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Does anyone have an idea of what to do with all of the pretty cards we received?  Right now, I have them in a basket on my dresser but you can't really see them in there and I certainly don't want to have a basket of cards sitting on my dresser forever. I could just toss them into one of those storage boxes for photos...but then I won't see them at all, unless I get the box out of storage.  Does anyone have a more clever idea of what to do with them?  I have somewhere between 50-70 of them.  I'm not usually a sentimental person...but I actually do like these cards & I don't want to throw them out or toss them in storage.


  • what about cutting your favourite part from each card and making a shadow box piece of art with them? x

  • That's a cool idea.  My sister is good at making those, maybe she could help. I'm pretty poor at these kinds of things (hence the reason I had to ask!)

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    An idea so that you can see all of the wedding cards clearly and easily is to bind them all with a hole punch and metal book ring.  That way, you can look at and read the cards easily and they're all in one place.  You can make it as fancy or simple as you want it to be.

    Example pictures attached below:




    Hope this has given you some ideas.


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    My friend collaged all of her cards in big A1 frames. They sit beautifully displayed in her house. I will be doing the same. image

  • These are all really good ideas, thank you all. I think I'm going to do a few of these projects because I think certain cards will be better suited to one project over another.  We have a whites/greys pallet in our bedroom so I think a series of three smaller collages with the primarily white cards (with less embelishment on them) might look really nice. I like the holepunch/ metal ring idea for those with more texture and embellishment (some our our cards had fabric, beads, etc).  

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    I'm planning to do what babybluegirl suggested image  The problem with displaying them is that I want to be able to see the front of the cards as well as all the lovely messages inside image

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