Engagement ring after wedding

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I’m not sure, but are you supposed to forget about your engagement ring when you’re married? I see that their are different traditions: http://www.find-diamond-engagement-ring.co.uk/diamantblog/the-engagement-ring-and-the-wedding-ring-not-to-be-confused.html


But what is more common or nice?


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    Why wouldn't you want to wear your engagement ring anymore? Why should it sit in a box? It is mean to be seen image

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    I plan on wearing my engagement ring with my wedding band every day! We've chosen wedding rings and mine goes so well together why wouldn't I wear both? The only reason I can see for you not wearing them together is if your two rings were made from different metals and one would eat into the other but if you go to any decent jewellers they'll advise you to get the same.  

    How would your OH feel about you not wearing your engagement ring? After all it's probably one of the most expensive things he'll ever buy you and it seems a shame for it to sit in a box not seen

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