT the one. I then found this dress (sorry the pic is not colour), which I did like but my mum wasn't keen on the neckline.

    but I did like the simplicity of it, and it was white, which suited me more than ivory. I did try on fishtail and lacey dresses, but at that point it just did not suit my figure. So then I found my dress, I still now dont know whether I am fully happy with it, as I was very conscious of my hips looking big, but it was the best I tried. The hubby and his best men, went for slate grey suits with teal cravats.

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    Lovely report so far, your children are adorable! I was grabbed by the title as we get married in June next year when we will have been together 7 years so I can't wait to see the rest of your report!! We also have one daughter and I always love seeing it when children are included at weddings. Congrats to you and the Mr. PS. Your figure looks amaazing in that photo considering you were post-baby!! image

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    We said we would budget around 5 grand for everything. I think it was more like 6 in the end but definatly not more. We saved on ...

    The venue - buffet saved us a fortune

    The cake - a friend of a friend made it

    The photographer - We booked her when she was fresh out of uni, and she was fantastic. We got 2 photographers all day, over 1400 pictures on disk, and a pre wedding shoot, for £600

    Here is my fave pic from the engagement shoot -

    So...saving money there meant we could splurge on other areas such as :-

    String quartet - we had The Leos quartet - they were fantastic, i couldn't recommend enough, they really were fantastic. They played canon in D major walking down the aisle , then when we were signing the register they played, wonderful world by louis armstrong, and god only knows - beach boys. As we walked out of church they played my ultimate fave song of all time - bittersweet sympthony - the verve.

    I also splurged a little on hair and make-up and pampering and here are some pics of me getting ready


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    The biggest battle


    I knew I had piled it on after having the kids, I went up 2-3 dress sizes in as many years. I was unhappy and when a kid at work asked me if i was pregnant (funny now, but not then!) that was the final straw. I went home.cried.and joined the gym.

    I started to lose weight in the september, when I weighed around 10 and a half stone. I changed my diet and kept the gym up 2-3 times a week. I ran the BUPA 10K in May, a month before my wedding in 52 mins and it was amazing! I also had 8 weeks with a personal trainer at my gym in the run up to the wedding. I weighed 8st 7 on my wedding day and now have a healthy bmi for my height. This was a massive achievement for me.

    Here is my proof :-

    Before weight loss -


    After weight loss -

    That was me on the day of the great manchester run

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    The Hen do

    This was fabulous!! 9 of us went to Manchester and stayed over in an apartment for the night. My suprise was going to TigerTiger, and getting our own kareoke booth for the evening. It was soo much fun. The girls had put sooo much effort in and I had the best time ever.

    http://i1120.photobucket.com/albums/l489/madiem123/Facebook/My Hen do/546670_371006



  • Omg you look amazing!!! Well done!! I didn't even think you looked overweight in the before pics but .... Wow!!
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    Sooo...all thats left is the big day, and Im just going to post lots of pics I think but it was a truly wonderful day, apart from the rain, I felt so proud saying my vows and finally becoming Mrs F, infront of all our family and friends and lovely children! Its really been a great year of acheivements, and will continue as next week I have my graduation ceremony!! I think this wedding taught me that you can do it on a budget, you can do what you want when you put your mind to it, and last but not least - true love conquers all image

    Now.... picture time......


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    Well done on your weightloss what a difference! Kepp going loving it so far your kids are so cute. 

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    Oh my .. i remember seeing your picture with the baby and pram the before and after .. u dont look like the same person ...........huge well done xxx

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    This just shows gorgeous weddings can be done on a modest budget! congratulations! We're having a seven year hitch too, as were getting married on our seven year anniversary in 39 days! image

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    awee i love it xxx Congratulations hunny

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    You look gorgeous. Love your colours,and your children look so cute. A lovely wedding.x image

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    So beautiful!!!!

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    Congrats to you both, you looked stunning! Well done on the weight loss, that's such an achievement! Yours pics are lovely x

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