30th June 2012 - Young Fun Glam Country Wedding!

Grab a cuppa tea ladies, its now finally my time to write my report after having read so many i hope i can live up to them and write just as good as report.

The day we met..

It was a rainy new years eve 2008 and in the local bar i was with my best friend with a woo woo! and across the bar she saw some mates. We mingled and one of the lads atrting to chat me up but i was tired! ( been working all day) and really wasnt interested. I did however did notice Jack standing next to him. It struck me how good looking he was and becuase he showed no interest in me, well it was abit like a challenge.. mysterious even. We soon left and if someone had nudged me on the way out and said pssstt.. he's your future husband i think i'd pass out on the floor!

Months later after i horrible breakup a message appeared on my facebook. It was the mysterious Jack!!! He was interested or so it seemed. We met up for our first date/drinks in his local village pub and the rest they say is history... or so i thought.

Now we re all adults on here, so i wont lie and i ll be truthfully honest...

Jack was interested in one thing with me and i suppose riciprocated it. And thats what we was! But it was all we was and it wasnt long before i wanted more and fell for him. After telling him how i felt i only got back negative feelings and it wasnt long before i had a brief relationahip with a collegue at work. When that didnt work out, Jack contacted me in January 2010. He explained that losing me was the worst thing (aww) and relaised he wanted more too. We started seeing eachother and in April 2010 our birthday weekend - my birthday is 27th his is the 28th - we made it 'official'.

It was all going wonderfully and then on june 25th 2010 a day that changed our lives. I found out i was pregnant. Jack was my rock throughout my pregnancy. I was very ill and in and out all the way through till the end but he was amazing. He moved in with me and parents straight away and it was in august we put down a deposit on our first home, completed in Novemeber we moved in, i was 25 weeks pregnant.

The Proposal

Christmas morning i woke up and jack was making his way to my side of the bed. He was trying to get down on the floor but kept getting stuck between the bed and the wall! Hilarious! I knew what was coming and nervously hid under the duvet! After yanking it off and in a mess of tears i love yous etc we were engaged and had a diamond sparkler on my finger!! yipee!

I ll put a picture on with my wedding ring later!

On February 16th 2011 Our son Louis was born and ever since we ve been a happy little trio. But as soon as he was out the wedding planning began!







  • Ive dribbled on quite abit now so i ll start with the piccies!

    We got married in Jack's local Church as it was just so gorgeous - 12th century.




     The groom and his men making their way to the church from the pub!


  • image

     Me and my new husband outside the church

  • The Dress

    I tried on a number of dresses in local boutique shops and found the one and bought it off preloved.co.uk half the price. it was trudy lee 24672


     However, this isnt the one im wearing in the picture!! I got the major dress wobbles and in a quick moment i won an ebay auction form a bnwt ronald joyce lugano. I had intented to sell it on as i knew it retails at £1200 and i only won it for £132!!!!!

    When it arrived i tried it on anyway and i found myself with tears in my eyes swishing the skirts round my living room! This was the one!!


     Me in my wedding dress!

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    I love your dress, well both of them. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby boy. Looking forward to more. image     Jayne.x

  • I received my pro pics today so i will continue with the story.


    The church was in Jack local little village, it was 12th century. petite and so gorgeous with fields of straw setting the background to it.

    I walked down to Zadok the priest by Handal which if you listen to you should recognise it from a sport. Jack loved this as its a passion of his, but when i heard it being played on the organ as i walked up the church on the evening of our church rehersal 2 days before, i burst into tears. It felt so powerful and made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! I WAS GETTING MARRIED!! it had hit me i was.

    The wedding day

    On the day it was a massive rush getting ready as we were back from the hairdresser late. The cars were on the drive and i hadnt even got my dress on!!! OMG panic stations!! The mother was very panicky lol I grabbed hold of my dad who was standing around and he helped me get into my dress. I loved this moment as the rest if the house was manic and i was in my old bedroom collecting my thoughts. Im a daddy's girl so it was lovely for me.

    The cars had turned up early, so we headed off and had to take a de tour down to the next village and back. Now the weather throughout june had been terrible. RAIN RAIN and MORE RAIN! On this day though the weather was glorious!! The sun was out and it was actually quite warm but with abit of a breeze. However sitting in the car corsetted up, not exactly sitting comfortably with a hoop and 16 layers, the de tour to the nextt village took forever!!

    Finally we got to the church and standing at the north entrance the door was shut standing outside. After 5 minutes the door was till locked and shut. So i had to knock loudly on the door to get them to know i was here! The priest opened it just as the bell rang for 2 Oclock and said 'wow what an eager bride, bang on time!'

    Walking down to Zadok, i didnt even cry i felt numb, nervous, shy, infact i was wholly focus on reaching the bottom, looking at my man standing there for me... and focussing on not tripping up, whilst clenching onto my fathers arm.

    I had 3 flower girls, maid of honour my sister and 3 page boys 1 including my son.


     My eldest pageboy walking up to the church through the trees. (setting the scene for you!)


  • The Service

    The first hymn was one more step along the world i go followed by jerusalem which i sung my heart out after we had said our vows.

    My grandfather did the reading for us, which im so grateful for and a moment i can now treasure for the rest of my life. I never expected my grandad to see me get married or see me have chidren well he's done both and 3 weeks after the wedding he has been diagnosed with late stages of liver cancer and has less then weeks to live. I guess somebaody up there got him through the wedding cos he had a brilliant day he drank he danced. Memories me and my family can keep.

    We walked out to Coldyplay paradise.



  • love your report so far cant wait for the rest x

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    More More More please. Just getting into it and it stopped image

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    lovely story- I'm so sorry about your grandad, it's brought tears to my eyes! You were very lucky to have him there with you! x

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    So sorry about your grandad sweetheart.

    Looking forward to more report. image


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