UPDATE: Our wonderful day - 22nd June + OFFICIAL PHOTOS

Update: our official proofs are in and are up at www.jaredschiller.co.uk if you can bear to look at any more! Thanks for all your lovely, lovely comments. x


Well, I'm back from my honeymoon (boo hoo) and back to work tomorrow, so I thought I'd better get on here sharpish and give you all a report of the big day. Here goes (deep breath):

I worked on the Monday before the wedding (which was on Friday) but couldn't concentrate at all and after a whirlwind of honeymoon packing and various check-lists I set off on Tuesday for my parents house in Birmingham (we live in London). My family and I had a few days involving getting up at 4 a.m. on the Wednesday to buy industrial quantities of flowers from the market. I then arranged them on my own in the cellar which took 6 hours and made me feel like some kind of underground-dwelling troll!

My Mum and I had hilarious escapades trying to manoeuvre the enormously heavy cake into the car and not let it get damaged on the way to the venue. I walked across the lawn of our lovely venue, which was filled with posh ladies having a party, with one trouser leg rolled up, pedicure toe separators in, my hair all over the place, sweaty and exhausted looking the day before the wedding. A very sweet, young waiter greeting me and said with some horror when he looked at me -are you the bride for tomorrow?'. Yes, I did look a bit of a state as I had no sleep for days and rain around like a maniac. In fact when I got home that night, to a house full of people dashing around, my bridesmaid had just arrived. She took one look at me and frog-marched me upstairs to have a bath, after which she insisted that I go to bed as I -looked bloody awful' in her own words. Luckily, just when it had all started to get a bit much, having been determined that I was going to enjoy the whole process and not get stressed out, a lovely bunch of flowers was delivered to me from h2b, which made me remember why I was doing it and got me very, very excited (which slightly scuppered by going to bed at 8 plans, but what the hell!).

So, I actually managed to sleep quite well (I would recommend totally exhausting yourself) and woke up with a bounce and a massive lurch of excitement at 6a.m. I opened the shutters and shock-horror it was pouring with rain. I mean, tipping it down like rainy season - the kind of rain that actually hurts it's so hard. -Oh well, I thought, that's it.' I'd always dreamed of a sunny wedding day and really wanted to use the lovely grounds for the reception, but it did look like it was to be. I got up and crept downstairs, not wanting to wake anyone, only to fund my Mum (who was just coming down with terrible laryngitis which she hasn't got over yet) outside, in a rain coat, cutting ivy and lavender from the garden, which we used on the tables. Mad woman - but amazing!

I managed some cereal, had my shower and slathered myself with Jo Malone lotion, which I had bought months ago and couldn't wait to use. Then at 9a.m. my grandmothers arrived and went with my Mum to the hairdressers. Meanwhile my bridesmaid, brother, Dad and I bustled around making sure everything was getting put into the right car, people knew who was collecting who etc. BM and I went to the hairdresser at 10.30 and had lots of laughs with the hilarious staff, who had basically been taken over my our entire family and wedding party that day. A few of my Mum's friends popped in to say hi and admire my hair and then it was off the venue, only 15 mins late, for 12.15.

I went straight into make-up, feeling like the star of some bizarre film, and the fab make-up artist did a wonderful job, even though my face was so covered in hairspray, that she had to take her first attempt of, wash my face and try again!

I then paced about while she did my bridesmaid, even managing to eat the sandwich my Dad had been detailed to buy for all of us from M&S that morning. Everyone kept telling me how calm I was and I did feel really, really calm. Not at all nervous, but excited and somehow once I was locked away in the gorgeous (and luckily massive bearing in mind the amount of getting ready that had to go on in there) bridal suite I just felt I could let everyone get on with it.

At about 1.30 my Mum came down and we got my bridesmaid in to her dress- she looked stunning - and I got in to mine. My Mum then had her make-up done, during which the photographer arrived and took some pics of getting ready and some of me and BM. My Mum was running a little late so the photographer kept going off to take other pics, coming back and finding my Mum still half dressed and quickly scurrying away. At about 2.15 my Dad was finally allowed in to see me and after a teary moment we had some family pics take. Just then... a knock at the door...

...it was the best man who brought a card and prezzie for me from H2B (I had given bestman my boudoir photo album to give to h2b that morning - though didn't tell him what it was). I sat down to read the card and it was the sweetest thing I ever read. I tried very hard to keep myself from crying but I couldn't help it. My Mum was helping BM in the bathroom and I went in crying -I've lost it - my make-up- arrgghhh' or something equally eloquent. After a quick touch-up from the make-up lady as I cried off my blusher, the registrar arrived, who also commented how calm I was. It was at this point that I realised we didn't have our flowers, but disaster was averted and my brother found the bouquets which had been delivered 3 hours ago and we were all set. Everyone left except my Dad and my BM. I felt like I was waiting to go on stage. then the manager of the venue (who was so calm, helpful and reassuring all day) came and told us they were ready. We snuck up the back stairs so that no-one saw us and walked past all the waiters and staff who smiled and said lovely things.

We waited just around the corner and had a couple of pics taken, before she cued th music to start. I waited until the section of music started that I was to come in to and then dragged my Dad along. Seriously, he had to tell me to slow down, but I was terrified that I would run out of music if I dilly dallied. The room was packed - we knew it would be as we squeezed in extra people by taking out some seats and having some people standing, but it was incredible to see so many smiling faces of people I love. In fact, for a moment I forgot why I was there and it was a surprise to see my h2b waiting at the bottom.

He beamed and me and I at him (a silly grin which I didn't realise I kept on my face all day until I looked at the pictures) and we sat down. The service was lovely and the registrars were brilliant - 2 women who made it really personal. My BM did a funny reading from -Shopaholic ties the knot' which made everyone giggle. My new nephew kept crying out my name and clapping (he did eventually have to be taken out but it was v sweet) and my Mum's reading from Laurie Lee's The Firstborn (in which he talks about holding you first child in your arms) made her, everyone there, the registrars and me cry like babies. Unfortunately after dabbing my eyes in a dainty bride-like way I give the lace hanky back to my Mum. We then started our vows and my nose started running like nothing on earth. There was nothing I could do, as I couldn't stop h2b in the middle of his vows to blow my nose. I decided that only people very close would notice and soldiered on. It did mean that I was ever-so slightly concentrating more on my streaming nose that on my vows, but it did stop me from getting over-emotional!

Then after signing the register we had a final reading of the e.e. Cummins poem -I carry your heart' (done brilliantly by a friend who stood in at the last minute after the original readers grandfather died on the morning of the wedding) off we went, stopping to chat to people as we left. All the staff and the owner of the hotel were there to meet us and congratulate us and we had a sneaky kiss and grin at each other.

This is the point at which a miracle happened. At 1pm it at had been raining stair-rods but by 2, as everyone started to arrive the weather had cleared up. In fact I had got to watch everyone wandering around the lawns and look with excitement at their outfits as they arrived, through the window in my room as I got ready. They couldn't see me through the muslin curtains, but it was fun spying on them. By 3.45 when we came out of the ceremony the weather was glorious, sun was shining, it was a perfect 22 degrees or so and we grabbed some pink champagne from one of the line of waiters outside on the lawn and began to chat to everyone.

We were both so excited and everyone wanted to say -hi' that we just flitted around for 20 mins hugging people (more grinning), spotting people we hadn't seen yet, loosing each other, finding each other again and having another grin at each other. The photographer then took a few more formal pics (he had been doing reportage shots at our request), the jazz band struck up and canap????s came out (though I only got to eat one I hear they were good!). After a photo of everyone taken from an upstairs window and been showered with confetti (rose petals which my mum and I dried ourselves and put in little cones I made from pretty petal-infused paper from paperchase - whole thing cost about £6) we went to the back of the grounds with ushers and bridesmaids for some shots by the lake and then a few of the 2 of us.

We came back into the marquee, which looked gorgeous with the flower arrangements, ivy on the tables, lavender on each napkin which was tied with raffia and a postage tag with everyone's names in pink ink, large tealights in glasses, and stripy pastel coloured candy canes. We took cake pictures and then it was time for food (it's about 5.30 by this point). We went off the hide in our room (which h2b hadn't seen until this point). It was lovely to have 10 mins to chat and be alone and I thanked him for his card and rare edition of Midsummer Night's Dream which he's bought me. He also raved about the photo album!

We were announced and went in for dinner. The food was delicious and all had a subtle Indian theme to it as the restaurant is renowned for its Indian food. During the meal it was great to catch up with my Dad and just watch everyone having fun. Between courses I got up and mingled at different tables and tried to talk to as many people as possible. Before the speeches we had a nice surprise when 10 waiters marched in looking like a small army, lined up in front of the top table and poured our glasses of champagne for the toasts in this amazing synchronised way.

The speeches, which were amazing. My Dad's always been a great speaker so I knew it would be touching and funny and he didn't disappoint. My husband however shocked me by being hilarious, sweet and timing it beautifully. He'd been so worried about it and it was wonderful. Then the best Man who had been even more panicked about it and he was wonderful too. He divided it up in to sections and told stories about -Jared the gentleman', -Jared the lover' and -Jared the fighter' - it was very, very funny.

After speeches there was time for everyone to wander round the grounds and mingle before cake cutting and the first dance. I wasn't looking forward to it and we did an embarrassed 20 seconds before my Mum and Dad took pity and joined us. Then the fun began. Our live band was amazing. They played from 9-10 and everyone, young and old (especially the formerly doddery grannies) was dancing away. Then we had a lull with a DJ, wh played some slightly younger generation music, which everyone danced to (shall never forget my grandmother bouncing up and down to -I predict a Riot') and everyone ate wedding cake and dug in to the cheese buffet.

The band came back on at about 10.45 and we did more crazy dancing until about 12.30, when everyone drifted away. It was soooo much fun and I don't even like dancing that much! Something about everyone getting on so well, and being happy and wishing us well, just made it brilliant. At this point everyone staying at the venue (mainly family and a few close friends as it only had 9 rooms) retired to the upstairs bar where my uncle insisted on buying everyone a whisky, or baileys etc. and it was great to talk about the night with everyone. About an hour later my husband (eek) and I went to our room. We stayed up for an hour laughing and opening all of our cards and presents before going to bed.

The next morning we were up bright and early and met everyone for a scrummy breakfast before heading back to my Mum and Dad's (after checking in to our pre-honeymoon hotel in Birmingham) for a brilliant family (and the odd friend) party in the afternoon, at which, having been totally sober the day before (I just couldn't keep a drink in my hand long enough to drink it) I proceeded to get nicely merry on rose.

Well, phew, wow - that was long! Congratulations to anyone who made it this far. All in all it was a wonderful day, which reminded me what wonderful friends and family I have. Everyone is still talking about the day and how much they enjoyed it (hilarious stories of debauchery are slowly being revealed) and my husband and I couldn't be happier after a fab honeymoon.

I hope everyone has such a lovely day - I'm sure you will. My tip would be to enjoy every minute of the planning - try not to let the stress get to you - as it all goes by so quickly. Thanks for reading and if you want to check-out some unofficial photos (official to follow as soon as we have them) try this flickr link below, and do excuse the toothy grin I have on all day! x

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157600743012472/

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  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    Oh well done it must have taken ages to type all that.

    I love your dress- very unique. It reminds me of a modern take of the one my mum wore (in a good way of course!)

    You look so happy- looking forward to seeing more pics x
  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Oh Rebecca your day sounds wonderful! Your happiness and love just shine through! Your pictures are beautiful too - what an unusual & beautiful dress - you look amazing! The flowers are lovely too - well done to you and your mum! Thank you for sharing your fabulous story - congratulations and I hope you have a wonderful married life xxx
  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    Congratulations!!! stunning dress and hair style, beautilful day also...enjoy married life!

  • donna518donna518 Posts: 177
    wow amazing where did u get married and where was the reception
  • norburyrachnorburyrach Posts: 563
    Your dress is AMAZING!!! Where is it from? Your whole look is stunning! Congratulations ;\)
  • jaynekukjaynekuk Posts: 2,893
    Best wishes and congratulations to you both. Everything looked beautiful,you too.

    Loved the flowers and the cake.

    All the best, jayne.x :\)
  • rebeccacadrebeccacad Posts: 127
    Thanks for your lovely comments everyone. My dress is from Cymbeline and I got it from a shop called Miss Bush which is in a little village called Riplye, near London. I love it and wish I could think of an occasion to wear it again. My mum's trying to persuade me to sell it, but I just don't think I can! The venue was Grafton manor in Bromsgrove, which I can highly recommend - evrything went flawlessly there.

  • you look so stunning and so happy ------ congratulation x x xJenna x
  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    congratulations! I got married the day before you image

    am yet to get a chance to look at the photos but I loved your report
  • KickBox26889KickBox26889 Posts: 191
    Congratulations, looks like you had a truly beautiful and fun day. I really like how you had your hair.

  • HeidiErdoganHeidiErdogan Posts: 518
    You look gorgeous, I smiled reading how your wedding date went and you make a wonderful couple. I wish you many years of wedded bliss!!

    Heidi xx
  • rebeccacadrebeccacad Posts: 127
    Thanks Heidi - that's really sweet. x
  • mrsweston2bmrsweston2b Posts: 352
    You Look absolutely stunning - very vintage. Congrats on your big day xx
  • blondiecocoukblondiecocouk Posts: 4,619
    fantastic description of your glorious day! thankyou for sharing that with us. congratulations hun, it sounds like you had the best day ever. xox
    wonderful to read that chuck, made it all seem real....even felt a bit weepy myself! Hope you have a most wonderful future together! x
  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    congratulations xxx
  • fandannifandanni Posts: 737
    Congratulations! You're a very talented writer; your report had me hooked. V amusing!

    You looked so beautiful! What a gorgeous dress for you and I love the way you had your hair. Well done to you and your mum for the wonderful flowers.

    I wish you and your new hubby every happiness in the future.xXx
  • emdtemdt Posts: 612
    your report made me cry and then your pics made me cry more!!! you just look sooo happy!!!

    congratulations! and all the best for your married life!!!

  • tinker24uktinker24uk Posts: 45
    You looked stunning, congratulations x
  • your days sounds lovely and you've put my mind at easy as were also getting married there in march
  • rebeccacadrebeccacad Posts: 127
    Vanessag - you are going to have such a wonderful day. If you have any questions about the whole process at Grafton, just let me know.
  • sassmonkey74sassmonkey74 Posts: 573
    Fantastic report. It made me really look forward to my own day. If my mother reads anything like that I will collapse! Congrats.
  • Oh that was such an amazing report and I am so glad I saw the photos! You looked amazing - really stylish in an individual way - all fab. Best wishes for your life together! xx
  • ariel_vampariel_vamp Posts: 2,415
    Hi again! I've just realised you got married in the town next to me. If there were any good suppliers, any chance you could share them???
  • Rebecca,

    You look stunning in your photos, and SO happy! I love the color of your gown -- so flattering! It makes your skin glow!

    Thank you for sharing the photos and details of your day! I was married June 2, 2007, and still trying to come down out of the clouds!


    Virginia XO
  • rebeccacadrebeccacad Posts: 127
    Thanks everyone and congratulations Virginia - it is hard coming down to earth isn't it!

    Supplier-wise lisa-lou, I can recommend the venue (www.graftonmanor.co.uk) very highly. The florist did mine and the bridesmaid's bouquets and buttonholes (though we did our own reception flowers). She was great and based in Worcester (http://www.marcystreet.com/).

    The band were amazing - everyone from uber trendy Londoners, to my little cousins, my parent's friends and my grandmother was up dancing (http://www.andy-leek.co.uk).

    Cake was made by a family friend, so I think that's it for suppliers. Let me know if I can give you any more info! x
  • Hi,

    what a great report.... (im a hopeless romantic so love reading this kinda stuff lol)

    The pictures are also fab!! I love ur dress because its unusual yet stunning!!!

    Also what a fantastic cake lol (i want one!!!!!!!)


    I can't wait for the offical pics!

  • rebeccacadrebeccacad Posts: 127
    Hi Natasha - thanks so much. The cake was really special and it was a family friend who made it - feel free to be inspired!

    I've got the official pics now - they're at www.jaredschiller.co.uk if you want to take a look.

    Really, really good luck with all the planning. xx
  • Lula_sweetpeaLula_sweetpea Posts: 1,401
    Rebecca! how wonderful your day looked just heavenly!! And your joy and happiness beams through every word in your report.

    Such an amazing dress.I can't decide if you look edwardian or like a thirties starlet! Either way you look stunning and love the big bloomy bouquets of peonies too. Also how genius of your new hub to give you present of 'midsummer night's dream' clever him! was it an Arthur Rackham version? Me and H2B love his ilustrations so romantic!

    Congrats and best wishes Lula
  • leannesiuleannesiu Posts: 124
    What beautiful pictures - like something out of a Jane Austin novel, in fact you remind me abit of Gweneth Paltrow image (hope that doesn't offend). Congratulations and thanks for sharing your wonderful day with us and for staying on the forum to help us nervous b2bs!!
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