Our Beautiful Day, and how we got there!

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Sunday evening, hubbys out. I have a glass of wine and a pack of giant buttons to keep me going so decided to finally start a wedding report!

In the beginning...

Liam and I had first met back in 2003 when I used to knock around with his younger brother. I was 14 and he was 17 at the time but I didn’t fancy him at all haha!

A couple of years went by and I bumped in to him in a club on Boxing Day 2006, I remember seeing him and thinking “wow, he’s blossomed!” and so began my pursuit!

I saw him again in the same club in February 2007 where we had our first kiss, how romantic! (If you saw the state of the club you would think otherwise!!) We exchanged a few texts from there and I bumped into him again on a night out for St Patrick’s Day (17th March) where he asked me if I would like to go on a proper date, to which I said yes but nearly a month went by and we never arranged anything!

We went on our first date on the 12th April 2007 (he finally rung me on my birthday and asked if he could take me out the next day!). At the time I was a student nurse and Liam was an apprentice gas engineer so neither of us had any money! He picked me up, took me to the local shop for a loaf of bread and then on to the local bird sanctuary to feed the ducks!!!  It sounds really lame but we had a laugh. The bread didn’t last long so we spent most of the time talking and getting to know one another.

Months went by and we ended up spending nearly every day together. One of my friends was seeing one of Liam’s friends at the time so we went out on a few double dates! We went to the races with them in June that year and ended up having a brilliant day. When I got home that night Liam sent me a text telling me he loved me! (Again very romantic I know but he is quite shy!) I knew I felt the same way and that was it we were a very happy couple!

This is the earliest picture I can find of the two of us, looking very young!!


compared to now!!





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    The past five years...

    We went through some ups and downs, we had been together just over a year and I was under a lot of pressure with my studies and we ended up splitting up for four weeks. I was devastated, we both were but we were just arguing all the time! But we still met up once a week for those four weeks to go out for dinner because we missed each other too much! It sounds silly now but at the time it made sense! Anyway things sorted themselves out and we’ve never split up since! We ended up booking our first holiday together to Gran Canaria...

    The year after that we went to Rhodes...

    In November 2009, I was coming towards the end of my nurse training, Liam had been qualified a couple of years and had been saving for a house. We decided to reserve a new build scheduled for completion in May 2010. So from November to May, with a bit of help from my parents, I had to try and save £6000 to match what Liam had saved for a deposit! I managed £5000 and Liam paid the rest! By the time I was 21, I was a homeowner!

    In December that year we got the obligatory house pet, a Poodle x King Charles Spaniel called Paddy!

    He was my Christmas present that year, he is my baby and I love him to bits!

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    The proposal...

    Back in August 2010, Liam began talking about going to New York. He had never been and one of his work mates had told him it was really good to go for St Patricks Day because they have a big celebration. We had a look at some prices and on 25th August 2010 (2 years to the date before we would be husband and wife, this wasn’t intentional, I found the confirmation email after we booked the wedding!) we booked 5 nights in New York.

     Initially I didn’t think anything of it, I was so excited to go back to New York having been there in 2006 and always said it was my favourite place in the world! But then he started dropping hints, first of all he started talking about St Patrick’s Day being like an anniversary for us because it was when he first asked me out, I was surprised he even remembered the date! Then he was just asking me if I wanted to get married, when I wanted to get married etc. and I started to get a bit suspicious. But I never truly believed that my Liam would have thought to go to New York to propose to me!

    So I started expecting it at Christmas, then New Year, then Valentine’s Day!

    We arrived in New York on 15th March and had a fab couple of days! And on 17th March 2011, in a restaurant in Times Square Liam asked me to marry him and I was over the moon!

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    Wedding or baby... Personally I was going through a bit of a rough time. My step dad had been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in April 2009 and although he was doing ok at the time he was inevitably getting worse. So when we got back from New York we had a decision to make... wedding or baby first. I am very close to my step dad. He has been with my mum since I was three, they were married when I was five and although I do still see my dad, my step dad was a big part of my upbringing and I felt as the eldest of three children on my mum’s side (the other 2 being teenagers) that it was down to me to enable my step dad to experience what other family men go through, weddings, grandchildren etc. and not only that, I wanted him present for the big events in my life too. I was sooo incredibly broody, but still only 21 years old I knew in my heart of hearts that I wanted to be married before starting a family. So even though we had no clue how we would manage to afford it, we decided we would get married in 2012 in the hope that my step dad would still be well enough to enjoy the big day.
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    Nice start to your story. CONGRATULATIONS, and I will look forward to hearing more. I am at the beginning stages of planing my Wedding and like getting inspiration from everybody elses stories and ideas.

    Hope to hear more with photos soon,

    Thank you.


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    Beginning the planning... We knew we wanted to get married locally, there were four venues for us to choose from;

    Oulton Hall

    Very very nice place but also very very expensive!

    Kings Croft  

    Another nice enough venue, very popular around here but I thought the decor was a bit dated.

    Wentbridge House  

    Lovely venue but a girl from work had booked her wedding for September 2012 and I didn’t want to copy her!

    In the end we went for Rogerthorpe Manor, not too far from the church we had in mind, lovely place, lovely grounds and a good reputation. They gave us the choice of a few dates in summer 2012 including the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend. We loved the idea of having our wedding in middle of a bank holiday so our guests would have a nice long weekend and two days to recover! So the date was set for 25th August 2012.    

    We never had to arrange a caterer as the venue did it for us. We had a menu of;
    Chicken Salad

    Mushroom Soup

    Sirloin of Beef with Yorkshire Pudding


    We also had drinks and canopys for the guests on arrival to the venue while we had our photos taken. The canopys were beautiful!! The night time we had a BBQ with our cake being cut as the dessert!

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    Wow, what a fab start to the report, looking forward to reading more! Your engagement ring looks stunning.x

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    My dream church wedding...

    I knew straight away that I wanted a church wedding. I am not particularly religious, but I think churches are so romantic and beautiful! I was also present at my mum's church wedding to my step dad and I loved the tradition.

    Liam was raised Catholic, the local Catholic church is joined to Liam's primary school and it it a lovely little church! So we decided to marry there at St Joseph's Roman Catholic Church.


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    What to do next...

    After setting the date with the venue and church in May 2011 I ridiculously kept telling myself I could leave the rest of the planning til after Christmas! 15 months just felt so far away I thought I had all the time in the world! Luckily my best friend bought a me a wedding planning folder and I hated seeing it look empty so I decided to start doing some research!

    My first decision after the venue was colour scheme. I knew I wanted pale, romantic colours. In the end I chose champagne gold and blush pink...

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    Capturing our special day...

    It was really important to us that we found the perfect photographer. It was the one part of planning that I refused to do "on the cheap" because I knew we would look back at the photos forever.

    However when I began researching photographers, all my favourites seemed to be booked up (this was August 2011). One very popular photographer from our area was booked up until 2014!! So I had to broaden the search a little.

    I looked on hitched.com to see recommended photographers for West Yorkshire and came across Mark Pearson Photography. I was really impressed with his work online so arranged to meet him in his studio 58 miles away from where we lived!

    As soon as we met him I knew they were the ones I wanted to shoot our wedding, as I have previously mentioned Liam is quite shy but I could see he immediately made him feel at ease. We looked through some of his work and booked them on the spot.

    We were also very lucky that he knocked £500 off of our bill because he said we were "a good looking couple and would look good on his website!" image BONUS!!

    The one piece of advice I now tell newly engaged couples is to research photographers as soon as you book a date, I honestly worried that I wouldn't find someone I would be happy with!

    I also knew I wanted a videographer. I absolutely love the idea of us sitting and watching our wedding day with our children in the years to come.

    Our videographers were AMAZING!! We received our video last week and I am thrilled with it. While we were eating our meal the videographer put together a "same day edit" basically highlights of our day that the night guests have missed and played the video at the reception.

    If you want to spoil the surprise before getting to the end of the report you can watch our same day edit here;




  • Soooo excited that you are doing a report. LOVE the same day edit from you sharing it on the dress thread. Can't wait to read more.



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    Loving the report so far hun congratulations on your big day image xxx
  • Amazing report so far can't wait to read more x
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    Brilliant so far. I havent watched the clip as I want to keep the rest a surprise. but looking forward to hearing more.

    Your venue looks superb.

    Great photos.


  • Ooh can't wait to hear more image h2b and I are both 21 and will be getting married 24th August 2013, and our colours are blush image
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    The dress...

    I began looking around bridal boutiques in September and after visiting 7 local stores I went a little further afield. Every shop I went in seemed to be full of big meringue style dresses with ruffles and hitched up skirts which do look lovely on the right person but definately not my style. I was also put off some of the shop by the attitude of the shop assistants. Some places felt rushed, unorganised, offered no input or help finding dresses to suit.

    As soon as I went to THE dress shop I loved it straight away. It already had a good reputation but they completely blew me away with the beautiful dresses and friendly staff.

    They gave me some tags and told me to hang a tag on every single dress that I wanted to try on. I had no idea what I was looking for I just wanted to try on every style so that I could narrow it down.

    I tried on 12 different dresses. I definitely didn’t suit white, big skirts made me feel too girly and straps made me look far too broad shouldered! A theme was occurring; fishtail and lace.

    I was left to choose between two...

    Maggie Sottero, Vienna



    Sophia Tolli, Allanah



    In the end I went for the Alannah, I liked to way it fit around the legs giving it a more of a fishtail shape


    I have to say at this point that when I first went dress shopping I was the heaviest I had ever weighed in my life and I was desperate to lose some weight before I ordered my dress. The first time I got to try on the lace version was in December because the sample they in the shop was a size 10, they have the same dress in satin in a size 14. But I absolutely loved in anyway and secured a deposit on a dress I had never tried on! I went back to the shop in December and I could fit in the sample dress!



    There I was told that I had until February 15th when they absolutely had to order the dress in my size so that photo was my “thinspiration” to keep me on the right path!

    This is me in May when MY dress arrived in the shop





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    The bridesmaids...

    The next thing we arranged was our bridesmaid’s dresses. I had four bridesmaids, my two sisters, Liam’s sister and my best friend.

    I decided they would be wearing champagne gold coloured dresses.

    The problem was they are all completely different sizes! My oldest sister is same build as me, but my younger sister and Liam’s younger sister are 15 and 16, tall, slim size 8 gorgeous girls! My best friend is a size 14/16 but with GG knockers!

    We went far and wide and decided the most flattering dresses were strapless, prom style, tea length dresses. I was happy with this as being a summer wedding I didn’t want them in full length dresses!

    We all liked one designer called Kelsey Rose. There dresses are beautiful, come in a wide range of colours and fabrics and are quite modern as opposed to some of the frumpy old traditional dresses we kept seeing. We picked one dress that we unanimously loved, and ordered in a champagne colour! Nice and straight forward!

    When they arrived,  bit of a rubbish photo...


    The bridesmaid shoes on the other hand were a NIGHTMARE!! I found some shoes on Debenhams online, beautiful, dusky pink with some beautiful detail on the front and they were in the sale!!!

    I checked with the BMs and they all loved them so I ordered a size 4, a size 5, a size 6 and a size 7. The 4’s and 7’s were perfect the 6’s fit Rachel fine too but Sian’s size 5’s were too small. So I went back online to order another pair of size 6’s and they were sold out! I was gutted! But I rang the Debenhams customer care line and they managed to find some somewhere in the country and the store would send them to me. I received them a few days later and they were in a right mess. They were obviously ex- display. They had marks all over them, crystals missing, they were a right mess! Now I know I said they were in sale but they were still £45, this is not what I was expecting! So I rang them again and they were the last pair in stock! We all really loved them and didn’t know what to do! They told me on the phone that were a pair of size 7’s quite close by in Sheffield so I went and swapped the 6’s for another pair of 7’s. In the end Sian got Rachel’s size 6’s and Rachel got the other 7’s with some in soles and they were fine! Phew!!


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    Loving the report so far! You look gorgeous in your dress! X
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    The transport...

    The next thing we booked was transport. I had been having a look through a local wedding supplier magazine and saw The Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company. I loved the idea of booking a bus to take all our guests from the church to the reception venue and I had never seen a bus at a wedding before! We decided to book a double decker, but we didn’t want to tell anyone, so on the invitation we simply wrote “transport from church to reception has been arranged. It went down a storm.

    I wanted a classic car to take me to church and to take us to the reception. We saw this car at a wedding fayre and loved it. It was big enough to fit my mum and bridesmaids in together for the first journey down to church and it had a soft top as we were praying for nice weather! The Imperial.

    One thing I really wanted to do as a surprise for Liam was book a campervan to take him and best men to church. Liam was staying at his parent’s house the night before, about 5 minutes up the road from the church but he still needed transport! He has loved campervans from being a kid, the only person I mentioned my idea to was to Liam’s mum and she had been thinking the same thing! I started making enquiries from proper rental companies but they all wanted £400+ for a 5 minute journey and a few photos! It just seemed scandalous! So I started asking people if they knew anyone with a campervan in the end someone came through for me and for £50 this guy picked up Liam and his best men and drove them to church and it was a complete surprise and he loved it! One of his best men (there were two!) text me when it turned up saying it had put the biggest smile on Liams face and I was so happy!

    I also gave him this Amaretto with three glasses and three cans of coke to put in the back with a note saying "for your last minute nerves"

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    Eeeek I'm loving this .... image
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    The centrepieces...

    I think the next thing we bought were our centrepieces. I looked at so many different photos, I loved the candelabra centrepieces, I just thought they looked so elegant and classy. So I began looking for candelabras to hire but all I could find were silver ones! Now because my colour scheme included gold, I did not want silver candelabras, I wanted glass ones! But i couldn't find reasonabley priced ones ANYWHERE! So I found some silver candelabras image for hire for £25 each and decided I would drape crystal garlands from them.

    A few days after I had found those, and luckily not paid for them I was scouring eBay and came across a guy who had a ton of crystal candelabras to sell because he worked for a garden centre that had closed down! The RRP was £45 but he wanted £25 each for them! I e-mailed him and said seen as though I am buying 9, can I have them for £20 each? He said yes and I ended up with 9 beautiful, perfect candelabras at less than I would have paid to hire them! Also my logic was that I can sell them on afterwards and get some money back!!

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    I found some beautiful invitations that I loved, I wish I could find a picture to show you but I've been googling and googling and can't find them anywhere! They matched our colour scheme perfectly, they were handmade with lots of little embellishments on them, just perfect! But they were £6 per invite! £6 each just seemed a ridiculous amount to pay so at first I decided I would try and make them myself!

    A lot of things I had read about the invites were saying a similar kind of thing; this is first part of the wedding your guests will see, it sets the tone for the day so should refelect the wedding. This completely freaked me out! I'm a complete perfectionist anway so I'm sure I would have spent far more than £6 per invite to make sure they were all 100% right!

    In the end I found some on confetti.com that I loved. They had gold detail on them and were a fan shape. I thought they were so unusual! I got an email a few weeks later saying one weekend they were holding a 20% off professionally printed stationary event so that was that!

    These were our day invitations...

    We didn't order our night time invites for months! There were matching evening invites to the day ones but they were the same price and we had no idea how many we needed. Back when I started planning I had seen some save the date fridge magnets and thought they were quite cool, so in the end we went down that route. I ordered a load of these from vistaprint, I still have one on my fridge door!

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    The flowers...

    I knew nothing about flowers! I looked at picture after picture after picture of bouquets thinking they all look nice but I have no clue what is in them!

    In the end I made a list of flowers that I liked;





    sweet peas

    I LOVED peonies, absolutely loved them! I was told it was the wrong season for them. My florist said she could still source them out of season but it would more than likely cost me £10 per stem! So she showed me David Austin roses. The look very very simlar to peonies and come in all kinds of colours, they are more expensive than normal roses but less expensive than out of season peonies!

    I decided would have a mixture of pale pink David Austin and normal roses. Dusky pink "cool water" roses in Bm's bouquets and cream "avalanche" roses in mine. All the groomsmen got dusky pink buttonholes and Liam got a cream one.

    The inspiration for my bouquet

    My actual bouquet

    And with my bridesmaids bouquets

    We also opted for one pedastal arrangement in church

    An arrangment on the top table, on the candelabras, as well as numerous vases I bought that were dotted around the room!

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    The cake...

    I had seen a cake I loved. It was simple, elegant and was a nice easy way of incorporating the champagne colour scheme with out ending up with some tacky glittering thing.

    So I bought a brooch and some chapagne ribbon and decided I would have the bottom three tiers of this cake. One tier vanilla, one tier chocolate and one tier lemon drizzle.


    However as time went on I decided I really wanted lace detail on the cake. I met up again with my cake maker and told her I wanted lace on the cake but we both agreed that because of the big bow, it would look too busy with both. She drew a few sketches of how it would look but I wasn't completely happy so I decided to leave it.

    Four weeks before the wedding I saw this picture


    I loved it. I asked Gemma if we could scrap my previous idea and do this instead. All I had to do was get some thinner champagne coloured ribbon. I asked if she could incorporate the brooch I had bought into the cluster of flowers which she did and it was perfect. I bought a beautiful glass cake stand from eBay because I'm not a fan of the old fashioned cake stand they could provide at the venue and this was the end result.


      Now you get to see some of the millions of little bud vases I bought!

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    Getting crafty...

    The New Year came and went, suddenly we were getting married THIS year!!

    From nowhere I suddenly decided that I wanted to make things for the wedding. I started with the favours. We had already decided that we were going to give lottery tickets for the favours! Our wedding was on a Saturday after all and there was a TV in the bar to put the draw on at the night do! (Out of 70 lottery tickets, one guest won a tenner!!)

    I saw these on lovelyfavours.com



    I thought they were a lovely way to present the lottery tickets, but I thought they were easy enough to make!

    I got some ivory card, gold ribbon and some floristry pins, this was the end result.



    The next thing I decided to "make" was our card cage.

    I had seen this again on lovelyfavour.com and thought it was nice and different to the usual post box. But at £45 I thought it was a bit expensive!



    There was a gold birdcage on confetti.com that went to £17 in the sale which I bought. I got a wooden heart from eBay, sprayed it white then stamped "many thanks" with gold ink. Embellished with some crystals and pearls and tied to the post box with some pink ribbon.

    I filled the inside with pink tissue paper and some string pearl lights, although they didn't get switched on on the day they still looked nice!




    I left it with the florist to put flowers around the base, it looked lovely on the day!

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    Still crafting... On the Kelsey Rose website, all the models wear flowers in their hair. I loved that look and wanted it for my bridesmaids but I couldn't find any like what I had in mind. So I made those too. I got plastic combs from hobbycraft, some floral bobbles, cut the flowers off and stuck/sew them on to the combs. They looked great!

    I let my BM's choose whatever hairstyle they wanted as long as they had it up and could incorporate the flowers! They all looked so beautiful. These are the best pics I can find of them wearing them.

    The final thing I made was the table plan. I had no idea what to do begin with. I was going to put them all in different photo frames and stand them on a table but then I decided to stick them on a canvas! I had been collecting the frames from eBay and TK Maxx for some time, I finally found a canvas big enough at The Range. So this was the new table plan. I sprayed it pink in the garden!

    And then used some of hubbys extra strength "sticks like sh*t" glue and voila! This was the end result!

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    Bridal accessories...

    So I had sorted the BM's before myself! Maybe a bit strange but things kept falling into place for them! First of all I found my shoes. I knew I didn't want ivory shoes. I wanted champagne. I found these on Kurt Geiger website and loved them. They were classed as nude but they looked champagne to me!! In the sale from £120 to £75!

    I knew from trying the dress on that I wanted a cathedral length veil, I bought a beautifulcream one from the bridal shop with tiny crystals sewn on. I also bought a beautiful Amanda Wyatt comb at the same time as by now I had an idea how I wanted my hair!

    Finally bridal underwear. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem but I think there is a major gap in the market for nice strapless bridal bras! I saw loads of nice bras with straps but considering the amount of strapless dresses there are about I really struggled to find any I liked. I finally found a nice one on figleaves.com and then I bought a handmade garter from Etsy as I thought the matching garter was a bit old fashioned. As it turned out I didn't wear it until we got into the hotel room because I was convinced it would fall down my leg as I walked down the aisle!!  

    Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...

    My mum's mum passed away when I was 15, I knew I wanted something of hers as my something old. My mum had a pair of her diamond earrings which she took to the jewellers to get cleaned up and gave to me to wear on the day.

    So I had something OLD of my grandmas which I BORROWED from my mum! My something new was always going to be my dress, shoes etc. However my lovely now husband surprised me the night before our wedding with a beautiful bracelet which was absolutely perfect. Crystals and pearls... there was a definate theme developing there!! Finally my something blue was a beautiful vintage brooch I found on eBay. I pinned it to the stem of my bouquet. This is the only picture I can find, it doesn't look very blue on here but it was!

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    you look amazing!

    i love those shoes!

    Paddy is going on my 'to steal when no one's looking' list image

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    Kitting out the groomsmen... We ended up having to get 10 suits plus a little one for Liam's nephew! There was Liam, his 2 best men, his dad, my dad, my step dad, Liam's three brothers and my brother! I was worried it was going to be too much but it was important to us both that our brothers were as involved in the wedding as our sisters were. We picked a grey lounge suit with a grey waistcoat and a champagne cravat which we hired. This is Liam trying on the shop's sample suit.

    We decided Liam would wear an ivory cravat so that he would look different to the groomsmen. This is them all on the day.

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    My hen do...

    It was time to take a break from wedding planning and blow off some steam. So at the end of June me and 15 girls went to villa in Marbella for 3 nights and it was absolutely FABULOUS!!! It was absolutely epic, I can not recommend it enough for a hen party.

    We expected it to be very expensive but because we had hired a villa we could have drinks round the pool during the day and because we were on a hen party, club reps would be giving us all sorts of drinks for free.

    All excited to go

    They surprised/ freaked me out with Liam masks in the airport

    The villa pool

    The ocean club

    Where I got to meet Mark Wright!!

    The surprise fancy dress on the last night

    The very drunk "bride" with some of the 15 "bridesmaids"

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    The hair and make up...

    I had my make up trial back in March. We were going to a wedding so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to see how my make up lasted. I was very pleased with the result and on the day Sarah did mine, 4 BMs and both mums make up.

    I had an idea how I wanted my hair. I had grown it for ages to get it to this length so I knew I wanted some of it down.

    I had seen a picture from someone else's wedding so i tried to recreate it to show my hairdresses (and one of my best friends) Kim.

    This is what happened at my hair trial (in my house in my Pj's with no make up on at all so mind the bad pics!!)

    I loved the back, but there was too much hair off my face at the front I felt a bit bald...

    She adapted it a little bit and I was pleased...

    This is how it looked on the day...

    And with the veil...

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