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Some I love as are done in a very helpful way. Others I think are very look at me showy offy and leave me thinking - get a grip and go and enjoy being married. A few photos is lovely but I don't needs to see thousands . What do you think?


  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    I'm with u on that one. I enjoy the planning threads more with all the tips, some reports just scream "look at me I'm a princess" lol x
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    id like to say the same but i think ill end up flooding the forum, i think its probably easy to get carried away reliving the day but i do love seeing it all

  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    Yeh I do love a pics fest but it's the comments that annoy me sometimes but maybe I will be exactly the same when I have photos to show off!!
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    what do you mean 'the comments'?

  • The BrideThe Bride Posts: 60
    I always think it'd be interesting to have a report from a guest too after the event - to show a different perspective I suppose.
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  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    Comments about others having non classy or beautiful weddings! I think I am making a sweeping statement really, upon reflection I think most wedding reports I read are lovely and straight from the heart xx
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    that is true and you do put a picture up wanting people to ooh and ahhhh over it dont you, you want approval otherwise you wouldnt put it up

  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    I wasn't going to respond to this as I feel that it was deliberately set up to cause controversy - especially as there haven't been that many reports recently it feels a bit personal. 

    But - I agree with Tickley Jess. By their nature, ALL reports include lots of photos of the day and could be viewed as showing off. 

    Personally, that was never my intention. Having been a board member for several years I have posted several times on hundreds of different topics. I enjoyed reading other people's reports and wanted to do one after our wedding in case anyone would find any of my ideas useful, interesting or inspiring. 

    I can honestly say I have never read a report where I feel the poster is 'showing off'. All of them have some good advice and websites used. I may have read a couple where they don't interest me, or I just don't like the wedding style or photographer but that is my 'fault' and not the posters. I just wouldn't read it further! 

    I think the forum would be less interesting if people didn't post reports both planning and afterwards and the ones with lots of photographs are my favourites! 

    The same thing applies as ever, if a report isn't interesting to you - don't read it. 

  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    Sad sack you're wedding report was beautiful and I hope you didn't think I was implying it wasn't! I only comment in the threads I'm interested in, like you say if you don't like it don't read it which is why I haven't commented when I feel not nice comments have been made on reports about others!

    I think the main thing that drew me to the forum was planning and wedding reports it's not really the showing off which I agree everyone could potentially be doing, it's unnecessary nasty or judgemental comments about others reports or threads I don't like. Xx
  • The BrideThe Bride Posts: 60
    Sad Sack I haven't read many reports but yours was lovely and not "princessy" at all.
  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    I really love wedding reports on here, although I hvae to admit I tend to flick to the pictures and don't read every post in full.  I like the planning threads too because I like seeing people's ideas and how their days evolve over the months, and it is nice to give your perspective or thoughts on them.

  • Sad sack I havnt read your report so wasn't a response to thst.

    I just feel like when I was planning my wedding it was great to look st newly weds photos and read a few comments about their choices and feelings etc but some reports that are like novels go on forever I find boring and show off. My own opinion though. Just feel to go throug every tiny detail like its a book about how to plan a wedding grates on me. And I wondered if I was alone
  • A big thing for me actually Is if I want to read a report I want to see photos of the wedding day. I don't Want to see photos of the couple before or the venue before as meand nothing to me and it seems sometimes the first 4 pages of reports have no photos of the day. I just find if a bit "arrogant"? Like I'm so important and my Weddinh was so amazing I'm going to go through every minute detail

    Like I say though it's only my opinion and it's not a personal attack on anyone just interested to read if I'm alone
  • I actually find all the detail in the reports really helpful. Not only for finding new ideas but to learn from others mistakes. There are some I've liked more than others and some I utterly loved (Sad Sack - Your stationary gave me serious envy!) but each one I've read I've taken something away from it.
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    its nice to have a link to the planning report and i guess thats what those first few pages are doing because its good to see where some of the ideas are from and what the couple has made themselves (to steal some diy ideas)


    i think its just a style of writing that people have adopted


    personally i will be printing off my plannng and report as a keep sake so i do want it to read like a book, it doesnt mean anyone has to read it though. im too slow to read most reports and just like looking at the pictures but the writing is for me when i write, so i can look back and show my kids or whoever one day

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066
    Nats I'm with you - I'm afraid I'm guilty of dragging my report out, but for me it is a keepsake for the future, and in my defence I did state in the very first post of it that it will be written in this way, and I plan at the end to add an edit to the first page directing people straight to the wedding day part so they don't have to read through pages of us getting together and planning our day. The only reason I've added all that to my report is because I didn't have that in my planning report.

    But I appreciate that not everyone will want to sit and read through pages so I would never expect anyone to - but it is nice to get comments and know that someone out there is reading and enjoying it as I'm enjoying writing it!

    These things are always gonna cause some controversy, and not every reader will enjoy every report - each to their own!
  • RinaGeeRinaGee Posts: 751

    I absolutely LOVE the wedding reports on here and, in fact, those which don't feature any information about how the couple met interest me a lot less than those that do. I really enjoy learning about the couples life together, the proposal, the big decisions they had to make, how the journey evolved along the way and then FINALLY the big day. Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic but it's finding out these details that makes me fall in love with a couple and their wedding report.

    All weddings are different, mine won't feature half the stuff that other brides have but that doesn't make me enjoy their reports any less.

    I will be writing a wedding report, partly because I want to show off and have everyone say nice things about me (come on, lets all be honest with each other) but also because I think it's going to be so lovely to have a complete story of our life together from start to finish. Like Nats, I intend to print a copy of it and keep it with my wedding keepsakes to look back on in years to come.

    My report probably won't have any handy hints or tips for people, but it will show a (hopefully!) good destination wedding with plenty of sunshine and very little in the way of decorations or added extras. Variety is the spice of life and all that!

    So to summarise - I LOVE WEDDING REPORTS, the bigger and more detailed the better. Yes, they may include a degree of showing off but jeez, this is your wedding day, you've probably spent the best part of a year planning it and have been really proud of how it all turned out, so show off as much as you bl00dy want!

  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    Millionaireshortbread - I may have been feeling slightly sensitive today!

    And I do agree with you 100% about background information on the couple. As a report reader I want to read all about the wedding day itself ... with lots and lots of professional photos! 

    It is nice to get comments from people on my report but for me it is not because I want to 'show off' (I had the perfect day for us regardless of opinions) but because you will never get the truth from friends and family. Of course your wedding was 'the best they've ever been to' but it's lovely to get support from people you've never met when it is such a big deal to plan and organise the day and many of the decisions took time and effort to make and do. 

    I think Mandy and Nats make great points about it being a personal keepsake and I love RinaGee2Be's last paragraph and agree - I personally will never get bored of seeing reports and just don't read/comment on ones that don't appeal! image

  • LittleRed_10LittleRed_10 Posts: 1,453

    Wedding reports are the best bit of this forum, we need more! Don't scare them off!

     Given that I am 100% guilty of flicking through reports in 5 seconds just to look at the photos and maybe find out where they got bits and pieces from I wouldn't say that's egotistic at all- it's just the easiest way of conveying ideas. I have got so many ideas from other brides photos which I would have totally missed if I was just skimming through text. My own planning thread is full of pics because I have found from experience that I hate reading something I wrote a long time ago- it makes me cringe- I just want to see the evolution of my own ideas.

    Yeh I guess there is an element of showyness to it- but most of us have been planning our one day for over a year and you bet we want to talk about it afterwards. Also this forum is a community, you get to know the other users and I cannot wait for some of the reports that are going to be coming out over the next year! And likewise I hope some of the regulars stick around to see mine to image


  • SammiSammi Posts: 279

    love them in answer to the topic question! its so nice to get "real life" ideas - as much as magazines are great inspiration a lot of things in them are too expensive or impossible to get, everyone else's planning and wedding reports are far more relatable. I did start one myself but on getting a place in the marathon a running blog took over but I will be returning to mine in may for the 4 month build up! writing it all down is a great way to talk about it and get excited too without draining family and friends with wedding speak 24/7! having read many planning reports and also other posts of those that have them I don't find anyone to be arrogant - proud of how everything has come together yes but not showing off in "look at how great I am" way. Im with Little Red - keep them coming, I can't wait for all of the final reports to come this year especially after reading so many, I feel like I have been with people from when Mr was down on one knee and wish to have a nosey at the happily ever after moment!!! image

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    I love them! Im not doing a planning thread, but will make up for it with a detailed report!

    I think some people might post with the intention of showing off, but it doesnt bother me.. its just a post on an internet forum.

  • MRCJMRCJ Posts: 225
    Reports are my favourite bit! I found them useful as to where to get things and, more importantly, where to find bargains!
  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    I think it is interesting how people like different things about reports!

    I plan to write one, but probably leave out a lot of the run-up to the wedding because some people will have read all the details in my planning thread.  I had thought I would do a super-quick run through of some of the main planning bits at the start, but not much - interesting that some of you love all the run-up bits and others just want to get to the wedding photos bits!

    For me, I think that if I have followed someone's planning thread and have got to 'know' them through that, then I am very keen to see their wedding report to see it all come together.  If I haven't read their planning report, then I usually only read the wedding report if it is a kind of wedding that interests me.  But can't put my finger on what does interest me!

  • GemgemGemgem Posts: 242

    I've been on here for over a year now and I haven't seen any reports where I thought someone was overly showing off. It's meant to be one of the most special days of your life , so if you cant be a bit showy for it, when can you! 

  • DreambrideDreambride Posts: 394
    I've not done a planning thread due to being busy moving home and job in the last 6 months but was going to record our day post wedding (including the 'how we met' as I personally like reading the background first as I'm a bit nosey!).
  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848
    I'll be honest, 99% of the time I only look at the pictures.

    I find a lot of the time there's way too much writing and I don't read it, but that's just a personal preference, I tend to get put off by any forum posts with huge amounts of text, so I skip to the pictures
  • I love wedding reports, I think everyone should be made to write one as a requirement of joining the forum image. I think the longer the better, I really love sitting down with a nice cup of tea and reading through them on a Sunday morning. I do love the photos, but really like reading about the build up and the day too. image xxx

  • millionaireshortbread wrote (see)
    Some I love as are done in a very helpful way. Others I think are very look at me showy offy and leave me thinking - get a grip and go and enjoy being married. A few photos is lovely but I don't needs to see thousands . What do you think?

    hahahha!! Well that's me all over!! lol

    I've posted loads of photos, more to come.. if you brides or grooms want to look, read, or both they can, if they don't they don't

    Don't have to read them or look at the pictures if you don't like it

    And why shouldn't a bride show off her day, if it's a day that was perfect day for the couple, and they had an amazing time, and may have some for other brides I think that's great.

    I ALWAYS read the reports in the planning process of our wedding, and loved them. the more photos the better, it was great to see real life weddings, from a brides point of view. and Different weddings, not all the samey same you see in wedding mags!

    p.s I will add, just because I am adding lots of photos and writing a long report, doesn't mean I'm not enjoying my marriage.. every now and then it's nice to have 5-10 mins to myself and have a look on the forum!


  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737

    Different folks, different strokes I guess. Some people read forwards to get the wedding pics, others love the build up and reading about the planning stage. Personally, I got some great tips from reading about peoples planning and the little details they put in. I've never read a report on here and thought someone was showing off in the sense that they thought they were better than everyone else. I think people like to add all the pictures because they are proud of what they have made, planned etc and so they should be! We put a lot of time into our weddings.

    I guess if people don't like the reports, they could just get a grip and enjoy planning their wedding!!

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