My Riverstation wedding

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Hi Ladies,

I found this site so helpful and friendly when I was planning my wedding, I've posted my wedding report on my blog and thought I'd put a quick link on here if anyone fancied a nose.

Happy weddings xx


  • Hi there thanks very much for link image

  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    Beautiful dress

  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    I love your blog. And you look beautiful. image

                                                   Jayne. x

  • Gabi_luGabi_lu Posts: 284

    Love Maria Farrelly's photos! Beautiful wedding Congratulations! x

  • HL2010HL2010 Posts: 195
    Thank you! Was such a fun day, i'm a little sad it's all over! image x
  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100

    Oh your dress was gorgeous! I also wanted to add I grew up in Tenby so was lovely to see your few pics, I miss it so much and cant wait to move back!

  • HL2010HL2010 Posts: 195
    Thanks, my family are from Narbeth so I love visiting that area! Xx
  • HL2010HL2010 Posts: 195

    thanks! we found the shorter day nice and all our guests were relaxed too! good luck with your day, not long now! image

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