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drop outs for evening reception?

Hi All I have been told to account for fact people will rsvp yes then not show up for our eveing do. What are people's experiences? We have about 70 people coming as evening guests. How many should we aim to cater for in reality? Thanks! Xx


  • Mrs M xMrs M x Posts: 259

    When we spoke to the wedding co-ordinator at our hotel she said to go for approximatly 50% of how many you originally invited.

    We have inited 120 so we have provisionally booked to cater for 60, but we can amend numbers up to 4 weeks before.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks. I've got acceptances for most people-just wonder who will really show up!
  • Rhi-17Rhi-17 Posts: 99
    I was told by my evening venue that if you were to have 60 rsvps saying yes about 10 would be a no show. Not sure how accurate that is but that was the experiences of the wedding coordinator there x
  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066
    We had been expecting around 80 but only had about 50-60 turn up, but then we had awful weather that night so I think that kept a lot away.

    I'd say cater for 50%.
  • And do any of these people ever apologose for dropping out?
  • we only had a small day of 25 and invited an extra 100 in the evening and only around 60 turned up, it was so rude and the majority havent apoligised for rsvp'ing and not showing. If i rsvp i turn up, simple!

  • We had roughly 20 that didn't turn up in the evening that had rsvp'd!

    Some did text and give reasons, some just didn't turn..


    luckily we over ivited, so we were still at max numbers for the evening lol

  • Most of mine would never forgive me of they didn't get invites-but would happily flake out on me for a better offer! Think I'll risk about 10 people doing this but don't want to pay for people who won't show! GrRrr!
  • pink-llamapink-llama Posts: 435

    Thankfully everyone turned up on the day itself.... but....


    Originally - we invited 60 day guests, and another 60 for the night. (so totalling 120) We were going to cater for 90, but as we started getting RSVPs back we realised this was optimistic. When we finialised the numbers we had...


    60 in the day.... 5 in the night... so a total of 65.... I felt so sorry for the random 5 having missed out on the day then! Was too late by that point to invite them to the day, and I didn't know a couple of them that well either. (hubby's collegaues)

    We just ended up catering for 60 all day :P

    oh well, it worked out a lot cheaper in the end, and everything got eaten too! lol

  • I invited about 40 evening guests- had a few no shows, people texting on the day (what bride carries her phone????!!!) But I was most unimpressed with a family friend of my OH - she left a message on his facebook wall saying that 'seeing as it was raining she'd decided to stay in in front of the telly!' I still cant get over how bloody rude that was!
  • I must be so naive. If I rsvp "yes" then I will always show up. Until I read this, I had just been assuming that everyone is the same as me.

    Cannot believe that, on average, 50% of evening guests don't show up! This thread has made me really worried!!
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737

    Planning a wedding has made me determined to RSVP promptly as we were still chasing evening guests 2 weeks prior! Even before that, I would never dream of RSVPing yes and then not turning up unless there was a really good reason and in that case I would be sending a card of apology! We only invited about 15 extra guests for the evening and they all turned up, but imagine we'd have had a few not bother if we'd been inviting lots!

    We did have 3 day guests not arrive but as one had hand, foot and mouth disease, the other was still in hospital having given birth and my poor nana was unwell I'll let them off.

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