How do you store your veil safely?

At the moment I have my wedding dress dry cleaned and hung up on a hanger with a single duvet over the whole dress to keep it clean and dust free.  My veil however is being protected in a clear plastic bag (not sure where I got this from - not a carrier bag) but it's keeping it dust and dirt free at the moment until I decide what to do with them both. I know those that store these have them in acid free tissue paper into a storage box, but I don't have these yet. My question is, is it safe to have my veil in this clear plastic bag or will it ruin the veil in any way? Ie Like how those dry cleaning bags are meant to ruin your dry cleaned items if you leave it still in the bag - some yellow tinge can form apparently?!?

Thanks for reading, any advice would be appreciated.



  • SofiaF82SofiaF82 Posts: 177

    If it's only temporary I wouldn't worry. The thing with plastic bags is that they don't let air circulate around the garment. Why don't you store the veil in a cotton bag like a pillow case or a clothes bag until you get your acid free box to store it in?

  • I've been told by my hair dresser when I get my veil to hang it up in the shower room and the steam will make any creases fall out. 

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    Thanks SofiaF82 for your reply.  I think I'll do that for the time being until I know what I'm doing with my dress and veil on a permanent basis image


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    Mines in the long clear plastic bag it came in, when I send my dress off to be dry cleaned and boxed I am getting it dry cleaned and boxed too. The company doesn't specifically state the do such a service but they do it for saris and I know the material in the scarf of a sari can be as delicate, if not more so than a veil.

    As far as I can tell plastic is only an issue if a garment is left in it for years, excluding the plastic the ones you shrink by vaccuming are made of.

    I am really not worried about my veil as it was second hand so I suspect the bride who originally own it stored it in the plastic bag it came on too.

  •  hang mine inside a 100% cotton bag.




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