Photo book recommendations please

We're printing our own photobooks and want a really nice, large-ish one for us, as well as 2 smaller versions for the parents.  Has anyone got any recommendations for the best ones around?  

Good quality, not too worried about the price (after the overall expense of the day itself this will be a drop in the oceanimage  ) 

thank you... x



  • I've used Snapfish and it was fab.  So much choice with design and page layout.  Really good quality too

    Also worth looking at Photobox

    I'd suggest registering on their site before you want to order as they send through loads of offers via email (50% off, free delivery etc) which you can then use x

  • Hi 

    Its really hard to find a good wedding album unless you are going to spend the money. Some options like snapfish are ok I guess but they always feel kind of tacky. We had an amaizing wedding album done by She said that she uses a If I were you I would not scrimp on your album. After the marriage the only things you get to take home are the huband, ring and photo's. image 

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    Photobox, weve gone for the premium book but I had 2 A5 books made for our Mum's and they were gorgeous image

  • I too am doing the same, i spoke with my local photography shop but they only do small books. He reccommended i use bobs books, i have looked into this and many photographers also use this option. I have not yet ordered however they do look very good.

  • Oh iv just realised our names!! Twinnies image

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    I used to lay out photo books in my last job - If you want really beautiful quality, Folio, PR-imaging and Loxley Colour make amazing coffee table books (but they will be a couple/few hundred pounds). Annoyingly, I think they only sell to 'professional photographers' and usually ask for your website when you register, so I don't know whether you'd be able to ask your photographer to sign up for you, or perhaps have a photographer friend who could? I'm not a photographer but managed to blag it on the pretense that I was working on behalf of several photographers! They really are exquisite so it's worth it if you can blag it! x

  • Have you tried a company called Blurb Books? Thats who Im going to use when I have my wedding next year x I used them in the past for a photo book of my brother who passed away and it was fantastic x Can recommend them to the moon and back x

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    After extensive research into different companies I used Bob Books and was really impressed with the quality. Not cheap but not £25 per picture either! 

    There's a picture of my finished album in my report if you're interested.

  • I can second Bob Books!  Lovely matt pages and lay flat style - think with discount I had the biggest books/most pages and worked out about £70 each....

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